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Beta 0.8.4d Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where Maul did not gain damage or critical strike multiplier bonuses from Fury Leap’s tree when using Skull Crusher. The affected nodes were Savage Impact, Brutal Impact, and Panther Strike.
  • Maul was already in a good place despite this bug, so we’re making other changes to keep Maul’s damage from getting out of hand and bring nodes in line with normal values. These changes are a net buff to Maul with Skull Crusher.
  • Maul
    • 250% added damage effectiveness (from 300%).
    • Fixed a bug where Werebear Form’s Territorial node and Fury Leap’s Crater node were multiplicative instead of additive with each other, resulting in Maul having 11% more area of effect than intended with both nodes.
  • Fury Leap
    • 250% added damage effectiveness (from 200%).
    • Savage Impact gives 8% more damage (from 12%).
    • Brutal Impact gives +20% critical strike multiplier (from 25%).
    • Panther Strike gives 6% more damage (from 10%).
    • Ambush Predator gives 30% more hit damage against full health enemies (from 35%).
    • Rejuvenating Storm also gives Fury Leap +10% lightning penetration per point.
  • Werebear Form
    • Rip and Tear gives 12% more damage (from 15%).
    • Apex Predator gives 20% more Rampage damage and 50% increased damage while rampaging (from 15% and 45%).


  • Ice Bite is now visually smaller when used by Primal Squirrels to reduce visual noise.


  • Updated hit sounds for Reap, Harvest and Swarmblade Slash.
  • Adjusted volume and clarity of the level up sound effect.
  • Adjusted mixing for the main theme music.
  • Fixed the sound effect for Lagon’s claw attack triggering incorrectly.

Bug Fixes

  • Added another fix for the sound stuttering bug (often encountered when playing Upheaval).
  • Fixed a bug where respawning in the Temple of Eterra could place you in an inaccessible location.
  • Fixed a bug where the fence in the Cultist Camp could be walked through.
  • Fixed a bug where the doors in the Great College did not stay open.
  • Fixed a bug where Lagon could immediately use abilities at the start of his third phase, without giving the player time to react.
  • Fixed a bug where Summoned Vines with the Huntersbane node did not benefit from Rose Meadow, Stinging Bramble, or the penetration from Branch Storm.
  • Fixed a bug where Storm Crows with the Arborist node would not target Upheaval Totems or Warcry Totems with Wisdom of the Storm.
  • Fixed a bug where the Increased Physical Damage and Added Bleed chance from Spriggan Form’s Barbed Thicket node applied to you as well as your minions when it should only have applied to your minions.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Upheaval’s Earth Armor node to not update the character sheet (the stats were still applied correctly).
  • Fixed a bug where Chronomancer Julra’s lightning orbs did not deal reduced damage to minions.
  • Fixed a bug where the buffs from Druid’s Tiger Spirit did not last for the full duration of Shapeshifter.
  • Fixed shrines spawning out of bounds in Hidden Oasis echoes.
  • Druid’s powershifting abilities Barkskin (Spriggan to Werebear) and Infest (Spriggan to Swarmblade) now display the correct tooltip.
  • Fixed the Nimbleness node in Storm Crows incorrectly referencing armor shred in the alt tooltip.

Very nice.

Guess i will give DruidBear another try.

I want to get to end game sooner to try all classes and multiple builds xD



I must also at least commend your collaborative efforts for a range of fixes, turned around so quickly. Thank you dev. team.

You actually patched the skip at the cultist camp, that was fast ! Ty ehg :smiley:

Swarmblade needs some buffs or changes or something. It feels so bad compaired to the other two. Like it was rushed out the door and thrown together just to have something. The synergies to other skills are horrible and it’s dmg is lacking.

You guys are getting faster and faster with these small patches/hotfixes each 0.X patch! A well oiled machine like this before MP is just invaluable.

Thanks for another quick and efficient patch. You guys are always on the ball.

@Hackaloken Are you guys still monitoring

Towards the end, I have made several long posts with some suggestions for helping out those of us who are min/max crafting, rather than general crafting. idk if they’re any help at all, but hopefully they are.

I’ve read every post in that thread a few times and am keeping up with it. I don’t have anything to add to the conversation really.


Cheers Mike. I wouldn’t really expect you guys to take a part in any kind of debate, that wouldn’t really be fair on any of the dev team. I’m just reassured that you are monitoring the thread, and I would like to think that you guys discuss the major points raised internally. I have faith in your collective vision, even if my nose is a little out of joint at the moment.

Look at both vine generating nodes in Fury Leap tree.
Both occasionally dont spawn vines. There is already bug report and it’s it easy to reproduce.
Have added video footage for clarity in this thread.

Linux user here, we’re still in 0.8.4c. That’s not a big deal, but is there a problem with the update for our OS or just an oversight ?

Thanks in advance !

EDIT : it’s now fixed !

So either play EQ Werebear or do crap dmg

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