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Beta 0.8.3c Patch Notes


  • Renamed the Elemental Arrow node on the Detonating Arrow tree to Mana Arrow to avoid ambiguity with the Elemental Arrow node on the Marksman Tree.
  • Javelin
    • Increased the effective hitbox width of Javelin against enemies by 25%.
    • Holy Trail now adds a 3 second cooldown (from a 4 second cooldown).
    • Fixed ambiguity with the Surprise Initiative node saying that you would “Lunge” to the Flag when it does not use the Lunge skill. It now says “Dash” instead.
  • Increased the damage of Consecrated Ground from Judgement by 14%.
  • Lunge
    • Improved several node descriptions to reduce ambiguity and confusion.
    • Lead the Charge affects allies in a 300% larger radius.
  • The Redistributed Steel node on the Manifest Armour tree grants 25% more damage (from 35% increased damage) and 8% less health and armour (from 10% reduced health and armour).
  • Amended Smite’s description to improve clarity and fix incorrect healing value.
  • Vengeance
    • Added a new node that prevents hits you riposte from critting.
    • Bolster grants 5% less damage taken (from 3%).
    • Executioner grants 12% more damage to damaged enemies (from 10%).


  • Reduce effect of increased rarity on normal, magic, and rare items by 28%.
  • Melee Leech prefix changes
    • Can also roll on gloves (could previously only roll on weapons)
    • Is now slightly more powerful at all tiers
  • Fixed a bug where the “Brittle” Acolyte idol affix gave 26% to 7% increased minion cold damage rather than 26% to 72%.


  • The Blademaster node on the Sentinel Tree grants 6% increased attack and cast speed (from 5%).

User Interface

  • Added new character portraits for the Scalebane Bodyguard in Maj’elka Lower District and the Scalebane Miner in The Oasis.
  • Updated the font for Chinese characters to be thinner.
    • We understand that a single global chat channel does not properly support our expanding community. We’re looking into potential solutions, and in the meantime we will continue to monitor chat and remind everyone to be courteous and follow our Community Guidelines.


  • Crystal Lotus
    • Deals 22% less damage (multiplicative with other changes listed).
    • Ruby Slam deals 20% less damage and locks in a target location 14% sooner.
    • Sapphire bolt deals 17% more damage and locks in a target location 10% sooner.
    • Sapphire Slam attack deals 33% less damage with its initial hit.
    • Sapphire Slam attack ground projectiles deal 35% less damage to begin with, but gain 84% more damage over their duration (from 42%). This is still a reduction in damage at all ranges.
    • Sapphire Slam attack ground projectiles have a 27% narrower hitbox
    • Increased item drops by 33%.
    • Now also drops a guaranteed rare item.
  • Diamond Nagasa
    • Monolith zones that contain Diamond Nagasa contain 50% fewer of them on average.
    • Sky beam deals 6% less damage and deals pure fire damage (from fire and physical).
    • Wave deals 10% less damage and deals pure fire damage (from fire and physical).
    • Fixed Sky beam and wave having misleading names displayed if you were killed by them.
  • Gorgon
    • 7% more health.
    • Limited to 1 per wave in the arena.
    • Fewer spawn in monolith zones that contain them.
    • Twister has 4% less radius and deals 10% less damage.
  • Majasa
    • Deals 12% less damage in both phases (includes damage from Essences).
    • Phase 1 has 7% less health.
    • Phase 2 has 25% less health.
    • Melee attacks and blood pools in Phase 2 no longer apply physical shred.
    • Armour shred applied by melee attacks in Phase 2 no longer has increased duration (from 30% to 40% depending on the attack).
    • Melee attacks in Phase 2 apply one stack of armour shred on hit (from 50% chance of 1 stack, 50% chance of 2 stacks).
    • Essence of Opulence can no longer hit the player with multiple lightning projectiles from a single cast (i.e. it no longer shotguns).
    • Essence of Opulence has a 15% longer delay between casts.
    • Essence of Greed has a 15% longer delay between casts.
    • Falling Emeralds spell has 16% reduced duration resulting in fewer emerald falling (does not affect duration of poison pools).
  • Scalebane Guildleader
    • 7% less damage in phase 1.
    • 11% less damage in phase 2.
    • 30% reduced poison duration.
    • 38% more health in phase 2.
  • Scalebane Bandit
    • 7% less health.
    • 9% fewer spawn at once.
    • Can no longer spawn with the Rampancy monster suffix.
  • Scalebane Sorcerer
    • 3% less damage.
    • Can no longer spawn with the Rampancy monster suffix.
  • Scalebane Rogues
    • 7% less health.
    • 7% less damage.
    • “Dash to ranged enemies” attack has a 29% longer cooldown.
    • 3% fewer spawn at once.
    • Can no longer spawn with the Rampancy monster suffix.
  • Ascendant Embermage meteors have a 50% longer delay between the indicator appearing and the meteor hitting.
  • Emerald Nagasa deal 6% less damage.
  • Osprix Zealots deal 5% less melee damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Osprix Zealots’ dash dealt cold and physical damage rather than fire and physical.
  • Scarab riders deal 24% less damage and fewer of them spawn in echoes that contain them.
  • Spine Hunters deal 5% less damage.
  • Silver Elementals deal 5% more damage.
  • Gold Elementals have 7% more health.
  • Allied Zerrick in Chapter 9 deals 19% less damage.
  • Monolith zones that contain Siege Golems contain 50% fewer of them on average.
  • Ruby Captain Arjani can no longer spawn in the arena.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you could die during certain Time Rift sequences.
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles were destroyed on impact with several enemy types even if they were supposed to pierce.
    • This affected 17 different enemy types, mostly from Chapter 2.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ravenous Void unique drop from Husk of Gaspar could not be obtained.
  • Fixed a bug where Ravenous Void could not drop from random monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where Leviathan Carver could not drop.
  • Fixed Sacrifical Embrace consuming Abyssal Rite stacks on procced abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where the Charged Hand node on the Smite Tree had no effect.
  • Fixed Warpath’s Cyclone of War granting less leech than intended.
  • Fixed many Shade of Orobyss abilities not having reduced damage against minions.
  • Fixed a bug where Stone Tablets (intended as a unique only base type for Stormcarved Testament) could drop as normal, magic, or rare items.
  • Fixed a bug where the zone level display at the top right of the screen would not correctly update upon entering a monolith or arena zone unless you toggled the tab map.
  • Fixed Fire Aura’s visuals being below the ground.
  • Fixed the Cleanse Ailments on Potion Use affix not having an affix title. It is now “Cleansing”.
  • Fixed a bug where the Cleansing potion affix was displayed in the Attributes tab of the loot filter (without a name).

Known Issues

  • The “The Scalebane” quest cannot be turned in to Zerrick until the “Arjani, The Ruby Commander” quest has been completed.
    • We have been working on a fix for this but it was not completed in time for this hotfix.

Not much unexpected based on forum activity. The devs are listening.

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Thank you devs so much for keeping on top of this so quickly!!! This means so much to know our feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


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I was actually just thinking about this today before the hotfix was released about how quick they strike, glad to see it was also on the radar and now allows more reaction time. Especially for off-screen meteorites

We can now farm for the ravenous void Poggies thanks for the fix. now the no life can truly commence. Thanks for your hard work EHG <3

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  • Reduce effect of increased rarity on normal, magic, and rare items by 28%.

Wait, isn’t this bad?

Did someone ask for this? I know I didn’t :frowning:

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Great. Ever since patch…I log in and the game just freezes. Can’t get to the character selection screen. I’m tempted to restart the computer but I have browser tabs open that I dont want to lose.

any upcoming news on making the necromancer great again?


Good patch!

I just seemed to find a glitch where Majasa doesn’t enter her 2nd phase, and you just win.

So… yeah, agreed - good patch! :slight_smile: j/k Will try on more characters to see if this was a one-time glitch or widespread.

Very bad. The end game is grindy enough as it is.

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why would they make such a change? do they really think people are getting too much good loot? are they basing metrics on hardcore players that play 8+ hours a day, is that why such s change was made? because your average player isnt going to play enough in a day/week/month to get enough loot if changes like this become normal. they will stop playing if it becomes too grindy.


The slam definitely hits hard, but without speed increasing mods it is very telegraphed unless your screen is exceptionally cluttered. On another note, elemental res over 75% does nothing unless the enemies have shred/shock chance

You may want to consider repairing the game to see if that fixes your issue:

We fixed a bug where increased rarity from monolith modifiers had no effect on magic and rare drops. This is to balance it out a bit, since those modifiers now affect the rarity of the loot that drops.


oh thats great, didnt see that change.

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Andrew, thank you for responding. I am not using steam. I did a full uninstall…and reinstalled. Now I have found that if I wait long enough, 5-10 mins, then I finally see my account, but all my characters are gone! I put in a support ticket.

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