Beta 0.7.9d Patch Notes

Monolith of Fate

Timeline Progress Saving

  • When you die in the Monolith of Fate or leave an Echo before completing the objective, your progress in that Timeline is no longer reset.
  • Instead, you lose a number of Echoes Conquered and active modifiers, and can continue the run from there.
  • Quest Echo completion is not lost when your run is set back.
  • The UI for selecting your next Echo now shows how many Echoes Conquered are required to have a chance to find the next Quest Echo.

Boss Balance

Listed by Timeline level to avoid spoilers.

  • All bosses grant significantly more XP.
  • Level 55
    • Boss deals 15% less damage.
  • Level 62
    • Boss deals 12% less damage.
    • Boss has 7% less health.
    • Spiral attack no longer ignites.
  • Level 68
    • Boss deals 15% less damage.
    • Boss has 6% less health.
    • Double cone attack deals 25% less damage.
    • Damage over time trail deals 17% less damage.
    • Melee range blast attack has a smaller hitbox and the indicator lasts much longer.
  • Level 75
    • Miniboss in second Quest Echo deals 32% less damage.
    • Primary boss deals 7% less damage.
  • Level 80
    • Boss deals 5% less damage.

Empowered Timelines

  • Increased the mod effect modifier for the empowered Fall of the Outcasts timeline to 170% (from 140%).
  • Increased the mod effect modifier for the empowered Black Sun timeline to 160% (from 140%).
  • Increased the mod effect modifier for the empowered Ending the Storm timeline to 135% (from 125%).


  • Further shifted the effective health of bosses towards health rather than resistance.
  • Lagon’s sweeping beam attack deals 10% less damage.


  • Fixed missing fireball textures. This affected the player, as well as several enemies and minions.
  • Updated the visuals for Fireball (as compared to 0.7.9).
  • Updated the visuals for Tornado (including Fire Tornado).


  • Added new cast sounds for Tornado and Fire Tornado.
  • Added new sounds for Rive.
  • Added environmental sounds to the Character Select screen.
  • Added sounds to buttons on the Login screen.
  • Reduced the volume of the Temple Guardian awakening.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the void damage per fire aura bonus from Dark Shroud of Cinders was applied an additional time whenever your stats updated and never reset.
  • Fixed a bug where the reward chest in Echo of a World was hard to click.
  • Fixed a bug where the Grand Resonance of the Sea blessing had no effect.
  • Fixed a bug where Lunge’s sound effect remained at the location where the player used Lunge. The sound now travels with the player.

Looking forward to trying the Monolith changes. This looks like a really good patch :+1:

No more resets! Awesome!


Super thrilled that deaths won’t be as punishing, thank you <3


Thanks for the update guys as the fireball thing was very distracting. Also, the echo reset punished you for playing the game and taking chances so that change is great. No more messing up once on a new boss and losing 1-2 hours of progress.


Boss nerfs but I hope, it is still challenging let’s see what it feels like.

They all hit very hard on certain moves even against my very tanky paladin. They will still one shot most builds if you don’t dodge them.

dodge them, idk I have have no issues and am not a god tier player. I am probably about the middle of the pack.
but have found the difficulty a little underwhelming if I make a mistake I should be punished. Just me though idk

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This is because you have reflexes like a cat! Not everybody is blessed like this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really love how you guys react on community feedback. Awesome!!



I am a ninja haha :rofl:

but in all seriousness I want it to be fun for the majority. But hopefully the not resetting modifiers will make the bosses hard still.

I still want a challenge and if i can get 10/10 without dieing on an ssf then that is no challenge for me LOL

I would like to see difficulty brackets if that makes since.

The quest echoes leading up to the bosses are not challenging or rewarding. I love the bosses themselves, well designed fun fights with good visuals, so bravo EHG. Something needs to be done to spice up the other echoes. Some ideas would be each forge spawns its own ultra rare mob with an extra powerful ability that challenges the player and drops decent loot. Spire echoes should just be removed as I’m not sure what you can do to make those more enjoyable and I dislike them very much.


As a side note, the Phylactery in the blood & sand monolith is absolute bullshit for a melee character with no ranged abilities. It does more damage the closer you are with its normal attack from what I can tell and the whirlpool just makes you back out for 8-10 seconds so you can get 3 seconds of damage in. Hope this can be looked into thanks.


Good job, Thank you. It was the main reason of frustration.
The full reset just didn’t give people the opportunity to learn the boss fight, and also made any experiments during timeline too risky to do.


I agree. with the echos sentiment completely. but if I want to be challenged now the monolith of fate is just no going to do it for me it seems Idk. I have to test the new changes

Awesome patch, can’t wait to test this

Looking forward to getting back home to try them…

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the speed at which you guys respond to feedback, including the quality of the changes, is really amazing to see. Keep it up. I’ll be diving back in. Thanks guys!


impressive! very good.

We reduced the damage of that enemy but I didn’t add it to the patch notes (which I have now). Thanks!

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