Ballista - Shared Enhancements

Does anyone happen to know what exactly affects the “shared enhancements” in the ballista skill tree?

I believe it takes the % of your damage (or ailment proc chance) & adds it to the Ballista.

All “increases”, “more” damage modifers and added flat damage that are relevant to the ballista’s damage.

It does not share ailments, that’s a different node within the Ballista Tree (Contaminating Shots)

I’ve been curious about this too, specifically if they’re added as is, or combined into a total sum which then gets converted to physical.
Will 10 flat cold damage grant the Ballista ~4.5 flat cold damage (with 3/3 points), or will it turn into physical?

The node itself seems very weak (if it even works correctly), after much testing, 15% vs 45% showed barely any difference at all. And I’m comparing numbers over 10k, with a difference in at most the hundreds.

There is no convert happening.

If you have +10 Fire Damage to Bow Attacks, the Ballist awill get 4,5 Fire Damage, if you specced 3 points into it.

Obviously it really depends on how much stats you have to share with it and also the base stats of the ballsita itself.

I personally used that node with great success on a minion build.

Never tried it on a “usual bow build” though

There’s a huge difference between 1 point and no point, but between 1 and 3 it gets ~350 more damage on its 10k+ crits.

But thanks for clarifying the damage transference. You never know with these things and it’s not the easiest thing to test for, other than maybe applying heavy elemental shred.

It wouldn’t be the first time a skill node didn’t have any effect beyond the first point.

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Most of the answers remain rather vague.
→ HEAVY is probably the closest with the following statement:

That doesn’t seem complete enough to me, is that really all there is to say?
→ Does @EHG possibly still have one or the other little word to say about it? :slightly_smiling_face:

How is it incomplete?All of the player damage, be it flat, increased or more is added to the ballista at the relevant % (so if you had 100 flat damage & 3 points in the node, the ballista would get +45 flat damage).

When “Your damage also applies to your Ballista” means only “flat”, “increased” and “more” like Heavy stated it is ok. Thanks then. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would have guessed that at least attack speed (for example, from “Draining Arrows”?) could also be included.

Do “Lethal Cadence”, “Coated Blades”, “Concentration”, “Sharpshooter”, the damage of “Ethereal Arrows” and a few other, not yet mentioned passives also count?

EDIT: Such things are what i meant with “what exactly”. :wink:

Stuff like “Conentration” and “Sharpshooter” does work, since it’s giving your character damage, which is shared. (But it is snapshotted when you summon the ballista)

“Coated Blades” and “Ethereal Arrows” is not working, since it’s not granting your character damage.

Well that’s another mystery solved.

Too bad it also means the scaling was 100% and now I’ll have to spend another 2 points just to get 45%.
I thought most people considered the Ballista to already be on the weak side and not worth using, so this is kind of a hard blow. But I still plan on trying to make it work, got some ideas.

I think the ballista is really powerfull, even with out that node.

The issue with ballista is IMO, you can just make it either a singletarget skill or a AoE clear skill.
Which basically removes it as a “main skill option”.

But it’s an excellent support skill.

The only way to fully utilize Ballista as a main dmg skill was a minion rogue, which worked waytoo good lolz. (Reach Of The Grave + Death Rattle + the 100% shared crit + 100% crit multi node is insane)

Ballista is also great for poison stacking, 100k dps per ballista, down to now 45000. not bad. But I dont think i’ll ever play rogue for a minion build again until Falconeer comes out.

I tried Reach of the Grave but it reduced their damage by a ridiculous amount compared to using a bow (~90%) and Death Rattle doesn’t fit because I need another amulet. It appears the player damage scaling only works when a bow is equipped, which is silly since it hinders throwing skill synergy.

There’s a node for applying Acid Flask, and Acid Flask’s bee summoning idol is pretty much the only other way of getting minions on a Rogue through skill usage (not counting uniques).

Something about slightly gimmicky/odd skills just makes me want to build around them for the sake of seeing how far they can be pushed.
But it’s probably far from ideal until Falconeer.

All of this with the Shared Enhancements Node i guess? it makes sense, since the Ballista is using Bow attacks, that’s why it doesn’t scale with your melee weapon damage, if you have one equipped.

As you pointed out, that node got fixed/nerfed, but if you don’t even use that noe Reach Of The Grave is still a decent item, especially with how early oyu can use it.

What other amulet did you used? I mean there are several ways to build a very simialr build. But my ballista minion hit build was insanely strong.

Death Rattle was also just nerfed for anyone but Necromancer.

Yes and no. It simply states “player damage”, and from my short testing not even global bonuses affected the player > Balista scaling unless you were wielding a bow. And again, it’s also an issue of needlessly pigeonholing the node in a certain direction when it already has some synergy with throwing skills.

I’ll tell you in a few days after testing the build some more (stopped after reaching monolith cause of impending update) since it’s probably going to get patched once I do.

Turqouise Rings do have up to 35% Minion Crit Multi now, so it’s just a slight nerf overall.

There are 3 different nodes that make your Ballista scale with different player stats.
Nodes like this should be specific, so you can build around them.

The nodes doesn’t only work if you wielding a bow, if you discovered a scenario like that that’s most likely a bug.
The main thing is probably because a bow gives your Ballsita tons of flat base dmg, so all the % increases have a greater effect.

Ah you’re right, I was happy upon seeing that specifically for this Ballista build.

I might be mistaken as the testing wasn’t super extensive, it was just quite the shock to see such a huge drop in damage when Reach of the Grave seemed very well suited for the build.

Thinking back, I also assumed the node was not bugged and granted the Ballista 15% of my damage, which should have made the base bow damage much less relevant.

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It’s still a nerf for a necro.

That’s because the Ballista uses a bow attack, so the 45% of your melee damage will do precisely nothing to the Ballista’s bow attack. I’m not sure I’d call it “needlessly pigeonholing” though since the only way to get bow damage is by equipping a bow. Would you expect to be able to do lots of damage with Detonating Arrow if you had a melee weapon equipped?

You can argue that the node should state that it applies player bow damage.

Going from up to 200% crit multi to up to 135% crit multi is a reduction of almost 1/3, that’s a fairly sizeable nerf. Though given the base is 200%, it’s “only” ~16% in real terms (less so if you have other sources of minion crit multi & I can’t see any of those on the Necro passive tree.