Auto pickup shards

Yeah, there’s no reason for them to go in the inventory at all. Can they just be automatically transferred to the materials stash when you walk over them, like gold?

I can only agree to that.

Display them.
Auto-pickup while walking over them.
Auto-transfer into the crafting mechanic instead of itemization.

Rare ones not being on auto-pickup would be fine, to emphasize their importance.

Currently they’re a bother solely and take us away from what we want to focus on in the game. Which is slaying mobs, enjoying our builds and deciding which loot we want to pick up. The absolute only time I wouldn’t pick up a shard - since I have basically endless space for them - is when I’m too far away and got more then enough stored up.

I don’t really mind picking up shards, especially with the AoE vacuum. But the fact that they first go to your limited inventory, then you have to manually move them to an infinite inventory seems pretty unnecessary. Why don’t they just go straight to your crafting materials inventory?

I’d prefer seeing them and then running over them. I have an AoE build and have to run back a lot for shards and loot so efficient pickup would be welcome.

My game lags whenever I grab a big pile of shards. That needs to be looked at too. It’s a little risky to do in combat.


The game lags whenever there’s an item tooltip pop up. It’s bizarre.


You do realize that eventually you no longer have to pick up non-rare shards once you have a massive inventory of the ones you want? Is the gameplay loop suddenly a problem in the endgame? Because I don’t see anyone complaining about less loot to click on in the endgame. It just becomes visual clutter at that point.

Also looping glyphs into the discussion because they have the same problem.

The vacuum is nice but it’s still a fairly frequent pause in the action and 99% of the time it’s not exciting, but I could see making the very very rare glyphs require clicking since those are exciting. Gear can nearly always be exciting when it drops because of the loot filter. Non-rare glyphs are just consumables like gold with extra steps. They’re just as exciting to use as gold to pay for something. They’re just a means to an action I’m going to take frequently. Which isn’t to say is a bad thing, but not good enough of a feeling to justify the tedium of manual pickup halting my blast. Glyphs that are a means to do something I can’t do frequently are worth the break.

Besides we have enough glyph pickups that already exist in the form of gear we’re going to shatter for affixes.

So they can be traded or sold before you decide to transfer them. I always play SSF so in that case the auto transfer would be nice.

Shards can’t be traded or sold, there’s no reason to keep them in inventory.
As for autotransfer, you didn’t need to necro this thread, there was already a recent one: