Auto Cast Buffs/Auras


I know you can do this already by clicking num lock after using your number keys to get an ability going, however is this something that could be implemented in the UI?

They don’t want to do this as they see it as a failure of design.

This will never be implemented as a “feature”.

The whole num lock thing already is a sketchy area and the devs have made clear, that they do not like this kind of things.

If a skill is best to be used this way, they call this skill failed from a design perspective.

They actilve moving away from these type of skills and try to overhaul them in a way, that perma casting them on cooldown is not the best way how to play.

here is a pretty extensive thread with a lot of great insight from one of their Senior Devs

Basic windows functionality can’t be “a sketchy area”…

Hopefully they’ll acknowledge Sigils of Hope in this way.

You say this but yet they acknowledged that it’s fine to do and they can’t ban you for it. I brought it up in LE twitch channel and was told to bring it up here. So clearly it’s not frowned upon.

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I doubt it’s actually frowned upon, it’s literally the same as putting a weight on your key or something lol. The devs do think if people are doing it, it means the skill needs to have its design changed, though lets be real, if they changed warpath to not be useable with it, people would yell at them lmao.

People numlock because its qol, the like, single instance of them changing a skill (i think, cnat remember any others?) because of numlock, was dorb, and now people dont like playing dorb. Go figure.


I said it’s not frowned upon. It was brought up early in the beta if I remember correctly.

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It’s been bought up many times.

I said its sketchy because people have asked for more in the past and one little step closer and we are in in area that will get people in trouble.

If you read the thread I posted above you can see how Mike specifically doesn’t approve or disapprove specific software or functioanlity.

He even doesn’t specifically says “Yes NumLock is ok”.
He just describes what Numlock does and what exactly a functionality or software is allowed to do and what not.

Just because a lot of people use it or would like to use similar things doesn’t make it “not frowned upon”.
Not sure if “frowned upon” is the right terminology but they certainly don’t love that people use it.

The only reason I personally think its ok, is for medical reasons.
But then again this goes back to how a skill is designed. And if pressing the skill 24/7 is the best way to play it, its bad design.

And while I totally support inclusion (I hope we get more accessability options soon), a game as complex as LE can’t be designed i na way, that every possible build is usesable to be played by everybody with any handicap. (e.g. builds that need rapid clicking or using a lot of skills i nrapid succession etc.)

Speaking it absolutes doesn’t help your point. Devouring Orb is still very much playable and in its previous state it was just stupid.
Devouring Orb is the last skill that received this treatment there are more.
Flame Ward was the very first skill that received a massive overhaul that was specifically aimed at this exact issue.
Malestrom received a Key Node (Beaneath the Waves) in its skill spec tree that opened up playstyle, where you only need to press it every few seconds and still get a lot of value out of it.

Also every of the newer skills didn’t have any situation were casting them 24/7 was a good strategy, because from the groudn up they were designed like that.

Someone’s “failure of design” is another one’s accessibility feature for handicapped players. :smiley:


Okay so maybe have that option to right click a skill and auto cast it should only be a feature for certain points placed in a skill and not just a blanket for all skills. Then you get rid of people casting things like flame ward or other abilities constantly. For instance, Time Lord passive under Anomaly basically makes Anomaly an aura. That point alone should open the skill up to be auto cast. Fire Ward imo is more like a defensive that should be popped when you’re about to take some serious damage and not auto cast. I’m still trying to play every class but so far Anomaly is the only ability I’ve had num locked so far. As someone else stated above, this is more of a QoL change for aura like abilities.

That is an example where I would like to see this massively buffed, but without permanent uptime. E.g. something like 4-6 second uptime with a 10-15 second cooldown.

So it matters WHEN you pop this.

After the changes to Flame Ward they pretty much accomplished theri goal, that püopping flame ward 24/7 does work, but you are hamstringing yourself massively by doing so.
Previously Flame Ward was a 24/7 nonbrainer in most cases.

So what they did to this skill is a very good example of how good a skill overhaul can be.

It might be a surprise to you, but people ‘liking’ to play something, and something being ‘playable’ are entirely different things.

Flame ward was never actually useful as a numlock skill? The node to auto cast it is just bad, anyone using it is nerfing themselves. Maelstrom likewise has never been actually good as a numlocked skill.

The devs have specifically said that it’s not really a concern to them if using numlock makes the thing you’re doing worse, as they see that as fine, the only issue from them is where using numlock is something that’s seen as a necessity.


It was, and that is a looooooooooooooooooooong time ago.
It was the very first skill that was overhauled because of excessive 24/7 casting (manually or through numlock)

It was and still kinda is. If you are using it as your “main” skill you will want to permanently cast it.
Nowadays there are just a lot of new ways to get plenty of maelstrom stacks from other sources which made the direct casting a lot worse.

Well thats just wrong on maelstrom, but okay.

Back in the day a looooooong time ago maelstrom was used this way. Shaman’s were pretty OP back then which caused them to get gutted. Maelstrom did stuff with avalanche and other things. Abilities like that which do damage should not be able to be autocasted imo. Regardless, I don’t think this is constructive any more. Obviously Heavy doesn’t want QoL.

I never said that in any capacity. (Quite the oposite, I promtoed QoL and accessability) Its just that a lot of these thigns that you consider QoL, are not strictly QoL, they also change how we play the game and if that QoL feature enables some some builds with less player input, but that is the best way to use them its not purely QoL…

I do think this is still constructive.

It is really important for what ever you or someone else is requesting and even though you think its a really good idea.
There is always something that you might not see. Its not black or white. A feature is never purley good or bad, its always a mix of many different things and then its up to the devs to decide how far they want to push their game into a certain direction.

I love QoL stuff, but sometimes it does interfere with how you play the game, changing the gamepaly experience too much into a certain direction, which then I don’t like.

Every change in this game is going to change the way you play. It’s an AARPG. Abilities get nerfed and buffed it’s the ebb and flow of these games. However, I don’t see how auto casting aura type abilities is an issue. It’s not doing damage it’s buffing people by giving them crit %, leech etc. Ultimately, it’s not our game. It’s for the devs to decide. I was just asked to put this in here by I believe Mike, who was conducting the LE stream yesterday.

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Not to be “that guy,” but they can ban you for any reason they want. Part of every standard EULA is that you can have your access removed for literally any reason. Mike can look out the window one day, see a butterfly, and decide that Nystalgic is being banned.

Way to be that guy. EHG literally said they wont ban for it…