As melee, Empowered Monoliths feel like D4's launch-state Nightmare Dungeons (Feedback)

I’m running a fire tornado / squirrels shaman and bosses are pretty easy for me. Buuuuuut, I can see how D3 players (no offense to D2 or 4) who are used to traditional battles do not like the big bonk bosses. Its a fun build I posted a public screenshot in the Steam thingie. Not sure how to link those here.

I ran empowered monolith as warlock and regular on necro in legacy, to the questions of being one shot of screen… yes it happens, and it happens a lot

Eg: Monolith, enemy tiger/ underground worm / ice golems / Exiled Mage

All of these have killed me off screen, because i was focusing on picking up an item [eyes on center of screen] and the enemy has launched an attack that was either to fast to react to, nor could i see their animation.

Another one that killed me of screen was Majasa. Her turrets fire at you from off screen especially her fire and shock totems

So ye. The problem exists

You mean, other than the spinning axe that comes flying at you?

I’ll give you your points about melee-centric issues, but this surprise off-screen, one-shotting just isn’t there. Either there’s a projectile coming at you, or there’s a telegraph where the bomb is going to land. If there’s any that don’t, then feedback those specifically, because they should be fixed. Complaining about an icicle that kills you, or a spinning axe, or a big green circle on the ground… that’s just a move out of the fire problem. I’ve been playing this game quite a while, and I can’t think of any invisible damage source that just insta-gibs you, without any warning whatsoever.

As for the (legit) melee problems, EHG has already admitted to it, and it’s something they are looking at. It’s also something that has existed in every game, forever. Fixing it is not easy, and usually it just comes down to certain mobs are easier for melee, and certain ones are easier for ranged. I played melee in EQ and WoW for over 2 decades, so I’m aware of the issue. But, other than just adjusting the dmg dealt by range or melee attacks, or giving melee characters increased dmg reductions (ala, D3), what can really be done? Eventually, you’re going to run into the wall of the dmg being too much to handle…even from 1 hit… and the advantage ranged has, will just be there again.

I mean, I guess you could temper the issue, by making ranged squishy enough that there’s more dmg sources that are lethal, and less to melee. So you tip the balance by sheer numbers… but that would just introduce the argument that playing a melee is brain-dead button pushing, while ranged characters have to be constantly dodging multiple dmg sources.

Since I never experienced those un-telegraphed off-screen attacks the way he described it (in a couple hundred hours of gameplay), I tried to test his examples objectively today. Aside from being able to barely attack outside the visual range from the bottom of the screen, most enemies don’t attack from far off-screen.

For the abilities that do, their projectiles either move slowly, or the attacks are telegraphed by some preceding visual clue. The visible clarity of some of these clues could be improved, though.

While projectiles might not be fired from enemies off-screen, one might get hit from projectiles that were fired off-screen from your current position. Either because you were the target some seconds ago while on-screen with the monster, or because you were hit by a stray projectile meant for another target, e.g. those hyper aggressive summoned Ice Beetles.

There’s a lot of things happening in monoliths and its almost completely based on knowing what each enemy does. Since the enemies are considered fodder trash, the idea of needing to care about them is foreign. Once their abilities are understood, things get much easier.

The idea of knowing like 40-50 different important abilities is kinda awful and some people will just say “keep moving and this mitigates most damage”. With that reasoning, you can tell they play ranged or use static damage as they move.

Here’s a list of things I learned when playing…

  • As a mage I can be immune to stun on teleport with an idol. You can use two of them to stack the duration. Or instead of idols, you can spec to the left, but you need cooldown reduction to make that work.
  • You want a cleanse for poison and ignite. The damage over time effect can be strong enough to kill you after you’ve killed everything, giving the impression that something offscreen bodied you. To solve this, either use an ability with a cleanse like I do or do what most other players do…use one slot on their belt with the ability “100% cleanse when you use a potion”. Most players don’t need to use potions to heal since they have leech, so your potion button will be your cleanse.
  • Some floor effects can be unfair to melee, such as the poison floor on enemy death and the poison floor launched by some of large plant mobs. Just need to respect the damage they do as they’ll only do damage while you are in them and they aren’t debuffs.
  • Some enemies can hit from multiple screens away and even global range, I like to call them siege units. Things like the plants that do the green circle aoe or the fire golems, the blood spires or the dreaded wengari spire. You gotta respect the wengari spire aoe for example, the moment you see those spikes hit the ground, move out before the frost explosion hits. It can one shot from anywhere on the map if you aren’t stacked to the moon on defenses.
  • Several mobs, when aggroed, can attack from up to 1 screen away. Most of these enemies are easy to kill but can be deadly if left alone. These are things like the floating ice guys that shoot the line of ice, the little void guys that do the void volleys, the fire archers and the fire meteorite mages. The rolling fireball mages can also catch you off guard if you aggro one and scroll it offscreen while it casts. I notice some hardcore players just reroll their monolith when they see these mages lol.

For anyone trying to make sense of this thread, here is the TLDR.

Someone posts a “I suck, but here are the reasons my sucking shouldn’t be considered in my argument for making the game easy” post. OP then commits to an ill fated attempt at sounding intelligent and ignorant at the same time.

Numerous people jump into the fray with “yes, you are correct you suck” and “I have something to say that has nothing to do with OP sucking”.

I think that’s pretty much it.


You are confusing a skill check with a knowledge check.

The TLDR is that you gotta respect the trash in this game enough to learn them.

I’m not confused about anything. It’s apparent from this thread that some people want things brainless and easy and some don’t. Yet others chime in with meaningless drivel. Where’s the confusion in that?

hey wait, i do that all the time

So do I, but I’ll never admit it.

You’re next in line. Carry on the mantle buddy :+1:

This thread is henceforth about spam.

melee is no go in this game, absolitely no go. the weakest melee ever saw in an aRPG, and play all of them since Diablo 1.



Eh, not so sure about that. I have more than a handful of melee characters, and all of them have handled 350+ corruption with relative ease.

Now, the thing that we’ll see is that, as you get higher into corruption(or Arena levels), the number of viable builds will dwindle, until we’re only left with a couple of (arguably) OP builds, that may…or may not…include a melee (depending on what mechanic is currently being abused).


And people need to understand, that a game being not your vibe is not the same as “game is unbalanced and needs to be changed”

I have a friend who thinks valorant is the most shitty game in existence, its unbalanced, feels bad to play, and is trash.

He is just objectively wrong, the game is not for him, thats perfectly reasonable its okay to say “I dont like this, its not for me”

its wrong to say “I dont like this, therefor its poorly made and needs to be updated to avoid said issue”

And no, you are just a crybaby. my most played mastery is paladin, a melee mastery. You again just picked a melee mastery that requires lots of skill and playing your flameward/ward uptime.

one of my other most played characters is primalist, another melee centric class that has tons of defensive options for getting in.

you picked a glass cannon, got blown up, and are mad about it.

No one needs 10, 15, or 1000 hours to have an opinion. just like someone who has never cooked can have opinions on the cooking process that does not mean anyone has to actually respect your opinion.

Except when…

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I wanted to add that there are some mobs that take reduced damage from afar or do more damage from far which seems to be EHG’s beginning attempts to address the disparity at the very least.

I remember there were some mobs from either POE or D4 that had a barrier which made it so you had to enter within the barrier to harm them. Now I’m not sure if I want that in LE but something to that effect?

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I enjoy the bullet time idea in concept but since it’s a multiplayer game you can’t add this to solos really, unfortauntely.

I do like the 2nd idea more practically. Taking less damage after a melee attack, something minor but useful, would be nice.

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