Arena (too easy?)

Here is a suggestion:

Lets increase the difficulty of the Arena. Substantially. DOUBLE IT.

Turn it into a tractor pull, and not the marathon it is today.

I currently can only muster about 110 lvls but it still feels so painfully long, and I would GLADLY die sooner. All I want to do is test my build and my gear (and to a certain extent my ‘skillz’). What difference does it make if I die at lvl 50 instead? so long as its the same for everyone across the board?

These guys who go 300, 400, 500 EVEN 1000 waves? They’re gonna get blood clots man, divorce papers are probably getting filed, pets are not being fed, plants are going unwatered).

I say CRANK THAT SUCKER UP! And if the peasants revolt because they’re running out of keys, then give em more keys!


Yup, given you have to restart at the beginning every time you die (and I accept it as a death penalty).

That said, probably best here, if @Sarno could move it.

:smiley: Yeah, that’s what I thought. Sarno/etc can move it though.

Moving thread from #bug-reports:launcher-bug-reports to #feedback-and-suggestions.

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I want to agree with you BUT the top players with min-maxed characters hit 100 waves in like 20 minutes or less, with LizardIRL recently reaching wave 560 in only 2 hours. Surely, it takes me much longer to achieve 100 waves and such but the top players make it look really easy.

Not sure how much more the difficulty needs to change tbh, especially if they were to introduce breakpoints where a build could start from provided they had previously reached it. I can’t imagine the Arena we have today will be the same at launch. I’m sure the devs have some exciting changes in store for this endgame mode (or at least I can dream :grin:) .

Your first paragraph is exactly why I feel we need this. If a guy needs to play 1000 waves to find out how good his build is… the waves are too weak. When they increase the difficulty it will be for everyone. We can do our arenas quicker, and find out where we stand sooner. That’s all.

I’m simply suggesting that it be made harder for everyone. If you are having a hard time getting to 100, then if the difficulty is increased by 100% then you’ll have a hard time getting to 50. Its just a number. Lizards 560 becomes 230, and he can actually finish before dinner.

I’ve only managed 110. I’ll be happy to have my ass handed to me at lvl 55 instead, and shoot for 60 next time.


Considering the majority of players don’t reach wave 100+ without some investment in their build or knowing how to position their character I don’t think it needs to start overly punishing for these players which would likely be very discouraging to them.

Though, again, if some form of wave breakpoints were implemented then I think this need for further difficulty at the lower end of Arena would disappear.

I mean i hate to say it but it is a chore to do 100-150 waves. They could add some sort of checkpoint system. Lets say you have beaten 200 waves then you would be allowed to start at wave 100. So you can skip the easy waves. Obviously things get harder quite fast in Arena, hence why checkpoint should never be higher than 150 in my opinion. It is kinda chore to do early waves especially when using a strong build with really good gear. Doubling the difficulty would make it even harsher for people who don’t have optimal gear. (GB etc)


If I could only get to lvl 10 in the Arena, that would be totally ok with me. Then I could work to get to wave 11.

I don’t want to go 150 waves to find out how much my character has progressed. Could you imagine lizard or boardman21 having to go 500 or more everytime just to see how their latest tweaks have affected their builds? Well they often do!

If I understood Thyworm’s patch preview video he released today, they are removing lvl scaling from Monolith and Arena in the next patch. I believe this might have the effect I’m hoping for. It seems it would at least be much harder to do well at lower levels as the Arena should be scaled for end game content.

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I could not find any mention of Arena in either the patch preview or Thyworm’s video. Both specifically point to Monolith of Fate zones no longer scaling with character level. Unless you’re referencing other information unknown to me.

They don’t mention Arena in the patch preview.

And we will still find a way to push twice as far as youd like


“too” easy would be a better subject line.




If you were taking a CAT test, and were given the option to take the 1000 question test or the 100 question test, and both tests held equal weight, which would you choose to take?

I might be in the minority, but I don’t find the Arena particularly fun or rewarding. But I do find it very helpful in gauging my characters progress.

The player who has already gone 500 lvls to find out where his character stands, knows when he starts up the arena that he is likely to go 500 lvls again, and he’ll have to go 500 levels again to see if his most recent tweaks have made a mark on his characters strength.

What about earning a starting spot? If you get to wave 100 once… you can start at 100 again with that character? Likewise if you get to wave 500, you earn the right to start at wave 500 the next time? This could be made an option, and not forced so that if you were completely revamping your character you could again start at ground zero if you so desired.

That way difficulty is left untouched, but the guy who knows he’ll get past 500 waves won’t have to endure 499 uneventful waves just to test his build again.

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I think you misunderstand my motivations. If they doubled the difficulty and I died at wave 50 instead of 100 and still despite this you managed to push further (somehow) than you currently do, that would not upset me in the least. Because ultimately I’m looking for a way to not have to endure meaningless waves before I get to the waves that count (for me).

When you start an Arena, knowing you’ll go 500 waves before it becomes a challenge, what do you get in terms of fulfillment from those early waves? How long does it typically take you to get to 500?

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Prerequisites include but not limited to:
2 shots fireball
6 pack beer
Evanescence playing background

In terms of fulfillment I get to entertain an audience usually on twitch

As for how long it takes depends on build. 5 hours tops usually to go 500.

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I don’t know whats more impressive, that you are willing to endure 5 hours to test your character or that you are able to listen to 5 hours of Goth rock.


If you can do wave 500 it does not mean it became a challenge close to that wave 500. Build that does 1000 can die in wave 400. Arena tests your endurance, how long can you play without making a deadly mistake. You don’t test your build at wave 600, you already see what it can do at wave 300 and is it better than your old version. Allowing a person to continue where they died encourages wave fishing

Yeah, I’ve mentioned before that it would be really nice to “unlock” starting points (on a per character basis), though I’d probably have them unlock at ~50 waves lower (so hitting wave 100 unlocks starting at wave 50) & every 50 waves. I enjoy the first ~50 odd waves of arena, but by ~200 or so it’s just so tedious…

So logically we should make arena twice as easy so it takes longer to get up to the previous best. I’d like to see Boardman stream for 10 hours just to get up to the equivalent of current wave 500. Then only “real” gamers can populate the ladder, none of those pesky plebs with families & jobs.

I have all the above :flushed:

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