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Yesterday was my first experience in the game and how I enjoyed that moment!

I tried a necro (I’m on LV 20) it seems to me and a druid. Honestly, it would not look like an alpha game. It feels quite polished, congratulations! I can notice something, no matter what elements it equips, the character keeps looking the same. The mallet, the shield, although in the photo of the object looked different, when it was equipped, the character had the same appearance as when he had lv 1. At this point I remembered that the game is still alpha, L. and sets?

I can note something, no matter what items I equip, the char keeps looking just the same. The mallet, the shield, although in the photo of the item looked different, when equipped the character looked the same as when it was lv 1. In this point I remembered that the game still in alpha, LOL.

Does not there exist yet designs /image of weapons and sets?

I see this is a hot topic within the community at the moment! Thanks for posting - even when someone else has posted similar feedback, it helps to know whether that’s just one person’s perspective / concern / preference or one shared by multiple people.

To respond to your question, it’s just a matter of priorities - 2D art for tooltips is comparatively quick to produce, whereas the 3D art takes longer. The people who would be working on this have been busy with other things, such as creating new models for the Mage, Primalist, and Sentinel classes. It’s the kind of polish which we’ll be able to focus on more during the beta stage of development, which will be from April of this year through to 2020.

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Thanks Sarno. I hope that mean in the future we will have differents looks for the char…

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