Character selection

This is a small thing to ask, I know, but it’s a fun little change I’d like to see.

In the character select screen it just shows the basic model of the characters, I’d actually like to see my characters in the gear I have equipped to be be displayed instead. Again, nothing huge, just a fun little change.

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I think character selection needs serious overhaul. First impression matters and character selection is the very first thing new player will see, and this is how characters are presented for very first time. And while it’s serviceable for early access, I have to say I have quite negative feeling from whole character selection screen and feels outdated already. Not just animations and character models, but whole screen is just not very nice.

What I would like to see? I still prefer how characters are presented in Warhammer: Chaosbane. Just an idea.


This really looks very nice.

Oh wow! Yes, I agree, something like this would really go a long way to make LE feel more inviting and really add to the experience.

Yeah, that would be a nice thing to do.

Agreed with this, would also be nice to be able to double click the character to enter the game rather than having to click one then pressing enter game(small nitpick I know but its nice qol).


Don’t forget you need to type a name in as well.

I was referring to per-existing characters. When you log into the character selection screen it would be nice to just double click the character you want to enter the game with.

Ah, fair enough.

I’d also suggest that the “Leave Game” button takes you to the character selection screen rather than the log-in screen then as well.


I’d be excited to see the initial character selection to have some some more story work integration as well. I cannot express enough how cool Path of Exile 2’s character selection process is. Not saying it has to be like that. Diablo 4 has them around a campfire (as of now). I am a fan of story-woven elements like that.

Hey all, we agree the character selection could use a little love and have been talking internally about what that may look like. Characters on the select screen reflecting your gear will make an appearance at multiplayer release or near then because the system update to allow that is tied together with those systems. :slight_smile:


Now when you think about it, it makes alot of sense, i guess it’s some kind of background database that has the Information on all the character details(like gear) and will give it to other Sources like in the selection screen and in MO case, to other Players.
I think when you currently log in, the Moment you logged in all of your gear is “loaded”, some times you can see the character screen for a Brief millisecond empty till everything is loaded.

On a slightly related note, will you guys add more visual base types for armor and weapons that Show on the character model, currently i think we just have a handfull of the same Item Models and a few unique models from uniques.

I agree! <3

This is something they address in the later phase of development.

Here’s a link about a reply from Sarno at a similar topic.

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