Has anyone told them about the Graphics?

At beta, I feel Last Epoch has way more substance, depth and dynamic than Wolcen. Sure, Wolcen is a pretty game but it’s lacking something. I really cannot put my finger on it at the moment. I am only in act 2. The game feels, boring. Last epoch has more depth, diversity and substance. What I really like about is the amount of care the developers are giving each and every skill. I like ARPG’s with minion focused skill trees and Last Epoch seems to be fulfilling that desire rather nicely. I will admit, I am rather narrow minded in my play style. I tend to lean toward minions skills. In Wolcen, Minions are trash.

I have to disagree. Wolcen offers the possibility of cool hybrid builds. Story also is at least ok. Presentation is superb. Skills don’t seem to be as diverse.

Both games go different ways but I like both very much.

At least EHG can learn from Wolcen and avoid some mistakes and also copy what’s done well.

One thing that Wolcen does very well is the fashion aspect. I don’t need to change the appearance of any item, but I like to have more diversity in item skins in LE.

Character animations also could profit of some style. I would not bother if the animation would get pimped. Add some martial arts moves to the melee skills and more theatrical moves to magic skills. Something like dr. strange.

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Most items in LE are just place holders atm when it comes to art and looks. All you seek will be granted in the future.

why are you so sure?

Its been talked about before. Cosmetics and fashion are the leadt of there worries right now but will be worked on later
In this post its mentioned how purchasable MTX wont happen until launch or so

and heres where item appearance in game is talked about.

Graphics and animations have been updated plenty of times since the first KS demo. I’m sure they will keep updating in the future.

Thx for the info.

I don’t question the priority. It’s alright to do the eye candy at the end of development.

It is just one the few weak points of this game so far. And a very huge amount of players will only just look at the graphics before even considering to get to know something about mechanics and content.

The look is the very first impression.

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Thanks for the feedback thus far.

Graphical improvements typically come in the form of us doing a pass on particular aspects of the game - it may be textures, post-processing, ambient occlusion, etc. While individual assets are sometimes tweaked outside of these, it’s looking likely that our next pass on graphics will focus on lighting. I’m not able to offer an ETA for these changes landing just yet, but we’ve some changes internally that we’re super excited to show off in the future!

From an optimization standpoint, we’ve been creating new shaders for outside zones which are more performant - and these have resulted in some subtle visual improvements, too!

We’ve been working on new sound effects - currently, a lot of the work is focusing on new assets for the emergence and deaths of enemies, but we do plan to make significant improvements to our on-hit sound effects as well. We very highly value good on-hit sounds.

Animation improvements are planned (and are on our roadmap).

MTX are very likely to be implemented prior to launch. As with any system, this is something we’ll want to be collecting feedback and bug reports for prior to releasing Patch 1.0.

(Sometimes kittens hide in forum posts.)


I’m excited! I hope they are not all like the super subtle types in the early stages of POE devt :wink:

when will be the preview of 0.7.7 SARNO?

It’ll be a while yet; our last content patch was only two-ish weeks ago. :slight_smile:

okay! success at work.

And yet we need moar!

Im not ready for 0.7.7 yet. Take your time. Still finding new idol affixes daily abd haven’t played lich or necro. Take. Your. Time.

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It would be one thing if the game had these crappy graphics and performed well, but to have these sup-par graphics and still perform like I’m slogging through sand is terrible.

This may be my favorite post I have read since coming here.

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But it is obvious that he is right. Seems I also have a small brain. I needed to read the post three times to figure out what he means.

I am glad someone takes the lead and finds kind words to address the issues. :crazy_face:

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I have a huge brain. When I was in secondary school biology we plotted the class’s skull circumference against height, everyone but 1 person (me) was clustered on a diagonal line (from bottom left to top right).

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Same here . I’m a walking candy apple.

“You have a big head. It’s too big for your body.”