1.0 Server Status Thread

And i was convinced that you could just start playing offline and then migrate to online when things are more stable. At level 33 i realized im playing all by myself. Forever and ever… That was yesterday. I want to start oveeeeeeeeeeeer…

That bloody worked. Thanks alot! I assume you have reported the “fix” somewhere where it belongs…? :slight_smile:

Only reported here. Feel free to spread the word. Glad it worked for you!

HOLYYY F#$*, that actually worked!!

Hey Everyone I had this crazy bug today! I’d love if you guys checked out my short :slight_smile: Maybe leave a comment about any bugs you’ve found! Maybe even give it a share! That would mean the world to me! https://youtube.com/shorts/-wfjJcXrc34?feature=share

No thank you

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Could you guys maybe just make an announcement when everything is working? I am tired of testing the game every few hours. Just let us know when its fully cooked.

Okay no problem! Thanks anyways! :wolf:

I got in for a few hours earlier slow transition times but honestly got done to like 30 seconds a couple hours in. I’m on NA servers was playing with a couple friends. This game is incredible!!! My buddy is playing the runemaster sooo cool!!

Imagine how high your steam player count would be if your infrastructure person didn’t shit the bid

Disabled NordVPN and got in straight away!

Thanks Marrvelous.

guys is it just me ? my character doenst exist . now i cant get in to character screen

servers down again? can’t log in at all

Same here - stuck at log in screen unfortunately

Same here in EU west

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same,. stuck at log in screen, time to lunch then.

same here. Stuck at login screen

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i think its only eu west

Lol no. It’s all the servers.

yep, apparently EU West is dead