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[0.8.1b] Zeus the Voidmage - Spellblade Concept

Zeus the Voidmage - Spellblade Concept

Warning: Extrem Graphical Violence included

If you dont like to be a flashy christmas tree - go away !
We use 20+ lightning auras to blind the world and ourself…
Turn down you ingame brigthness to low or very low!


Char Concept vs. Guide

This ist the concept for an advanced build that uses a lot of interesting mechanics and interactions that are not as obvious as „hey here is fireball stack firedamage and crit and cast it on mobs to kill“.

It is no „no brain“ guide - there is quite some stuff that is up to you but i will talk very detailed about „why“ and „how“. Feel free to discuss.

In some parts this build is very fixed, in other parts it is very flexible. You need at least 2 items and some more are recomend. Because of the item requirments this is no build for a very new player and you have to level it up with some standard spellblade build till you can use the core items. For players that have some stuff it is maybe something new and fresh and it uses the new skill!


  • The mage that does only a bit of elemental damage
  • The mage that does not crit
  • The mage that does not do alliment damage
  • And still it works and looks really really cool!

This said here is a char planner:

The Build

What about all the missing items??

You will notice that there are empty item slots or affixe slots.

In this slots you can fill up rares to what ever defense you prefer. With the crazy good t6/t7 rolls it is really take whatever crazy stuff you have - noone can plan around t6+ stuff.
Last but not least – i havent checked all the very new very, very rare topend empowered timeline loot yet. Let me know if there is ulitmate item there that i have not noticed.

I will comment on every slot and skill later. On some skills there are unused skill points - this points are flexible! You will find comments on these later.


What we do
  • We create fire auras that we convert into lightning.
  • We get % void damage per fire aura from our chest
  • We get flat added spell void damage from our sword that scales with our % void from the chest.
  • We procc a lot of stuff that helps us and scales with our tons of flat added void spell damage and % void
  • We stack attack speed to stack ward on hit like a mad man.

Skill we use:

Mana Strike

Our main attack.

It creates stacks of dorment energy while surge is on cooldown - Surge is always on cooldown!
It gives us ward and it proccs tons of spark charges and Zaps

I recomend to specc into getting it ranged to stay out of harms way if needed and to be able to generate ward at all the time. Being out of range and meele can kill you because of 0 ward generation!

Flexible: You can save points in the less mana per zap part on the left but i dont like the mana holes it sometimes creates. You can save the auto target of mana strike point - i just like it.
Extra points can be used for 5-10% inc. attackspeed or 3/3 Spelldamage per recent hit.


Creates fire auras
Fires tons of Lightning Blasts on use.
Creates a lot of ward on use.

Flexible: 18 points are fixed, the last 2 are basicly whatever you like. I did go for more AOE and sparkcharge but the effect is minimal.


Never activley used but has to be on your bar to work…
I proccs lightblast for us every second - thats about it.

Flexible: If you want to acitvly use it you can maybe build for ward on discharge as a emergency button. I am too lazy for this it just sits in my bar and does his job passive. Poor static.

Lightning Blast

Never activley use and does not have be on your skill bar. Pure proccs!
Use the extra button for unspecced Snap Frezze or Flameward whatever you prefer.

Convergence is fantastic to kill bosses aura trash dps with auras is strong anyway.
Lightning aegis gives a lot of DR for free!

Here we really need every point and nothing is flexible - we really want a t5 (dream: t6 or t7) helm roll for 22 or more skill points! If you can get more than 22 you can scale up the hit damage or the spark charge i guess.

It is easy to get things shocked … the 60% more damage on shocked is a huge mulitplier and i think it is worth the 2 useless travel points to get it.

Entchant Weapon

Simply too good to skip because of the massive attack speed buff.

If you really want you could go flameward here instead to get 15% more fire aura damage and some more tanknies.

Fixed : You want the extra duration and the 50% attackspeed.
I highly recommend the Zap. The rest is up to you.
Lazy Hybria went for autocast because im too lazy for numlock or extra brain used on button press.


Mandatory items to make the build work

The Chest
% void per fire aura is where the magic starts.
Try to get a high roll here but i cleared all non emp timelines with no problem with a p… poor 31% roll.

At least on of those swords
At least one of those is mandatory
Void spelldamage roll is the most important one for us.

A second sword is almost mandatory to double the benefit.
I dont know if the build works with only 1 sword.

Recommend and suggestions

Fire auras cant crit - and we love attackspeed - so lets do it.

2 fixed prefixes
+2 (or more) lightning blast (t5+ roll)
T5+ Cooldown reduction.
Fill up the suffixes with defense as needed

I personaly like:
Lot of usefull ward stuff - but it is not mandatory in any way.

You can use Last Step of the Living to have constant ward gen. I dont like the self chill.
You can use Stormtides for tons of shock - hard to say if these are really worth it because most of our damage is void.
You can just use rares.

Void pen, maybe even lightning pen

Cheap and easy:
You get one set bonus and a quite nice % void damage boost and the procc looks funny and does a lil damage too. A pitty the base item is SOOOO bad :frowning:
Top End most likley for all the flat added spelldamage but very hard to get
Thx @Heavy


4 times x% increased fire aura damage
1 times bigger aura
Nothing really to crazy here - maybe someone has a better idea what to do here. I didnt find any cool idols.

But what do i craft?

You are a big boy or girl! Fill it up with your brain.

Defense wise we are all in ward as prime defense. I suggest you add in Crit Avoidance.
Second defense layer: Resistances, maybe even dodge. Both should work okay.

I have very unoptimized gear - just maxed out resistances and dont even have crit avoid or dodge … still works okay and can facetank any non empowered timeline in the game.



No special things to mention here i guess.
You play it - so pick what you like. Again flexible here.

All the ward, all the speed, no hit damage, no crit.
The adaptive spell damage is nice for Lightning Blast.

I cant really say if the Elemental Burst points are worth it … you can use them for something else i guess. More int, More ward, more ward per second.

Special thanks to @Llama8 that did most of the brain work and and helped me with 1001 questions.
I am no native english speaker - all spelling mistakes increase DPS and are free! Sorry…
And now go out and void the world!


The editing from word to forums is on its way - please be patient …

Edit: Formating done.
I had to take a break to minimax the use of a slide with my son :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: I’ll post my skill trees in a bit as I think they’re a bit different. I would post my gear but I went nuts on endurance for some reason…

I made a variation of this months ago before it was nerfed as it took me weeks to find the Fire Aura on crit Idols - theres a cooldown now and I fully dismantled the build compared to its 10-12 second timeline boss kills it was doing

the best output of damage is fast hitting skills - but my setup was Mana Strike proccing lightning spell stacking attack speed and Spark Charges as all the flat and increased % adds to them or anything thats a spell

Yeah, I tried it before they added the cooldown to fire aura generation. Now that Surge can give you up to 10 stacks it’s better, you’ll be at between 15 & 20 stacks of fire aura on a boss which will give you up to 1,000% void damage which is reasonably respectable. And the clear is good since you can just surge into a pack of white mobs and they die.

Do you have a video that shows gameplay of the build?

I can make one later i guess but very simple youtube stuff no fancy editing or anything.

If you expect the fastest clear of the universe - it is not. It works solide but thats about it at least for my gear :wink:

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Very fun and very strong build, thanks!

Yea. No need for fancy edits. I just like to see how a build plays before I consider trying it out. Thanks!

That’s how I’ve built mine (I can’t be arsed to farm the blessings), though with Endurance (for some reason). If/when I change my gear I’d probably change it to something like this:

Mostly replacing the endurance with life or dodge. Since most of the damage will be void, void pen on the amulet would be more useful, as well as armour shred (since it hits so much).

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Updateted OP with the new char planner.

any video of the gameplay ? would be cool

Thats very similar to the build I had except I tried Spellblade and a Sorceror and Sorc was simply better for what I wanted to do, although I triggered my damage from Mana strike the damage came from actual spells from Spark Charges and the Mana Strike Lightning, also didnt have access to dual wielding and used a Catalyst but that allowed very high crit chance - The Fire Aura on crit had no cooldown so you easily had over 20 stacks peaking on near 30 at times - this was also prior to that rework to the Spellblade tree

Definately a fun build to play, didnt require auto cast either

Yeah, I’m using the Forgotten Knight swords for lots of void spell damage which is then buffed via the Dark Shroud of Cinders with 10-20 Fire Auras. Back when the fire aura on crit didn’t have a cooldown, you could get bonkers amounts of fire auras with Lightning Blast -

It would be able to get up to 250 stacks of fire aura.

Are the swords gambled from any 1h sword or is there a specific base?

Like every other gambleable item, you need to gamble the correct base (Deicide sword) at or above the minimum level (68). Unfortunately, they are pretty rare.

Aaaaah, I didn’t realise that Deicide was the name of the base. I’m dumb, ty.

Hi, thanks for the build!

I have some questions though, and would appreciate if you could help me understand:

  1. Why do you choose to scale with void? Isn’t the skills used lightning? How does void help, why not fire or cold or anything else?
  2. Is it possible to just scale it with lightning?
  3. Is fire/crackling aura used solely because of the Dark Shroud of Cinders chest?

Thank you! :smiley:


  1. cause its the idea of the build. Why does a fireball mage use fireball? :wink:

You get tons of added flat void spelldamage from the two swords
You get tons of % void damage from the Chest
This interaction fuels the whole build.

You do a lot more void than lighning damage - the spells have some base light damage that we dont really scale and a lot of added void spelldamage via the 2 blades that we scale heavily.

  1. Maybe but than you need total different items, need to get %spell somewhere (i dont know where spellblade doesnt have a lot of % stuff in his tree thats not meele - so most likley mage tree) and you have the problem that there is no sword for your offhand i can think of right now that has added flat spelldamage apart from the void blade.

  2. The aura is mainly used for the % void scaling of the chest yep. Apart from that it does okay damage because of the lot of add flat void damage we add to it. Enough to kill each and any trash - but for bosses lightning blast is what does the (void!) damage.