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Zizaran & Steelmage Multiplayer Q/A - Sept 14th/15th

Hot off the heels of our 24/7 Multiplayer Closed Alpha launch, we have another big announcement coming your way today: Join us live next week on Twitch for an exclusive first look at multiplayer gameplay and a Q&A session with Zizaran and Steelmage!

We are getting pumped up for our 0.9.0 (Multiplayer) release, and we know you all are as well. We’re still in closed alpha testing phase with our Community Testers (you can still apply if interested!), but we wanted to give you all a first look at what we have coming and answer some more questions about multiplayer and the future of Last Epoch.

Starting on Wednesday, Sept 14th @ 10:30am CST Hosted by Zizaran - You can catch Zizaran, Judd (Game Director), Mike (Sr. Game Developer), and Dan (Lead Game Designer) live answering Ziz’s questions and getting a first look at Last Epoch’s upcoming Multiplayer release.


Then again, on Thursday, Sept 15th @ 10:30am CST Hosted by Steelmage - You can catch Steelmage, Judd, Mike, and Dan as well with even more multiplayer talk.

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Finally - Friday, Sept 16th - You will be able to catch Ziz & Steelmage live on their own twitch channels as they do a hands-on look at multiplayer.


Yeh, dont think i will watch this, as i thought that some of your regular streamers of the game would of been considered first, you know as they have kept the game at the forefront considering there is nothing to do in it :+1:


Imagine using streamers who only stream your game sparingly at best but they have ok numbers. Hey if it’s numbers you want I hear that Asmond guy gets lot of people.


It may seem frustrating that the content creators for Last Epoch are not the ones doing this, but it is actually going to be best for Last Epoch and the creators this way. It will bring in much larger audiences for the game and the content creators who have been working hard making content and having more knowledge than other creators coming from other games will gain a much larger audience because of these streamers.


They will dump this game the day the next POE league starts. Should have reached out to lizard_irl


I too believe this will be for the better of the game.

I understand some people will be mad but I highly doubt any Last Epoch content creator is going to feel mad or left out because of this, on the contrary I’m certain most will understand this is only a logical choice to show off and reach more people, in the end, all Last Epoch content creators will benefit from this!


I personally don’t have any issues with this, is a one time thing to make the game grow.
For the record, the Devs have always treated me amazing, publicly and privately.

I am sure we will get our chance to shine!
Thanks for thinking so highly of me haha


I too think this is a really good thing for the game. Of course, as content creators of the game, we would love to have an opportunity to check out MP as well, but if not our time will come soon enough and I look forward to seeing Zizz and Steelmage enjoying some MP. :slight_smile:


smart choice of streamers im a poe player with 5k hours but also 300 in last epoch i love this game and am probably dropping poe for it when multiplayer comes. Zizaran may play the game infrequently but he does like and enjoy this game quiet a bit


Very excited!! This is huge news for the game.

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This is such a silly thing to complain about. I wouldn’t know about LE if it weren’t for Zizaran and I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say that.

You can’t say that, for example, LizardIRL’s 5k Twitch followers compares to Steelmage’s 130k or Ziz’s 370k in terms of reach. Zizaran and Steelmage have the potential to bring in new players on a significantly larger scale. Reach is what LE needs most right now - Informing new players that it exists, getting them on board. That’s not a knock against Lizard or any other LE focused content creator, it’s just good math. And it also makes a lot of sense given how much upheaval there is in POE right now. There’s a lot of people who are mad and probably looking to break up with GGG, and guys like Zizaran and Steelmage are a great way to get their attention.

I, for one, am happy to see the good word about LE be spread far and wide.


hey hey hey no need to follow shame!


So true Lizard.

The majority of people are very excited about this. And I would hope everyone who plays Last Epoch is already aware of the good will and good intentions of EHG. As you and other streamers have said, this is great for the game.

I do really hope EHG does support you and others Like Vision GL, perry, Last epoch builds, mcfluffin, in some sort of official capacity, in the future. They likely already have done so and will continue to do so. All positives all around.


As a PoE player and LA backer i’m really happy to see this opportunity to expose the game to a bigger audience, especially since Kalandra is pretty… hum, i’m guessing it could bring a lot of player to give it a try.
I myself just relaunch the game for the time since a good year and really love the early game slow experience, and the UI quality and QoL are amazing (inventory sorting, ingame loot filter and such, just great work EHG team^^


:slight_smile: multiplayer tho!

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I’ve subscribed to Steelmage for over two years and it was LE being mentioned in chat/on stream which originally brought me here and continue to spread LE by word of mouth. MP is a big addition that will greatly increase my playtime and thus knowledge inside the game. I’m excited to tune into the stream.

Without diving into the muck at the current state of other notable ARPGs (spoiler: in throes of community revolt with terrible peak player numbers) I agree this is a very good opportunity timed well to bring in some new perspectives and feedback from a broader audience.

There are gamers who want one game to monopolize all there time and more power to them. You’ll never convert them when the emotional or finacial investment is too great. The more broadly LE gets recognized as a rewarding experience it gets more time in rotation with other ARPG players.


Why not include other content creators as well? Everyone says should’ve done with some LE content creators etc, why not do it also with them, include them along.


Nice! In time, when PoE octupledawn on their community, we can enjoy our multiplayer with some of our favorite streamers!

Awesome news, watching ziggyd and pohx’s streams made me buy this game and i hope after this stream more people decide to buy it. Amazing game btw.

1.It’s not really a complaint, more a point to the shitting on of the regular streamers of the game, through thick and thin.

  1. I really couldn’t care if you think it’s silly or not, i have subbed to certain streamers who stream LE, I enjoy there stream’s and shouldn’t have to go and watch some random geezer streaming a game they dont even play.