"Your account is in use on a different device"

I have gotten that rather alarming warning and been logged out of the game a couple of times today. I only have one device/computer… Playing through Steam.

Hopefully a bug but can you look into it?

Also, unrelated, I never got the proper badge in this forum for buying through Steam. Can you also fix that for me? The account is linked.

Just to follow up. It happened a few more times since I posted that. Probably 6 or 7 times in total over a period of about 3 hours,

And then it stopped and has not happened since,

Adding to this report. I just had it happen to me as well. I was playing and had a random crash to desktop. I restarted and played for a few minutes then got a “your account is in use on a different device” with a forced logout. I logged back in twice and got it immediately each time.

I’m using Steam.

Sounds like the server timed out and reset automatically after a certain time… Why it happened in the first place - thats for the devs to figure out…

Also adding to this. Has happened 4 times for me now…2 times when trying to push ladder, and 2 times in high monos. I have now lost the will to go in another arena or monolith again.

Just happened to me as well.
Quite annoying bug considering how the monoliths system works.

Same for me, it has happend twice within 2 minutes.
was just getting my beast master up in level in arena, and was happy i got that far. Oh well :slight_smile:
I hope you find a solution, since I started to really like this game.

Hey… the devs just posted a note about this (20h ago)… apparently its got something to do with the in-game chat messing up… They are working on a fix

Cool. Good to hear. You got a link to that post?

Also… it would be nice if the text of the error message itself was changed so as not to raise the thought that maybe your Steam and/or LE accounts have been hacked and someone else is trying to play with your account.

Bugs happen but that specific error message was the worst part of this whole thing for me.

When have error messages ever been useful to us mortals… :wink:

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Just happened to me. Lost 3 echoes to it >_<

Just happened to me also. Now I am locked out with an LE-13 error. Waiting on support to reply to my email


Im guessing its a server wide error. This also happened to me. Received logged into an other device, got kicked, now have LE-13.

Steam update to beta version 0.8.1E seems to have solved the problem… Apparently standalone launcher update still coming - can anyone confirm?

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