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"You must link your Steam account before receiving a key."

I own a supporter pack that includes beta access:

I was able to link my Steam account (I think). Based on the instructions here, I visited lastepochgame (dot) com (slash) steam-account-sync. There was no “Link Accounts” button as described; rather, I was immediately prompted to log into my Steam account, which I did successfully. I was then redirected to lastepochgame (dot) com.

Next, per the instructions linked above, I visited lastepochgame (dot) com (slash) my-steam-key. This brings me to a page that says “You must link your Steam account before receiving a key,” which is a link to the instructions for linking a Steam account already linked above.

How can I successfully link my Steam and Last Epoch accounts to access my key and play the game?

(sorry for the silly link formatting, hit the new user link limit when I tried to post the real URLs)


This was eventually resolved by using a different link for Steam sync. Steps for reference in case anyone was following this thread:

  1. Visit (different URL than was previously linked in instructions page; now updated)
  2. Log into Steam when prompted, getting redirected to homepage
  3. Visit
  4. “Get Steam Key” button now appears correctly; click it and follow the instructions from there.

Sorry about that. The steam linking process is having some issues. We’re working on a solution. It will hopefully be up quite soon.


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