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Wrouk's Manifest Armor Forge Guard , Tankiest Build In The Game, Last Epoch Build Guide

YouTube Build Guide : Wrouk's Manifest Armor Forge Guard , Tankiest Build In The Game, Last Epoch Build Guide | Patch 8.1c - YouTube

Last Epoch Build Planner : Forge Guard, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner


after 700 hours of testing manifest armor builds its finally here :smiley:

Happy to answer any questions.


Did you try DW? You’d have

  • slightly lower crit chance due to not being able to DW Raider Axes (15% crit on a Raider axe + 2 Slayer’s prefixes v 17% on a Ranseur with 1 Slayer prefix),
  • higher flat damage from a Raider Axe & Deicide sword (48 + 28 + 53 + 28 = 157 v 131 for a Ranseur)
  • significantly higher increased melee minion damage (122% x2 = 244% v 160%)
  • either slightly higher shred chance (2x 96% = 192% v 176%) or lower shred plus an additional defensive affix such as Frailty or Chill
  • higher attack speed (base attack speed of 1.16 v 0.97 for a Ranseur)

Edit: Maybe also a “of Sword Mastery” prefix on the chest if you did DW for 20 flat phys (doubled to 40).

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Hey yeah, i did tried it, the 17% base crit on polearm + 5% minion base crit = 22% crit chance x 360% increased crit chance from a perfect rolled gloves (90% x4) makes it 101.2% crit chance thus critting every hit, while with raider axxes you will end up with 92%.

this build is meant for you to be as tanky as possible so duel wielding will have you take 12% more dmg aswell.

the affixes that give flat dmg based on what wep you using dont work on the manifest armor currently.

Quick question: why take the huge drawback that comes with Suloron’s Step? Aren’t there many other unique boots that can easily match their movement speed, or even a well-crafted pair? Am I missing something? Is it more about the Melee Crit Multiplier? Thanks.

It is ALL about the crit multi.

Your manifest gets the bonus FOUR times.
So a perfect roll adds 400% crit multi

The boots are the key item that skyrockets the damage of the build

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Yeah the crit multi on the boots is what pushes the dmg tru the roof

I am having problems picking up decent crit Gloves and Ranseur at the moment. In this situation would I better to ignore the crit-based build and go for pure damage, so perhaps a different 2-hander that can deliver more flat damage like a Kraken Beak?

yeah you can focus on non crit till you find a good ranseur and crit gloves, you can also use crit implicit chest piece and or amulet if you have a low rolled crit gloves.

Nice build, i made one similar tho a non-crit/high attack speed version instead. I might try this one out too.

Im curious if you have tried the Sunforged Cuirass out in your build (in my build it gives approximately the same damage outcome as 2xT5 damage prefixes) because of the up to 500 armor affix it has which is 50 extra flat damage for Manifest. It will also mean 1k more armor for both you (with Juggernaut stance) and the Manifest which might make up for the missing life suffixes.

Amulet wont help the Manifest crit, right? And my own crit chance is irrelevant.

manifest armor uses stats from your chest gloves boots and helmet so any crit chance on there will aply to him aswell, and there is a amulet base type wich can roll up to 35% minion crit chance

hey its a decent item you can run till you have a crafted chest but it does actually a lot less dmg as we already have so much flat dmg so the % increased dmg is better in this case.

you will lose alot of hp aswell and with the amount of DR sources we have the armor cant make up for that

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Ah ok thanks, was hoping it would have been almost just as good, as i dont really have a good rolled chest on my ssf char. Guess its time to go hunt for one.

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