Wrong prophecy received

I selected a prophecy with Idolx12 reward and got a chat message saying Spring prophecy has been received. The completion was to kill Architect Liath in Sanctum of the Architect.

This was my first prophecy, so I talked to the NPC to complete that CoF initiation quest. When I checked the faction window to track prophecies, I saw I had The Quill (Glyph of Hopex11) prophecy and nothing else. The completion is now to kill Frost Lich Formossus.

Player-prev.log (749.9 KB)


I had the same thing happen. I bought two prophecies, one for unique caster items and one for a unique idol. What I got instead of was unique bows and four runes of shaping.

Same for me, I got that multiple times now, completely different Prophecies than the one I bought.
I buy one, then check Prophecies in the Faction window and got somethign wildly different, only seems to stay the same constelation, e.g. still an EOS Prophecy.

Glad I’m not crazy!

I purchased 3 prophecy in the same area. Check right after and it’s 3 completely different prophecies. Super not cool.

I bought a bow unique prophecy (my first one ever) and got a two handed mace unique prophecy.

I bought a 2x unique 1h sword prophecy and got a unique spear one. I am pretty sure the latter was not even on the list.

Try only using the Accessory Telescope, or using different Options. Larger thread on the same topic.

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