Would be cool to convert LP into Weaver's Will

I think it would be really cool if we had something like a dungeon to convert existing uniques with LP to uniques with weaver’s will. I have quite a few LP uniques that I don’t have particular plans for and no exalted item I want to spend on them. I imagine it could be interesting to convert LP into an appropriate amount of Weaver’s Will, and then uncover and level random modifiers on my uniques.

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Weavers will only shows up on special uniques that can never roll LP.

Basically its creating a new item rarity.

Unique items, which can roll LP, and Weaver items which come with 5-28 WW.

Any item in the game currently cant have WW.

I am aware of that yes. This suggestion is to be able to take current LP items and turn them into WW items.

Weaver’s Will Items are already kinda same-y as regular legendaries.

With your suggestions you will completely cross the line and they is pratically no difference in them.
There already is very little difference in the endresult, aside from the method of acquiring/crafting the additional affixes.

I would argue for a completely opposite suggestion of yours and hope they will do something to make Weaver’s Will Items stand out more from a practical standpoint.


Weaver’s Will sounds like what should have happened with set items to make them more competitive with LP legendaries and T20+ crafted gear.

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I guess my proposal might be of an interest to you :wink:

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