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World Eater (Void Knight passive) appears to be broken

Hi there.
The void knight second tier passive World Eater (3x% void and melee damage leeched as life) Appears to be broken, as in, not benefitting throw hammer’s disintegrating aura (void damage). That was not the case in alpha. Any ideas on when its going to be fixed? If a staff member can confirm this is a known issue and is going to be fixed soon, that would be great. Otherwise i guess ill reroll.


Bump, Maybe?
Would really like to know if this is worked as intended and alpha was bugged or this is bugged rn.

As someone very experienced in this build I can tell you that in the previous patch(the last alpha patch) you could not leech from the disintegrating aura.

Did they change it from “physical” to “melee” then? im pretty sure this was the only place i had leech in my build and man, did it leech.

would really like to know this too, because i am playing atm with the same setup. this would be really bad if thats true :confused:

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So it turns out the hammers’ auras were actually dealing fire damage… Oops

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“Were” means it is/will be fixed shortly? If so, love you guys and going to buy the creator pack on this response time alone.

It’s been fixed internally. The fix will be in 0.7.0c which we plan to release within the next couple of days once some of the other planned fixes are ready.

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That is amazing news. Was about to grt a full passive reset.
Will judt play something else till then, thanks!

As an update, the patch is going to take a little longer than expected, because we’re getting in some fixes to long load times.

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