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Hammer Throw Questions


I’m trying to make a Hammer Throw build but i’m unsure on a few things… I want to know if Physical % will increase my damage, I know it’s a Throwing skill and + Throwing AS/DMG will affect it as well as STR…

I’m also wondering if I were to make a Void version what would then affect it? (This aura would be my main damage) So then would throwing attack damage & phys do anything to this? I know + void would… what about + melee void etc?

If someone could make a list of all the + that would affect both non void and void that has the knowledge for me that would be great :smiley:


The aura itself scales via %Void, throwing attack damage and damage over time. Its not affected by any “melee” tag at all.

Thank you, and that’s it right?

I’m assuming this will work it’s kind of obvious tho :

Also will the increase in Str & Dex affect the hammer throw as well… like It won’t affect the Void part of it correct so then it’s kind of useless?

Lastly… can Void Damage crit?

The global should. I dont know if dex and str helps the void part of it. It might. Im just stacking Throwing attack damage, void and dot atm for my build. Playing hc though so Im max block/glancing blow as well which takes up space for extra stats.

While Psdelux info SHOULD be right, right now in the beta disintegrating aura is dealing FIRE DAMAGE.
I have an open thread on world eater not leeching life from the aura and a dev confirmed it was wrongly tagged as fire and that is already solved internally and is going to be fixed very soon o the next patch.

So, right now, throwing damage, strenght and FIRE damage increase is what you should be looking for. Since its going to be changed very soon, go for throwing damage/ias and strenght :slight_smile:

@FrankPeanuts Oh that sucks lol… well I guess I got massive damage in a patch or so. Should invest some time into the bug reports side of the forum then :smiley:

Yep! they did reply REALLY fast and fix it really fast too. Been very impressed with EHG so far.
I look foward to seeing what this game is gonna be like.

Yeah I like it.

Stupid that I havent noticed the leech issue. I used glove leech all along with it. Unlucky.

Yeah, i tested for it removing all global leech effects and leaving only the talent.

Do you know if str/dex will affect the void part of it? it’s % increased dmg so technically it should?

according to @FrankPeanuts strength works yeah.

Oh alright, thanks.

@Mousline And how is your experience with hammer throw? did u venture far into monolith / arena? what is dmg / survivability like?

Btw, has anyone of u guys got any experience with LE Hammerdin ?


add me on discord if you want @ Mouslinelol#3664, the experience is great I can tell you more in depth there.

Hammer throw is super fun and definitely strong. My Forge Guard is up to lv74 now and I hit arena wave 175 last night (top 50) before my computer crashed. I could have easily gone 200+, I wasn’t even taking damage yet. I recommend playing it.

I was on wave 240-250 on hardcore before i started my new Sentinel. I have nothing but good stuff to say about the hammerdin. Ive scaled defense mostly from tree tho. There should be a very high damage potential if you play SC. You should find it on hc ladder “Untmagnumpoe”.

I dont use discord but feel free to pm me for steam id.

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hello is the tallent ´´enras technique´´ buggi
so is skill ´´iron sprial´´ it spiral
i skill ´´enras technique´´ it flys forward

Read Enra’s again. IF the would spiral they INSTEAD have increased damage. Keyword INSTEAD means they no longer spiral.

wow the answer was fast af
but ok wen it this means

@Mousline sure i will add u!

for the time being, could u guys give some general pointers , like main hammer runes, s&b or 2h, some most important passives…?

btw, i found in stash a nice pair of gloves with 60% increased thrown dmg :smiley:

and I also have 40% increased thrown dmg amulet…this must mean something!