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Won't Launch the game. TY for any help

So I’ve tried to launch the game after several verifys and it just sits on the loading screen. I’ve done all updates on my GPU and video drivers. I’m including my info for you guys to help you understand whats wrong. also, I have changed it to admin running and it still didnt work. it does show beta chars in my save file if that helps. TY in advance! Oh I also use the steam
launcher (4.0 KB) (397 Bytes)

Hi, Welcome to the forum…

As you have done the GPU driver updates (assuming you did a clean install?) and game file verification, this only leaves performance issues or some sort of third party app conflict.

Your player.log is full of the usual errors that happen when trying to play the game on settings that your system cannot handle.

  • d3d11: failed to create 2D texture
  • Could not allocate memory: System out of memory!

The game was also able to generate a crash report - and saved it in: C:/Users/jason/AppData/Local/Temp/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Crashes. This may have additional information as to the specific issue but its likely that you are having performance related instability.

You havent provided any system information (like a dxdiag report) so all I have to work from is the GPU info from the initialisation string in the player.log - a Nvidia 1050. I dont know the rest of your setup (CPU/Memory etc) or if you are running anything that could be competing with LE for resources or if you are having any other general issues on your system (diagnostic section of a dxdiag report)…

So… I am going to have to make some guesses and assumptions…

I play LE @ 1080p on a 1060 GPU with all quality settings at VeryLow or disabled… I do this not because I cannot play at higher settings, but because its the most stable for my GPU/CPU/System config…

My recommendations:

  1. Ensure that you do not run ANYTHING else while testing LE… This includes things like Steam Overlays etc… Based on the system out of memory error, its likely that you have limited resources available to the game and anything you can do to alleviate this would be important.

  2. Make sure that your OS is patched and there are no outstanding updates etc…

  3. If you didnt install your GPU driver using a clean driver install, then I recommend you do so. Upgrade installs are not always the most reliable - especially where problems are occuring.

  4. As you are unable to launch the game and change settings, I suggest that you open the le_graphicsmanager.ini file on your system (notepad or other text editor is fine) and replace the Medium settings with VeryLow. This should then allow you to load up the game. If it does, then this is definitely the issue and you need to be conservative with your settings. Once you are able to change the settings in-game, I would recommend you disable and chose the lowest options for any setting… you may even have to lower the max FPS limit too help keep your GPU from maxing out.

Barring any other errors that may be happening which I dont know about, that should get you playing again.