Wolcen won't be supported anymore

Wolcen, a somewhat big ARPG released four years ago, won’t be supported anymore by its developer, and online play will be shut off.

Wolcen peaked at around 125.000 concurrent players when it was released, in 2020, and quickly lost most of them - around two months after release, they were more or less at 6.000 concurrent players (you can see the numbers here).

The game did not have a season model, nor did it have any kind of after purchase monetization.

I have never played it - I have heard it had and still has game breaking bugs that apparently will never be fixed, but that it also has a very polished campaign with high production value. Guess I’ll never know now.

I bought it a few months ago during one of steam’s sales for 2€. Tried it, but after it crashed twice in a couple of hours I gave up on it. It seemed like it could be fun, had some nice ideas, but the bugs do get in the way.

You can still play it, only multiplayer functionality will be discontinued.

Despite its many flaws it is not a bad game. Quite the opposite, it has a lot of mertic actually in some areas.

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The game was DOA and after they nerfed the stuff people found to be the most fun without any form buffs to other stuff that was terrible people left the game behind. Not to speak of bugs or passive points not working at all and having only one real meta for a long time. On top of it the game was unfinished and the story wasn’t even complete and afaik isn’t complete still and one chapter is still missing and will be forever.

Wolcen is a prime example of how to not do stuff.

ARPGs are mostly designed as a solo experience. Playing offline is fine. I still enjoy a run on Van Helsing once in a while, even though the servers closed two years ago.
And I would say Wolcen is absolutely worth a look, good campaign and some interesting mechanics. Sadly quite limited in builds possibilities, which hurts longevity.

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Game had the best combat of any aRPG I’ve ever played. The Devs were really nice but the tragedy was whoever ran the project management side of their business was in way over their heads.

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Bugs. I’m worried I would have an experience similar to what DJSamhein described - crash after crash and being unable to play the game.

How was your experience? Did you face any game breaking bug?

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To be fair, I only tried it those 2h and gave up when it happened. When I mentioned that experience here in the forums other users shared their experiences where they had no crashes.
It’s likely that at some point in the future I’ll give it a try.

My advice to you is to wait for another sale and get it for around 2€ as well. It’s not a relevant amount and you might have a good experience. If not, well, it’s just a few coffees less (or maybe just one, depending on where you live).

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I was absolutely fine playing two full campaigns and a little bit of endgame. One online and one offline.
No crashes and I haven’t noticed game breaking bugs, just a couple of skills/passives that I suspect were not working properly, but globally less than in Last Epoch.
My gameplay and enjoyment was at no point diminished by bugs, maybe I was just lucky.


If you want even one coffee for (the equivalent of) 2€ in the UK, you have to make it at home. :cry:
I drink only super-tiny espressos, and they are around £2.60 nowadays (3€).
I guess that’s why everybody drinks tea instead.

Can’t say I’m surprised or that I’ll miss it. I bought it for really cheap on sale a little over a year ago and played through it online. It wasn’t unplayable or as terrible as some made it out to be, but it’s definitely not particularly good.
For those wondering, here’s the problems I remember off the top of my head:

  • Either the game often had small lags or the game just feels laggy sometimes
  • Balancing was absolutely awful, I struggled quite hard fairly early on. Then I looked up a build guide, swapped out one skill (without changing any further gear besides the weapon or having levelled that skill) and I immediately did SO much better
  • For I don’t know how long an (almost) essential feature for many builds was broken (skill duplications, allowing you to have the same minion skill twice for example, thus having more minions). It’s fixed now but it persisted for months

While I had no game breaking bugs, I still don’t think I’d recommend this game, even for cheap. If you don’t encounter many bugs (like I did), it’s likely okay, but if you do… well, it’s not like they’re gonna get fixed.
The game does look nice and the combat feels is good though.

Wolcen had a lot of fun moments. Graphics were very nice. Stability was not its strongpoint. lol

edit - if they are selling off assets we could use some new player models over here!!!

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I own Wolcen and no crashes. Some bugs left unchecked are things in passive tree no calculating correctly even after they patched most. It just needed a lot of work on items (they did some fixes), passives, lots of balance issues and build diversity. Obviously also an unfinished campaign they said would finish and never did.

That said if you are a die hard arpg fan and can get it for really cheap then why not. I had fun playing it but the things to keep me playing just not in the game. I wouldn’t pay more than $5 though. I mean maybe $10 if you are a die hard arpg fan who has played all of them and it’s the only one you haven’t played.

personally w/LE, moded d2, moded tl1/2, grim dawn, poe it is just not hard to squeeze in some arpg loven’

By ‘somewhat big’ you mean an indie arpg that had a disaster of a launch (similar to diablo4, except diablo4 was made by blizzard) and users never came back after that ?. The only reason it had the initial 125k concurrent players is due to players being hungry for something new…playing poe, especially with recent years of disastrous leagues only gets so fun, so literally ANY multiplayer arpg would get 100k+ users on launch.

I was playing wolcen on release, #1 reason why it died was a dupe bug that made not only economy but the entire endgame content irrelevant, you could literally get any item you wanted in any amounts you wanted.

That is exactly why i fear for the future of last epoch, they too are an indie studio and don’t have enough resources to fix crucial problems in their game fast enough - currently its the HORRIBLE client optimization with fps being the worst out of any rpg on the market, then the dupe of gold and potentially items which were around in first season of LE.

Another fundamental problem with LE is the way they approach game balance. In my opinion LE devs made a fundamental mistake making huge balance changes DURING THE SEASON, not after the season like every other arpg. This is a huge deal breaker for many people and i personally have most of my friends quit to never come back here after they did that. Reason is simple - by doing that, LE devs made sure that nobody who dedicates alot of time to their character can now be sure that they won’t just kill all the progress you make because they want to change balance during the season. There is a reason seasons exist in arpgs and instead of changing them on the fly and catering to the outrages online, they need to let everyone know that they respect your time and choice as a player so your build, however weak or op it is, will remain the same until the season end. If they keep changing balance on the fly like that, they will lose alot of players who will never come back afterwards…ask any game dev and he will tell you the same, it is much easier to attract a player to try your game out than keep him interested to stick around, most players that make a decision to quit a game never come back.

Not when the only reason you think they’re a “bad person” is because the game they made didn’t meet your expectations, or you heard that other people thought it was bad.

That kind of comment makes it look as though you’ve never had a job or experienced much of the complexity of life to be able to say that. It also comes across as a teensy bit hypocritical. In English, we have a saying “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.


I don’t recall any balance changes. I do remember them fixing a handful of major BUGS that were being exploited.


That exact same saying exists in other languages as well, e.g. in French and German IIRC.

Portuguese has it as well (though we use glass roofs, rather than houses) and I expect most languages have some variation of it.

German has that saying yes, even though that wouldn’t be something I would use to describe what Viled said there.

I would use something much much worse (which I will not do here) :sweat_smile:

Statements like what they said just shows how ignorant some people can be.
Especially when they talk about stuff they very obviously don’t have any real life experience with.

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I would not say ignorance, I am just less tolerant and patient then most people. 9B people on earth, I ain’t here to help them. I am here for what I want which is a good game. Wolcen looked bad, hence it did bad. Simple story

The problem is, you don’t even see what we are talking about.

We are talking about the fact, that you think that everybody who worked on the game is a bad person, just because the product they worked on had some flaws.

We can have a discussion what was bad and what wasn’t bad, but that is not what we were refering too.

You judged all people working on this product to be bad persons. Even worse you wished them misfortune. This is not only showing, that you have no empathy, but also shows that you have no clue how big projects like this work.

You also said you don’t know Wolcen, so it is save to say that you have absolutely zero clue about the circumstances, this makes it even worse, because prejudice is one of the worst things that is happening in todays world. I despise it so much that I will speak up whenever I see this happening.

Wolcen had a very troublesome journey witha lot of ups and downs, but mostly downs (unfortunatenly).

But the TL:DR is, the game initself was and still is pretty good, with a lot of innovative and good ideas. Unfortuntately the team behind it changed a lot of things over the course of Alpha, Beta due to several different factors converging.

Most was related to actual project- and fund-management, rather than quality of the product.
Due to several massive changes of scale and scope, due to changes to initial fundamental core systems being cut and changed, even though there was a lot of work already gone into them. (Elemental Interaction, Open World and Rotateable Camera to name the 3 biggest ones).

This lead to bad quality products because they were running out of time and funds. And caused a lot of other aspects of the games to suffer as well, simply because of these troublesome times they didn’t had the time to polish some of the other aspects.

Wolcen still has a lot of merrit to it, very good ideas, but not polished enough. Some very innovative and very good systems (Transmogrification and Passive Tree).

Wolcen also suffered from getting an enormous amount of attention and hype, because it as a) up and coming and utlimateily released in a period that I would call ARPG drought, there were no big releases before, at or after release and the ARPG community was starving for more ARPG’s. and b) it looked like a AAA game, because it was visually very imppressive due ot using the german crytek engine, which looks very flashy and impressive.

This made most people ot have very high expectations, even though it was still a indie game by a team of ~15 people, that had no experience with release a game (at least as this studio).

People looking for someone to blame is fine as long as its constructive.
At the end of the day we as outsiders don’t know all the details, but as someone who was following the game from the earliest of Alpha Days Beta and Release, I can very confidently say, that the issue were not the “actual game devs” and only related to project- and ressource management as well as the community work, all of which were very bad.

The project and ressource management lead to very unpolished and bugy things towards the later stages of devlopment, due ot the need of rushing out hte project before they run out of funds.

During the whole period of alphas and betas the game was in states, that were very good and enjoyable and only the release version had plenty of unpolished, untested and horrendous systems and bugs.

Regardless of what other peoples experience with the game are, obviously everything I said here is quite subjective, but one thing is certain:
Your inability to empathize with other human beings and your inability to understand and judge how things like video game devlopment works.