Wolcen won't be supported anymore

And apparently less compassionate and experienced, but never mind eh.

Is not what happened.

You’re right at the top of the mount at the moment.

Or the bottom right corner if you prefer it like this.


Just to put things into perspective, what you’re saying is that if you go to a coffee shop and don’t like it, then all employess as well as the owner deserve to be fired and homeless. And since it might actually be something in the supply chain, you’re saying that hundreds of people deserve to be fired and homeless just because you had a bad coffee.

Saying that everyone deserves to be fired indiscriminately is bad enough, but saying that anyone deserves to be homeless, for any reason at all, is actually the worst.

Just saying that makes you a bad person, far worse than any that worked on Wolcen. Even worse than the decision makers in Blizzard. And I meant that as in a bad human being. I guess we already know what you think you deserve.

Unless you actually talk just like you label your videos and just use clickbait for engagement. Which, in that case, would just make you a bad troll.


Mental gymnastics, you can call it whatever you want but they literally changed the balance mid season.

After they gauged the community’s stance on fixing bugs that would lead to nerfs mid-season.

And I’d be shocked if GGG didn’t do similar stuff if something was bugged & performing way higher than intended (like, 10 times higher).

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By ‘community’ you mean loud and raging minority from forums and reddit who saw the link and voted for this?. There is a reason why no other arpg does that, and guess what, you can claim that it was the right decision all you want but the game’s online numbers and viewership on youtube and twitch say otherwise.

I don’t understand how is it okay to vote for destroying a bunch of entire builds in an arpg mid season. I am curious what makes you and devs think this is a smart thing to do, like you think that will make the game better to make those balance changes during the season when people playing those builds invested their time into their character?. Why not make those huge balance changes after the season ? does it make you happy that some people just lost all their progress and have to either remake a new character now (you can’t truly respec in this game because you can’t switch class) or quit.

I don’t know what is your line of thinking, i personally don’t want anyone else to lose any progress they had with their character mid season, it doesn’t bother me one bit that someone else plays a stronger build than me nor is it actually effecting my gameplay. I didn’t play the op ballistas or frost claw runemaster or any other op build that either was nerfed or will be nerfed, but i still got all the items i wanted by myself and got all the fun i wanted. Why do you compare yourself to others in a game, so much so that you feel the need to destroy someone else progress ?.

They did. During scourge the community discovered a way to make an immortal build. So they patched it mid-league.

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Do you know how seasonal games work? In terms of player numbers & the like?

Yes, that is rather obvious.

They didn’t loose their progress though. Any xp, favour, rep, gear, etc that they got while using a bug (& I’m not going to have a go at them & say that they were “abusing” a bug) is still there. They won’t be able to do quite as high corruption as before but they’ll still be able to do significantly higher than most builds.

I don’t particularly want to have this argument yet even moar againerer since it’s been done to death so many times. If you want to have this argument again, jsut go re-read any of the many threads about it & pretend that you’re arguing with someone.

Why? Warlock & Falconer are still exceptionally strong classes. The sky has not fallen. The builds that were bug fixed/nerfed are still very strong, just not quite as strong as before.

It wasn’t a roll back. No progress has been lost.

I’m not.

Doesn’t matter how many times you say it, doesn’t make it true or real.

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Because, as can be seen by the amount of posts of people that genuinely dislike the current game balance, to the point where they feel like they have to play only 2 builds, balance is important.
Personally, if I were EHG, I would have nerfed all 3 masteries a lot more, trying to bring them in line with the rest, especially because this is the first cycle.

If the top performing builds were 10% or 50% better than the rest, sure, wait for cycle end to fix them. But the top builds are 100000% better than the rest, so they should be nerfed ASAP.

The falconer fix was needed because it crashed the servers and they’re still a strong mastery.
Only the warlock build was actually nerfed.
And the fact that HH builds were not touched shows that they don’t actually nerf mid-season.

The fact that you’re so salty about this just shows that you were abusing one of the builds and got annoyed when your toy was taken away. Which is dumb because there are still plenty of broken builds that are easy to start.


What are you talking about ? there are plenty of ways to achieve total or practical immortality in poe, none of which were ‘patched’. And no, GGG don’t nerf builds mid season so you are wrong there too. What GGG can do is nerf a farming strategy mid season, that we sure have seen plenty of times, but never a character nerf.

You seem to be in a total confusion thinking that forum / reddit represent the entirety or even majority of the game’s population. Majority of people playing the game don’t go to forums or vote, they play the game. And I don’t see any reason why the vocal minority that does visit those forums has the power to control the gameplay of other players.

Again, i don’t personally care if your character is stronger than mine, i don’t want to have the power to vote your character out of the game, and i don’t understand how is it okay to vote for this to begin with.

Because that is how democracy works, if no one votes and I do, what I want is done and others deal with the consequence. It only works if everyone voices their opinions.

I am a loud minority, why I am am always on here voicing for what I want. If people don’t come here, it’s on them. We need to stop care bearing for other people but ourselves. We are all the main character of our lives. Be more like me and be selfish. Demand of EHG or any game company WHAT YOU want.

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This is complete and utter hyperbole.

All of the builds that have been “nerfed” by bug fixes are still viable and playable, they are just not overperfoming anymore.

Adjusting and adapting a build is very very easy in LE, you can eitehr do that within a certain archtype or even completley respec into a different build as long as its the same mastery.

Nobody “lost all their progress” nor was a build “destroyed”.

While people being unhappy with a decision and voicing that opinion is fine.
But using this kind of hyperbole for argumentations does not help at all, quite the opposite.


The opinion of other people being happy or not is irrelevant. Bugs being fixed is good for the overall health of the game. And it makes it fun for me to see exploiters punished by seeing their scores go down. Their anguish makes me happy. Imagine being so mad about a nerf that you spend irl complaining about it for months after. Makes me happy

There are now, there were none in Scourge. Until players stacked negative resistances to become immortal. Sourge started at late October 2021. And mid January they patched negative resistances so they can’t drop below -100. Effectively nerfing the build mid-cycle.
While it is rare, it wasn’t the first time they did it either.

Majority of people don’t finish the campaign either. Does that mean LE should just scrape endgame?

They don’t control. EHG asked for the community opinion. And based on that they made a decision. Which was to act on only 1 of the 4 points being asked.

Also, that’s how voting works. In most cases, abstencion is very high, quite often it’s even the majority. And yet, elections still exist and it’s how decisions are made.
The voting was made public. If someone didn’t care enough to read up on that and vote, it’s quite likely they didn’t care anyway.

The character wasn’t voted out of the game. The build still worked just fine. Except that instead of doing 2k corruption, it was brought down to under 1k.
As I said, if you’re this salty about it it’s because you were abusing it and are throwing a tantrum because your build was no longer the most powerful thing around.

Because if it’s not that, then I don’t know what your issue is. The nerfed builds all remained strong and playable.


None of this was a hyperbole, for example ballista build was nuked out of existence, it was literally unplayable with monsters being able to walk between your explosions due to the way that skill works. Lots of people enjoyed that build, spent weeks climbing corruption and had lots of fun with it, then were left with an unplayable character and weeks worth of corruption and expensive items rendered useless. If that is your idea of fun, good luck, my idea of fun in arpg is to leave op things op for the entirety of season and then adjust balance for the next one, not ruin the fun for any people during the season.

This again shows how little you can comprehend how other people might feel different about certain things.

Not everybody that played such strong builds was doing it while a) being aware of it or b) specifically exploiting things for their own advantage/power.

A lot off the people that are unhappy voice their disagreement with the decision to nerf things mid-season even if they are bug related, because it creates doubt. When a build arises after a new cycle/patch they don’t want to fear a nerf when investing time into playing this kind of build.

Just for the protocol, I am pro mid-cycle nerfs, even if its not bug related. (which is one even more drastic).
But I still do see the other side of the argument, even though I disagree.

But you seems to be absolutely oblivious to other perspectives, I am not sure if that can be cured.


I literally never had a falconer on my account so your entire argument that i am somehow ‘salty’ is useless. I sure do have lots of friends that quited the game after weeks worth of progress on their falconers were rendered useless, and the fact that this happened and the game lost credibility / potential players for the future is not okay with me.

That is a good example, but rather the only example I can think of.

But when this is literally the only skill in the entirety of the game that has a skill that has damage projections that goes beyond the bounderies of the screen people should realize, that this is not intended.

This is a landslides different compared to some builds overperforming in raw dmg numbers.

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Paladin healing hands? Runemaster with frost claw or hydrahedron ? Marksman explosive trap?. Not to mention that ballista falconer was a zhp build, all it had was aoe, while paladin for example has tens of thousands of ward, runemaster can literally be immortal and marksman has 10x more damage. Again, i have to repeat this again i guess, but i personally think no balance changes should be made DURING THE SEASON. Seasons exist for this exact reason - to get your fun out of the character and then 3 / 4 or however more months after to start from scratch with a new balance changes.

All of the builds, including Ballista are still playable. Comapred to the version that got a lot of attention there might needs to be some adjustments to keep it functional, but it still works.

Also a build being a zhp build is irrelevant, defensive and offensive for the most part are very much separate. If oyu build a build glass cannon, that is a concious decision.

It is not that the skill points or any particular unique forces you do build that way.

It was like that because it could afford that because it literally obliterated mosnters that you didn’t even see on screen.

I get you sentiment, but I don’t agree.

For me a season is not just a thing based on what one singular person is doing.
It is a dynamic thing that will have eb and flows based on the communtiy as a whole.

Due to the (unfortunatly) very strong desire to play efficiently and “meta” in this genre having out of balance things does effect everybody, even the people that don’t necessarily want to play these type of builds.

There will never be perfect balance, but having a build that is so out of control that it makes you feel bad for playing another build, because it performes landslides worse is something that should be taken care of mid-cycle.

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