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Windows Launcher "unarchiving package" issue

I finished the download of the game via the windows game launcher. Since then I have been stuck “unarchiving package” for several hours. I got to 2500/3014 very quickly and then it just slowed down drastically and 4 hours later im at 2590/3014. Is this normal for a first time setup? Normally I would just try restarting the launcher but I’m afraid that this is in fact normal and I will have to sit through this whole thing again if I restart.

We have several reports of problems like this. We’re working to fix it. If it functions as intended, restarting the application shouldn’t cause a complete redownload but I’m not sure it would help speed things up either.

What type of hard drive do you have? Is it a SSD or a traditional HDD? While you left it for 4 hours, was the window selected or was it in the background?

I’m hoping that you’ve got it going by now but I just want to collect all the info I can to try and make it better.


I’m experiencing the same issue. Running on an SSD. Microsoft Windows 10 Home, Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134, i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3501 MHz, 4 Kernels.

I had deleted my old early-access Launcher and directory and made a fresh installation. Whether the launcher runs in the background or is selected doesn’t seem to have any impact.

It wasn’t as slow for me as for the OP, but still took over an hour to go from 2500 to the end.

The other stages of the installation went 100% smooth without any issues.

Same problem here.

Windows 10 home 64-bit (10.0, build 17134), i7-6700 @ 3.40GHZ (8CPUs), `3.4GHz, 24GB Ram.

It’s only taking me about half an hourish, but it seems like the same variety of problem.

i’m currently experiencing the same issue. i cancelled through the launcher and retried, but i had to redownload again. this did not solve anything once the download finished, the unarchiving once again stalled around 2500/3014, progressing by 20/3014 roughly every minute

running an adata 8200 ssd and an i7-9700

updated: unarchiving finished after about a half hour and the game was playable, however, i tried to launch the game later the same day,. a small patch was downloaded which got stuck during the exact same unarchiving step, although it was only around 5 to 10 minutes to complete rather than the half hour from the initial download

Had/have the same issue here, on Windows 7 on an HDD. I left my PC on
so it could complete the download while i was away. Mine was stuck too at
around 2500, then i canceled it, thinking this would solve it…now its
redownloading it again.
Hope that helps.

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