Why play Hardcore?

What motivation is there for you to play a hardcore character?

I have wondered this because I just haven’t had fun playing hardcore in any ARPG in the past. I was thinking about giving it a go in LE a bit later after a lot of issues are fixed, but I’m not even sure if I really would want to play a hardcore character.

So I would love to know do you play hardcore characters? What do you like about it? And what advice do you have for starting a hardcore character in LE.

It is fun in games where mechanical complexity is a thing, so far i dont see enough of it in LE, so going hardcore would be mostly for flex.

People think LE is complex cause od number stacking, its not. Real complexity is juggling 30+ status effects that all trigger their own combinations and reactions + ragdolls + i-frames, plus kitting.

LE has numerical complexity not functional / systamatic complexity, at least by og single player ARPGS, caugh caugh hades /mephistopheles nightmare/ legendary difficulty on TQ/Grimdawn. Maybe one day i will do a hard core on LE, when jts actually worth my time

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For some it’s fun and fun is all you need.

That’s why I don’t play HC ^^. It’s always fun too look at the builds that are so stacked with tankyness so people don’t die untill they get to a point where they are ahead of the content they play and start taking a few more risks. Not to forget the “Me HC if you not hardcore you bad!” mentality ^^.

I lost my HC pala in D2 because of a DC and instantly stoped touching HC ever again because there is so much stuff I can’t control that could kill my toon it’s not even worth to me to even touch it.

That’s just my point of view and as said first: Play however it’s fun to you and go for it no matter what other people say ^^.


I usually don’t gravitate towards hardcore due to the fact of losing all my items, my toon, and my time spent playing that character. Which is a odd reason to me because in these types of games, I never play the non seasonal characters or game mode. I always start a new character every season.

So it baffles me on why I actually don’t play hardcore as it’s almost the same. Since I never really use that toon after the season ends anyways.

Right now I have 3 seasonal SC toons I play and they share the stash because ssf just wastes my time from point of view.

If i was payed to play the game I would play HCSSF because it would prolong the content I’m able to make for a game and people could laugh about me and would be entertained.

Right now I just use new seasons/cycles to start over while LE is the first game where I think about playing in the eternal realm just because seasonal content is in the eternal realm as well and I can’t be arsed to do the arena ladder anyway.

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Why? You’d have just as much “flex” if you still had the deathless tag, just less ego.

So I’m thinking there are no complex arpgs then?

I can’t think of any mechanical differences between TQ/GD & LE though LE is still very new.

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Titan Quest and grimdawn complexity comes from transforming spells and abilities into different play styles entirey by taking bases skills and using gear to not just change the form of a spell or its element, but entirely different (transforming a spell that blasts, into a malee sword that applies dots and tnen explodes in a huge aoe per strike as an example]

Also comes from i-frames, and timing your hits to avoid [spell retaliation, retaliation] instant 1 shot kills. [LE has no one shots, just hits with high dmg]

Elemental combinations, rag dolls, and multi class combinations applying multiple forms of cc at once [dealing with 10 skills, of 6 elemental combinations at same time, and close to 20 DIFFERENT cc mechanics]

In general just faster bosses with many more phases. Warden in act 1, is legitimate harder then Majasa in act9. A lot more, then that

The point i am making, is that LE is not a complex game. It is not even complex by atandards of arpgs tnat came out 20 years ago. Why i dont think hardcore is worth it. LE has a lot to do before Arpg OG like me to take its hardcore seriously

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I’m playing hc. Not at endgame yet, but leveling a lot of characters in unison, account found, all slightly different builds. One of the things I like about LE is the stash space, and building up the gold to expand it. Gearing out a lot of alts means that more gear you find is useful. The risk of dying means one of my alts is ‘next man up’.

I have died. I didn’t want to take a 10min loading screen to town, then another 10min loading screen back, so thought I was in a safe spot to alt tab out. Apparently there was a mob I aggro’d a few minutes back that finally caught up.

Now I can keep playing in sc, but when I do, idk, there’s something missing. It doesn’t feel the same. It doesn’t feel like things about a build take on the same importance. So I start leveling up another hc alt. I didn’t play early access, but leveling all these hc alts I feel like I’m definitely getting through the campaign a lot faster learning my way around the game better.

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I think I’m gonna try HC, just to see how high I can get. I’m going to try warlock since it’s apparently OP now lol

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Do it!! Tanky pally would be my choice

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I like hardcore in many games because it forces me to focus a lot more, to pay much more attention to everything, to use all resources at my disposal (potions, buffs, craft, everything), when in softcore I would just rush more and ignore a lot of micro-management stuff.
In other words, I find HC far more immersive, I really commit completely to the game.

But sadly in LE I don’t get this feeling.
The character doesn’t really die, I have to delete them myself, it is just not the same psychologically. Plus the campaign is too fast and easy to really get the “positive stress” feeling HC gives me in other games.
So to answer the question, the motivation here is solely to have two fresh start per season instead of one (SC and HC). I don’t see any difference between the modes, I create characters almost randomly in one mode or the other.


It may be true that you have to delete them yourself, but if you die in HC mode then you can consider it dead. Psychologically. But I just rolled a HC char, I will see how this goes. My normal mode mage did die a few times (he’s like lvl 80 now) but maybe it was due to carelessness. The campaign is not hard but some of the boss mechanics can be a little tricky if you’re not careful.

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That’s a lot of great feedback from everyone and interesting takes on hardcore mode. Maybe once the bugs with hardcore are sorted out I might hop in and try it out.

I guess you can think about a DC sort of like another hazard on the road, like getting randomly struck by lightning. Which would be unfortunate. But it’s a real possibility for sure and maybe that’s why having your character rez in standard mode isn’t such a bad thing. At least it will still be there.

There really seems to be no reason not to start a new char as HC, just to see how far you can get. Or is there a negative somewhere that I’m missing?

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Tecnically, they are exactly the same.
The one and only difference is the ladder.
Not only you are not missing any hidden negative, there is a hidden positive: if you start all your characters in HC then keep on playing them in SC if/when they die, you effectively double your stash size.


Wait, so when a HC dies, they get converted to SC? Wouldn’t that defeat the HC aspect? but if that is the case I would be more inclined to play HC cause of that.

It does.
But it was an idea introduced by PoE and transferred in LE.
And yes, I do believe the argument is to let people play HC without any feeling of risk or stress.


Okay thats pretty cool. I tend to not even look or read about HC stuff because I feel it would stress me out if i lost all my gear, character and everything on death.

I can simply start SC and don’t die? No preassure involved at all and the same thing at the end of the day ^^. For example right now I have the worst RL trouble and my phone is ringing 24/7 and every 5 minutes something different is happening. I would go craycray playing HC while all this is happening :smiley: .

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I know in SC there’s a tag at top of character sheet that says like, “Deathless Solo” or whatever. so that’s kind of cool to see when I play.