Why I've quit the game

Long post- feel free to skip it if you like - Disclaimer : This is just my opinion- how I see things- thank you for your time.

TL:DR - i think if you have run “several” characters up to that level of Corruption , and enjoyed your time getting there- the game has served its purpose… hours of entertainment - so I congratulate you on “beating” the game-

I have not put 1000s hours into the game- in the last week or so since i got it - I’ve put in like 130 or so , leveled a few (3) chars to monoliths- and played with the empowered and corruption a bit before going “I wonder if id like this class” or “I wanna try a build this way” and went off to start a new toon

I noticed the topic starter talk about 1000 corruption- being too overpowered- its 1000 corruption , its GOING to by the nature of of math be overpowered and hard as hell- you SHOULD run the risk of getting 1 shot by any “rare” mob you come across- - why? - Because you have scaled the difficulty up yourself to that level - and honestly I am pretty sure id get toasted by 250-300-

Now- that said- If I understand it right basically “Loot level” scales with corruption , and there are two things about this - 1) its basically magic find- anyone recall what magic Find was like in other ARPGS - you were squishy , did jack all dmg- and ran with a team in the hopes of getting a last hit so that your 1000 magic find would kick - and you might get that SoJ - or Mirror- or Unique from Titan Quest-
and 2) At some point- prolly well less then 1000 magic find - you have become redundant due to diminishing returns- you are dropping the best of the best of the best (sir) loot- well earlier then that- you have surpassed the “endgame” - and gone into “Hell” mode- where its not about the loot- its about the fact you can do it, and did it-

I think the idea of Corruption is that you decide your “endgame” - if you can run at 750 corruption , and that is your “sweet spot” - that’s your endgame - you try and hold it around the area where its challenging to you and your build and your getting what you feel is a good shot at rewards.

The same can be said if you think 200 Corruption is good for you- yes - your loot drops might not be as good them at 400 Corruption and obviously takes you longer to get what someone at 700 corruption might get in 1 run- But running up to 1000 corruption seems to me to be more a bragging right for your build - vs - being a place to ‘farm’ -

But you should not be upset or complain that you are getting killed, or that stuff up there is too strong- its like saying “I wanna fight Bruce Lee” - and then complaining when you get kicked in the face by him . It’s Bruce Lee- obviously he was going to kick you in the face- its kind of what he does.

At 1000 corruption … one shot attacks, and crazy strong modifiers are kinda what they do -

Somewhere above was my post and video, which shows that loot drops 300 corruption is no different from 1200+

Somewhere above was my post in which I explained that people storming the infinite monolith understand better than others what infinite complexity is. No one is complaining about Bruce Lee here. Here they express a misunderstanding of how it happened that before the fight with Bruce Lee, your hands are tied.