Why is there a ‘deathless’ for SC?

It’s really annoying…

why shoud I be suffered by my obsession although I already choose SC :joy:

I really want to enjoy my SC without chickening out for not to lose “deathless” title…

You can always try and just let the first enemy kill you and not have to worry about it.

Edit: Before you try this I should probably mention that the first enemy can’t kill you.


He can’t??? :open_mouth:
Now I just HAVE to try that…

Let me know if you figure out a way to do it.

The Chitid? It can’t kill us? We have super powers for ten seconds? :smiley:

The whole first zone, you shouldn’t be able to die in it.

Edit: sorry, enemies shouldn’t be able to kill you. You could maybe manage to kill yourself.

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The first 3 guys AND the chitid can’t kill me, even on masochist, as a mage wearing only boots (to keep a bit of decency).
I feel so OP right now! :muscle:

(Probably our endurance kicking in and regen becoming higher than their damage)

I do die if I aggro 8 enemies at once in normal, 5 in masochist.


Is there a difference?


Yea, you could apply poison to yourself with Aura of Decay and manage to kill yourself.

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OK, that would be for science, just to prove it but… when the game is released, will there be a hidden success if we die in that zone?

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Agreed, there needs ro be at least 1 unachievable achievement to drive the achievement-#####s nuts.


Or at least really stupid difficult like get level 20 in pre-searing in GW1 or don’t play the game for 5 years in The Stanley Parable.

Sorry but I’m confusing you just joke or have a dig at me, or just tell me some tricks.

I’m quit serious though….It’s not a pleasant experience to always remind my ‘failure’ even in the game. Furthermore, there already is an option for that kind of challenge(HC). I think it’s more meaningfull if deathless title was for masochist mode. Seriously.

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It was a little cheeky of a response, sorry about that. I was serious in that you can just sacrifice yourself early intentionally so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s hard to pull off in the first zone so you can do it right after you get through the first camp easily enough and then just enjoy without having to worry about it.

…What am I even reading

The mad ramblings of a crazy person.

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Looks like autocorrect changed your sentence but I fixed it for you


I do feel your pain. When I get my first death after I’ve made it to a very high level I feel like I died in hc for a bit. But then I get over it. The first psychological hit is bad but really it’s fine overall. On that note I’d prefer to have a death count instead. Instead of just “deathless” have a counter that tracks the amount of deaths. This would be somewhat useful in analyzing build differences. Or tracking personal skill improvement at the game itself.

The illusion of failure or success in video games will always be there. It’s very odd to me that you chose to focus on one word on the character sheet. Success or failure is completely arbitrary based on your expectations on yourself. Some might think not getting top 10 arena ladder is a failed character. Some might feel very successful just completing the story as it is right now. I hope you would think about how truly silly it is to dwell too much and too long on a simple word on the character sheet. I think Mike’s response was alluding to this in a humorous way.


OK, more seriously, this “Deathless” is a marker. I’m trying to keep it at least for the whole campaign. It has no real signification, but it’s a little self-challenge.