Why is Lagon still unfixed after years?

You are making a hindsighted comment here.

A lot of players don’t know how the beam works. You have to look at the boss in the background and his eye. It opens, turns red and he moves to the position before firing the beam. If you know this, you have plenty of time to react. If you don’t know how this works and are reacting to the telegraphs as they appear, you are gonna get hit for insane damage because the beam will deal damage as it comes out, thus cannot be reacted to.

This is simply an issue of many players not understanding that the telegraph is different from the telegraph of nearly every other boss in the game.

I’m all for a difficult fight when it doesn’t impede story progress like this one does. Also there doesn’t seem to be a waypoint anywhere near the end of this dungeon. The potions failing to be consistently picked up when he warps you to the bottom section is also annoying and doesn’t help.

I never look at the eye or the colour and so on. But it’s still easy to see. He will swing wildly to one side and it is also not random when he does it. He will do it after a few other attacks. It’s good that there is a boss where you actually have to pay a little bit of attention.

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This is as relevant as ever. Long time veteran here, enjoying myself, playing fire minion necro build and I come across Lagon level 75 in the monolith. Most tedious 10minutes of running around in circles trying to dodge his slams, eye beams and eye circles, hes targeting random directions because i have 15 different minions out, I end up failing the boss fight 5 times and logging out for the night . Why is this boss in the game? Its the most boring fight in the game while the boss sits there throwing massive hit box one shots at you for 10 minutes straight.


These viewpoints were made in detail and upvoted a year ago and hes still unchanged. As far as I can see, any die hard hardcore player and most brand new players will hit a wall against this boss and be randomly one shot. Nothing about the fight is fun and he should be at least have his health pool nerfed until something can be done about him.

I rarely get pissed off in ARPG’s but I just had to step away from the computer out of fustration trying to do lagon on a minion build, where he slaps his fist around in random directions because he targets whatever minion he feels like, while wiping out my army, while randomly 1-shotting me with a slam anytime I get him low.

I’ve done close to 900 waves in arena, on multiple builds, and I still struggle with this boss fight. This should be a glaring red flag that something needs to be done about this encounter.

If you walk into the stairs a bit, all of his attacks will miss you except for the moon AoE he does. The waves won’t hit you there either. So you can manage the fight by fleeing to the stairs to evade his beam/claw. Or you can cheese it that way, if you’re not melee.


Thanks, appreciate that tip. It worked, abeit it looks like a bug. I try to stay away from using bugs if I can help it, but I was at my tether’s end for that encounter. Probably wouldnt have been an issue if I was playing something other than necro minions

Something should still be done about the fight though, especially for the casual playerbase.

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I honestly don’t think anything will change, including the stairs safe haven. Lagon works mostly as a defenses check. If your defenses are good enough, you can tank almost anything and only have to deal with a couple mechanics.
If they’re good enough, you can even tank the beams.

Personally, I’ve never had an issue with Lagon. My issue is usually with Rahyeh, when I have to run around avoiding his hourglass attacks because I always miss the timing and start getting hit by consecutive ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I didn’t realise you could get DPS that low…

The oneshots aren’t random, it’s because they stood in stupid. It’ll keep on happening until they learn to move out of the way of the dirty great big telegraph. Not rocket science.


Warning: salty boi ahead.

After all these years. This f*****g ugly boss is still buggy as hell. The “improvements” they’ve done with this boss is barely enough to address the problems it has from the very beginning. I’ve made a bug report post about it before but ignored to oblivion so I’ll just post it again here.

SERIOUSLY, WHY DOES THIS STILL HAPPEN. When you’re playing in co-op and someone ran ahead, and everyone behind just get c*ckblocked behind the stairs??? Why can’t you just put a interactible device at the bottom with “ready” function and warp everyone at the same time??? or how hard is it to implement to do a player check that everyone must be on the platform before the fight starts???

OH AND PHASE 2, now not everyone is getting warped/moved in the proper area??? I’m just there stuck at first phase while my friend is fighting alone down there.

I’m sorry, I’ve been pretty calm about everything I post in forums and try to address pretty much everything in a calm or sarcastic-but-still-friendly manner and still praise EHG on everything they do because really, every minor issue I encounter gets overshadowed by the quality of updates they bring to us players which is very good. But really having old stuff get ignored for such a long time (like outdated skills that are still trash at this point of the game) or stuff getting “fixed” when it’s not really a fix, rather than just a temporary/minor band-aid “fix” just really pisses me off. This fight just haven’t been thoroughly looked into. I know you guys play your game but this should’ve been very obvious.

My hottest take on EHG so far. I might have gone overboard and I’ll apologize for that. But the lag and everything I’m experiencing in the game right now is just plain annoying.