Why is Lagon still unfixed after years?

Its been literally 3+ years with the same problems.

You can search the bug forum and find hundreds of posts saying the same thing over and over with targetting and spells just not hitting, minion/companion AI, teleporting instadeath, hitbox issues, and all kinds of bugs that have gone unfixed for literal years.

If the fight wasnt as punishing as it was now this wouldnt be a problem, but when the fight takes 3-4x as long because the build you happened to go and invest 100+ hours into just doesnt work ontop of his abilities being able to one shot you easily, even with beyond max resistances, it ridiculous. If the fight worked properly and was brutal there would be no problem, but that isnt and hasnt been the case.

If the devs arent capable of fixing these game breaking problems the least they can do is nerf it until fixes can be made if ever.


Yeah, I don’t know, I’d assume it’s either not as high a priority or not as easy to do (or both). I’m surprised there’s not been more of a hullabaloo about it in 0.9 to be honest (new bugs like Smite having targetting issues notwithstanding).

They are supposed to, that’s why they’re (the sweeping eye beam and the moon thing) well telegraphed, so you can (easily) avoid them.

Which does nothing unless you’ve given him shred.

To be fair, some of those have been fixed but sometimes the bugs resurface.

The point isnt that his abilities one shot you, thats fine. Its the fact that they one shot you when the fight is as broken as it is.

Literally all those bugs i listed have “resurfaced”

Lagon was been the bane of QA for a long time. We do actively try to fix him, there is just a lot of complexity with how he is implemented. From my understanding all skill and node that is unable to target him have to be fixed in a case by case bases so not simple problem to resolve quickly.

All I can say is that we are very aware of the problems lagon has and we are actively trying to address skills unable to target him.


I hope to stretch out aLagon 's tentacle in the middle of the battle field, and the striking tentacle can make Lagon withstand damage

Another unfortunate issue is that his abilities seem to be able to kill even though:

  • You have not lost all health yet (I got a “death screen” multiple times although I still had ~100 life left)
  • Skill passives granting invulnurability (e.g. Shadowslip for Shift) should protect you, but seem to be ignored

I personally love the oneshot mechanics being in the fight- but there is a lot of complaint on it which is very fair- im many thousands of hours into arpgs after all- I propose a solution-

Instead of actually killing the player in the fight- have the minion phase force activate instead of death- and make lagon heal each time to a threshold- like do the move at 75/50/25/1% and he would heal the 25% if you fail to dodge and go to minion phase early- might need some VA work for clarity or maybe some ui would suffice.

I love a hard fight, but on my most recent playthrough I wanted to pull my hair out. I was doing a static discharge build, which has been oddly fun. Until I got to Lagon at least, who couldn’t be hit with it. Had to quickly spec another skill to beat him.

I would really like to see lagon’s upper room removed. And have him be on the edge of the larger arena. Have him wrap tentacles around the arena so you have to move left and right to the tentacles to get hits in (or stay center if you’re ranged.) Then the head itself can be invunerable or whatever and you just make his mechanics larger and targeted towards the player. Currently he doesn’t really feel massive or threatening.


Honestly just scrap it and start again at this point. Reign of dragons gets a new arena that makes its aoe harder (in part because it also has a bug where you can just hsove the boss around), and in like, a day, the ability is hard nerfed. Lagon has multiple years of not working for some skills, having a multitude of problems, and it’s just left to be tinkered away with. Doesn’t make sense. I can only guess that some of the devs think it’s like, the greatest idea they’ve had, and want it to work way too much. Even if it worked the fight would still be on e of the worst bosses in the game, it’s just uninteresting, we’ve seen that boss fight a hundred times in different games. And that’s kinda why it’s so much more annoying, it’s noit some revolutionary boss fight, it’s not some impeccable design idea. It’s a very veyr standard boss fight, that doesn’t work, has never worked, and we still have to constantly go through it over and over, while nothing changes.

Devs just need to cut their losses and make a new fight.

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It’s probably way easier to change the size of the zone you’re fighting in or the aoe of the boss’ skills I would imagine compared to Lagon. If the base of his model were at the level of the ledge (like the 2 “worm” bosses), then it would probably fix a lot of these issues. Might not look as nice though.

But yes, it might just be simpler to redo Lagon from the ground up, if you’ll pardon the pun.

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My point was not about changing the size of the arena.

Take this with a grain of salt - as only been playing for a couple weeks. I hope to understand the situation better, or understand what I missed while fighting Lagon.

For context, and perhaps you all mean another Lagon - I have done the Storyline version and the Level 70 version. Is there another version later on? I’ve stopped most my guys in the 70s as I test different classes out. I’m just trying to understand the mechanical issues better. I did notice the following:

  1. Hitbox did seem bit screwy, but only on my Werebear with the Maul animation going into his body and sticking for about .2 seconds. The one other thing I did notice was my Spriggian companion acting wonky and not doing much - so for pet classes I can imagine that would drive you all crazy.

Paladin, Forge Guard, and Spellblade I don’t recall any issues though.

  1. I discovered after my first playthrough, just have about 100 lightning resist and 60 cold resist (still no idea if those are even the right resists - I just guessed at what a sea creature would do) and stack dps otherwise - for me at least it was avoiding the 1 shots that killed me, not resists.

  2. It’s a tough, fun fight - but once I told myself mentally it’s going to take 10 minutes, I settled in and 2 shot it.

I guess I had thought the fight was designed to be long and difficult like that - and wasn’t mechanically broken. Though if certain abilities are not actually damaging him, then of course there is a real issue. I had chalked it up to his own resists, but again I’m still learning.

Appreciate the feedback and insight everyone is providing. I’m enjoying learning the game.

I have some issues using meteors (I’m using fireball build with the Sorcerer) and sometimes the meteor hits him and sometimes…not :joy:


Also any spell that you ground target or charge seem to work about 50/50. Of course some builds will have no problem with this fight, but there is atleast one build from each class that just does nothing or doesnt function correctly.

Appreciate it - thanks for the information.

It’s not only that the fight did not get “fixed” in years. The new patch introduces new bugs that were not seen before.

When I played with @TriKster some days ago, his golem would just jump into the sea and become invisible and Lagon would also just turn around and aim his beam at some point far away behind him.

Speaking as someone who works in QA myself, if I see something as buggy as this, and especially if it requires fixing everything around it just to make it work, then I’d push for priority to completely refactor the thing itself quite heavily.

This will continue to cause issues, not just with existing skills, but also with every single addition you make to the game. Rather spend some time getting it right.

Note, this does not necessarily mean functionally changing the encounter, but could also simply be changing the code implementation of the functionality to be more robust.


That bug is not new though.

I think it was fixed in msot instances but seemed to reappear if you encounterred it again.

Golems haven’t lept to the base of Lagon’s model before have they? It sounds like an issue with the new Golem. Other minions have had issues where they’d spawn “downstairs” and Lagon would turn and face them.

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