Where is the chat? Steam linking?

Hi everyone,

Sorry if the question was asked by other players. I am a newbie playing from Malaysia (in SEA region) using Steam. But so far my 10 hours of gameplay looks like it is in offline (even after the update of beta 0.8b). When I press enter, I expect something (chat window?) to pop out but nothing happens. I have enabled the chat in settings.

I know it may require me to link my steam account with last epoch account to enable the chat. But when I clicked in the steam account linking links I found online, it shows nothing like this:

Kindly advise. Thank you.

I am having the same problem, I have bought the game on steam and saw that we get some free cosmetic pet thing, but when I press the “K” default keybind it shows that I do not own any of the pets. I didn’t have an account for this until today, so is there a way to link my steam account to this account?


May I know which region you are playing? And where do you get the news about free cosmetic pet?

I am playing in the USA, and the news I got about the free cosmetic pet was from the steam page

I see. Thank you. Hope there is a fix soon for the chat and steam linking.

Just to update the chat is functioning after beta 0.8c update. No longer has the problem.
Steam linking is not required for social features as long as you have an Last Epoch account.
Thank you.