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When will you begin working on game performance?

First ill say it will be a great game looking good so far.
But tbh the game is terrible to play from the forest and rest of the maps from there and to the end.
I have a near high end pc and experiense alot stuttering, in those maps, and something that also feels like laggin. I have tryed experiment with it and set all graphic on low setting but its the same no matter what you do.
I know thats what you can expect in an alfa just wondering when you begin work on that, so we can better enjoy the game, I have played it alot but got tired of the performance to havent played a while since last patch.

Keep up the good work. :slightly_smiling_face:

We include some optimizations in almost every patch we release.

Could you see if this support article helps?

Ok ty for the answer ill try the solutions in the post havent seen that. Its not ment as a complain in a negative way, was just a question because i know you will get it fixed at some point, you are really doing a good job here and fast development wich I like, compared to other games been on develope in years without any real content delivered.

I cant w8 to the day we dont have to do Arena for leveling and have a full game to explore :slightly_smiling_face:

Good day to the team

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I was taking a look at these settings they were allready disabled so it didnt help, but ill just w8 and see when it gets better :slight_smile:

been playing for about 2 days now, i have no lag/stutter at all, game runs smoothly at arround 260-300 fps, are you playing fullscreen or windowed?

it seems like the game requires WAAAAAAAAY less of your pc if you run it windowed!

can’t be normal, but in fullscreen, the game uses about 95% of my GPU, but if i turn it on windowed, it takes about 20% of my GPU
(On ultra settings ofc)

You get 260-300 fps? How?
I posted in this thread with my results:

I just tried windowed myself and it’s the same. And yeah, my rx580 gets pretty loud and hot while playing.

You are not the only one, i can run grim dawn at max and suchs games, but not this game. Im playing something else cant play like this.

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Ok, that sucks of course, but good to know that it’s not just me then, I was thinking that it had to be on my end when some of you can run this with up to 300 fps. And maybe it is partially on my end, but don’t have this issue with other games, Resident Evil 2 Remake runs with up to 120fps (mix of ultra and high settings and 1080p), Monster Hunter World I can also get to 60 fps on high settings and 1080p.
I really liked what I have played so far, running with a Void Knight, and Tempest is so much fun, so I am not here to complain or anything, I am just baffled by the differences in performance. I know it’s in alpha and if there is something I could do for you guys or test, just let me know.

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i guess its pc spec’s, running x2 1080TI’s, got 64Gig’s of ram, I7,

tbh, i get way less fps than i should get! but that is to be expected in a alpha tho!

Most other A-AA, games like this, i run about 7-900 fps… so i guess its their Engine or whatnot that needs an overhaul!

But they do come out with optimizations every patch! so hopefully they’ll fix it soon :smiley:

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Ok, your setup would definitely explain that then. :slight_smile: Yeah, hopefully there is something to be done with future patches, I am not really worried.

Hell yea! they seem to be on top of thigs! so far they’ve kept every deadline they’ve set to themself! and the game has gone so far already! so my bet is that they will deffo work on optimizing this :smiley:

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For me personally, windowed vs fullscreen makes about a 5 fps difference, not sure why it’s so high in your case.

Anyway, there are significant optimizations that are in progress now-- as always there’s an order to how things need to be done so they’ve been coming for a while!


Last week my fps was between 20-27. Play was Impossible (I did all the improvement that you mention up in settings) .

Yesterday I tried to play (in the same computer) and the FPS was 40-48. Perfect to play, I asked in the discord Channel if some member of Dev Team did some change or if release a patch but some members response me no.

I want that the fps still the same of yesterday (I hope, because my experience yesterday was very good).

If you need that spec to run an arpg game, then there is a problem…this is not crysis, not even path of exile graphics (wich i run just fine)

no-one needs that spec to play a tiny arpg game! no-one stated that at all! i just like having a semi-decent gaming rig!

Path of Exile’s graphics are not anything special. I honestly think visually this game has way more potential than POE if this is just how the game looks in its alpha. What makes POE require a good graphics card for comfortable playing is their massively un-optimized vomit of MTX pixels and skill effects.

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