What's your cycle starter tomorrow and why

i’m going with Frostbite Frost Claw Sorcerer hardcore soloAF

looks simple yet potent and the uniques dont seem too hard to get.

*almost wanted to go for that glacier build but i don’t like the idea of arcane ascendance locking me in place.

I want to try a Locust Master Swarmblade with the new Plague Dragon’s Tongue

I don’t know how it will work out mechanically though. I read that Armblade Slash gets replaced with Summon Locust so not sure if it will still use Serpent Strike tree. Or if the PDT even triggers from Armblade Slash at that.

I like minions either way, so I will use something with minions.

Not a freaking clue.

Been thinking about doing a build i havent done. Iv done many of them over the yrs

Maybe druid or shamen. I do want to tackle this Pinnacle boss. So theres that

Probably Glacier sorc?
I really enjoy glacier as an ability, and I want to play around with all the mana stacking stuff later.

I would be curious to try dancing strikes, but it looks a bit clunky from the video I saw so I am not sure.

Glacier mana stacking sorc is really fun and good. The only downside with it is the stupid mod “enemy crit avoidance”. I really really wish EHG would replace it with “enemies take reduce damage from crits” because it just completely bricks the mana gain on glacier. Other than that though its a very good build.