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What would you consider the most passive build?

So I actually posted last year asking a fairly similar question, tried out some builds, and honestly wasn’t finding anything I really enjoyed. I wanted to try the game out again since there’s obviously been a lot of changes since then and was looking for some ideas. Short explanation is that I have neuropathy, the less I have to click the better. I know that this game allows auto skilling, and that there are minion builds that are more or less “passive” skills, so I’m guessing something in there? That said I’m sure there are a ton of builds I have no ideas at all about, hence why I asked.

I’ve been trying to level up the re-gifter, it was actually stumbling over that youtube video that got me to re-download the game (best intro ever btw, genuinely laughed so hard). It seems like you only really have to click 1 attack and then keep a buff active, and the massive regen is great since I can’t really click or move fast enough to dodge sometimes thanks to my hands. My biggest problem with that build is the constant lunge/smite teleports is causing me some nausea and making it not so fun to play.

I normally lean towards super tanky (for said lack of ability to dodge due to hand issues) or pet builds since they generally keep you out of danger to begin with. I’m just not sure what the best target is at this point. I had also tried a necromancer last time I played but the need to keep spamming spirits may have maybe crashed my game…a lot…my computer was not great lol. Beastmaster seems interesting too but every post I seem to find still points to pets being too fragile to really have a whole build centered just on them.

Autocast Wandering Spirits, and after that you dont really need to do anything except run. I have movement on CAPS LOCK, so I just aim with mouse.

Boss DPS will suffer if you dont wanna cast anything, but other than that its great. All other content melts and all you gotta do is exist. Its also quite tanky.

Beastmaster builds are far from being fragile, heres one where all you have to do is cast roots and let the scorpions do all the work (finished Monos at lvl78, and wave166 arena):
(Just make sure you get around 3-400% minion health, and 400+ minion dodge, which is easily obtained by found/crafted gear +passives, and 95% of the time the scorpions wont even have to be healed)
Notes :
-Use Thorn totem for the armor reduction, or Frenzy totem for minion damage when fighting hard Bosses (not really needed, but optional)
-Get some minion bleed/poison Idols

Another easy build is the Spriggan : (all you do is cast Vines, tho it needs to be cast alot, so dont know if this fits you)

I would say, all Aura->damage build,
like Lich Poision aura, or mage fire aura, enchanted weapon/static strike.

You walk, they die, nothing more.

Wasn’t there an malstrom, tornado avalanche build that was basicly everything on autocast and just walking arround?

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Thanks for the ideas. So far I think I’m leaning towards either an aura build or the beast master…although I may add more pets to it. I like pets. I’ve been trying to play the re-gifter and so far the constant teleporting is honestly just too much for me. Maybe if there were other auto-cast skills or passive actives I could use instead? I dunno. So far trying to level the necro but not being able to use the build from early on kinda feels bad. Seems really tanky once I eventually get there though?

You might try Boardman21’s Youtube page, he has a video about auto cast that might be helpful. I have arthritis in the hand and have a similar issue but have been able to enjoy the game without too much trouble.


I’m playing a Volcanic Orb ignite sorcerer that I plan to use Fire Aura with.

Fire shield, Flame Ward, Focus, Teleport are the other skills.

I had a bunch of ignite duration and cataclysmic Pyromancy idols so I started off with Fireball and spreading flames. Didn’t like it too much so switched to Volcanic orb.

I only put 2 points into the cdr for v.orb and put it on autocast. The shrapnels are specced to pierce and have as much range and frequency as possible so the fire aura keeps getting procced automatically.

It’s cruisy to play and I like the flavour of it. You only stop now and then to recharge your mana with Focus.

Really wish you needed fewer points to spec into the v.orb cdr because then you could get the extra projectiles from final explosion that would really ramp up the ignite damage a lot.