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What will you roll tomorrow?

The beta patch notes got me all sorts of stoked, I think I will roll a paladin first. How bout you? Also big props to the team for fixing the liche bug that prevented using the shop, that one got me good :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably try the Druid and also rolling a Spellblade afterwards because of fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tomorrow I’m rolling the wiki, but on thursday I’m playing SproogMan.

(spriggan form druid)


Paladin all the way :smiley:

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forge/pally baby gonna go full retal tank les go!

summoner and summoner ^^

Just got the supporter pack and excited, definitely going summoner and seeing how much depth it has.

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My first character was a summoner, she did quite well taking into account I had no idea what the hell was going on! Good luck Im sure you will have fun!

Most likely will start with Beastmaster then try out Paladin!

Pretty sure I’m most interested in starting with Paladin and seeing how that plays and then branching out to everything else from there. Hype!

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Same! It will be interesting to see how builds from alpha will hang with the new content. I play hc so Paladin looks nice because of the handful of healing options available. Cant wait!

Thinking maybe beastmaster? Not sure. I might do something else. Not really sure.


Yeah, I keep changing my mind. LOL Now I’m thinking druid, beastmaster or void knight. Probably change my mind again before I have a chance to play. Will dl (hopefully) tomorrow when it comes out but won’t have a chance to play til later afternoon or evening. :frowning:

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I started thinking Druid as well :confused: Luckily it is bed time and by the time Im up and able to goof around the beta will be up haha.

Is it possible to play archetypal mage or ranger in beta? You know, fireball…bow and kiting?

Mage, yes. Cannot comment on Ranger tho.

And did u have a chance to try a mage? how was it?

I did, she felt smooth. I only got to the end of the story in Alpha, so I dont want to mislead you because high level’s in the arena is a whole different ball game.

If you enjoy the archetype, you will enjoy the LE version of mage.

what does LE stand for?

I really luv archetypes but hate pets. So first toons I will try be a mage, then typical warrior and bow ranger.

Btw, do u have any suggestions for an archetypal warrior, but not healer or support, real barb :wink: