What will the endgame be?

I know there is a lot that will be added to the endgame. But I am curios as to how the player will be able to approach that content. Will it be like PoE where you can spec into the content you want to do, or more of just random cool encounters (like I’ve heard a few time things like treasure goblins being talked about).
I love PoE’s endgame and would love to see something in a similar fashion of giving more choice to the player.
Love the game and I am very exited to see what the future holds for it.

I would be very surprised if that were the case given there won’t be a similar quantity to the amount of “end game” content PoE has for many years.

I would really like to see some ‘destination’ type stuff – extended quest lines, hidden/rare achievements (or drops), chase bosses, unlocks or drops (ala Titan Quest), etc etc. I’m growing so tired of this (what I consider) lazy trend towards portal->map grinds.

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Check out this thread. There is a LOT of talk about Endgame stuff in there from the Devs.

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You gotta remember it took like 5-6 years for PoE to truly have a decent endgame. I would argue that its endgame is bloated at this point. You could have played from open beta until 2 years ago, then come back and have absolutely no idea how mechanics for EoW/SE/Mavin/ubers worked. I know, cause that was me. I love PoE, it has content for everybody, but at some point, it is overwhelming. If a vet has no fucking clue what to do, how do new players fair?

But I agree, what we have now leaves a lot to be desired, but we have a base here that is interesting, and there are reasons to do mono’s and run high corruption. I mean, it could be worse, we could be endlessly running Nightmare Dungeon’s for no rhyme or reason, with the hopes of dropping 1 of like 5 pieces of gear that you could statistically never see if you played the game everyday for the rest of your life.

I dont have a lot of faith in modern dev teams, but I believe in EHG. I have been playing since everything looked and played like play doh, and now we have a competent, fleshed out arpg that looks pretty damn good all things considered.

Something like pinnacle bosses in PoE. I can appreciate corruption scaling, but if everything is just infinitely scaling it doesn’t feel like there’s a specific goal I’m working towards, and I’m just grinding for the sake of grinding more. I usually get bored after getting my blessings in empowered monos because all there is to do is endlessly raise corruption and pray you get LP drops.

T4 bosses kinda fit that niche I guess, but they’re so disconnected from the rest of endgame.


I was intending to make a thread asking what makes a pinnacle boss distinct from something like t4 dungeons or x corruption mono quest echo bosses (Harton, Lagon, Rahyeh, etc).

Yeah, I still haven’t really gotten into the dungeons. Something about the gimmicky mechanics of them doesn’t appeal to me. I mean, mechanics have their place, but I think an entire dungeons-worth is a little much. That, and them being a 1-and-done attempt, then you have to not only start the boss from the beginning, but the entire dungeon trek… no thanks.

I mean they fill the role somewhat, they just have issues that make them less interesting IMO.

They’re part of mainline endgame progression and unlock some upgrade. The problem with them is that you have to fight them like 20 times before they become remotely dangerous if your build is good, and I’m usually bored of monoliths well before that.

Dungeon bosses way better in terms of difficulty, the problem with them is the prerequisites and reasons to do them. Most of the time I forget they exist unless I get a nice LP item or have a tons of gold, and it’s not like I can just go and farm them for decent rewards, I need a nice LP item (and a paired exalted) or a ton of gold. Is the soul gambler any good? Idk never gotten anything useful from it why would I do that dungeon if I don’t need another ashes or something.

Static difficulty, actually difficult, not intended as something everyone does, but more as aspirational content. ALso not something you can stunlock with 5 pieces of gear and trivialize.

To be clear though, the devs have said they’re going to add pinnacle bosses that are static difficulty in the future, so this also isnt a controversial take. It’s just not here yet.

Yeah, to my mind the dungeons would match that while monos wouldn’t, so I was curious as to why people might not consider the dungeons pinnacle content (the difficulty aspect is probably a fair point in that regard).

Ignoring that the bosses scale through each of the 4 tiers, they also scale based on the modifiers you take, they arent static difficulty. Depending on your luck for modifiers, what is a one shot can change.

A pinnacle boss should have the same numbers everytime in my mind.


So called portal->map grinds is what keeps game alive,because it can be repeated forever.

Quest lines,hidden items,achievements are one time thing and bosses…no one wants D2 ‘‘endgame’’ where you spam farm one boss for 100000 attempts .

You know what keeps people alive? Life support systems. It doesn’t mean they have a high quality of life. That’s exactly what the portal->map grind is.

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Even so,it is still thousand times better than what you suggested.

People are happy with the POE mapping system because its literally the best endgame system ever.

D3 players had only one endgame system,GR’s,and you don’t see them complaining nowhere.29th season and it still had every leaderboard maxed out on people pushing GR’s

Grim Dawn endgame,i cant remember anyone complaining about it

Long quests,discovery type of stuff works good in GW2,because its open world mmo,heck it even worked in gw1 even tho game wasn’t open world.

In D4 there are 214 side quests,yet people can complete them within one day.Most of them are short,but you can look at them as one long quest too. Its too much of a hustle to implement one big quest line that can be completed within 24 hours. What you are going to do until the next expansion? Hence the repeatable systems.

It was (almost) as open world as GW2 is! GW2 may have substantially larger maps but it still has loading screens between zones so it can’t be “properly” open world. And yes, I’m ignoring the fact that after you leave town everybody is chucked into their own instance (GW2 has instances as well just not to quite the same extent).

Yeah, it’s not forever, but it could be part of the solution.

Not if it’s meaningless, and without things to spice-up the grind and the player does not feel rewarded climbing this system to higher difficult.
What I mean is things that really add another layer&depth to the game. Lost cashes ? Just another source of random meaningless drops most of the time for endgame players.
Rune prisons and exiled mages? Yeah, the experimental affixes can look cool, but yet another layer of RNG on the endless RNG layers the game have, another thing to make the endless loop of pursuing unachievable itens even more endless.

What I would like to see is systems that can make the game slightly more deterministic concerning the chase for exalteds and legendaries. Something that can help the players slowly take one step closer of getting something he is chasing.
Allow for random drops to exist, then players can “get lucky” and find something they want/need/never knew they needed. Then let players grind down lots and lots of useless items to create something in the ballpark of what they DO need, or the means to fine tune gear to meet their specific needs.
This means you can still have the loot thrill of random drops while still not making it completely worthless when you get a bunch of garbage.

What I would like to see is other than increasing rarity, grinding corruption can help in the quality of exalted and unique itens. Some more specialized mono nodes, maybe some of them with bosses.

Yeah, because they have plenty of things to spice up the repetition. Grim Dawn crucible is one of the finest examples where you could repeat the arenas so many times and still feel thrilled every new attempt.
Also the final chests were really rewarding, both in the technical aspect and in the psichological aspect. Player felt in his subconscious he was getting cool things.

But to be fair Grim Dawn barely has a ‘traditional’ end-game. It’s much more akin to D2 where you’re mostly just farming bosses/areas. There is the Crucible which you can farm for loot, and it also works as testing grounds for your build. Shattered Realms is kind of an endless dungeon mode, but It can get a little tedious.

The beauty of Grim Dawn over other ARPGs is that so much of the enjoyability of the game is tied to character customization and how you choose to build your skills and devotions. As far as ARPGs go, it’s more of a theory-crafter’s dream than your typical modern ARPGs.

Unless you are talking about echoes modifiers, dungeons modifiers are pretty much the same, T4 dungeons could already be considered static difficult.

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Talk is cheap. The Unity mess makes a release in 2023 the only good thing in their hurry to a release this year. I don’t think we’ll see a full fledged engame mode on top of the okayish stuff we have right now. I’m just an optimist with experience ^^.

Yes and todays developers should finaly realise that most players don’t care about it. They want their endgame the same day the game goes live. Look at D4 as a prime example of what happens if you deliver (almost) 0 endgame. All people who are involved in making and selling a game should be aware of this as sad as it is.

Well I like the idea on a basic level but why would I want pinacle bosses if there is boring repetitve good for nothing content and pinacle bosses? That’s the same problem D4 has. Trash tier basic endgame aka nightmare dungeons and and uberboss everyone with enough time can beat.
I want something inbetween like stairs so to speak and the first step is the story, then monolith the next step are t4 dungeons and may steps more until I reach pinacle content… at least if it wants to honor the name.

This never works out and people go batshit crazy about such stuff. Remember the discussions about “hard party content” and how some people got mad instantly because they don’t want content that is gated behind whatever. As soon as you want Dark Soulish content in a hanny and nanny arpg you make people angry and I think that’s not worth it.

I can’t belive I say this but I think D3 has the best endgame because it’s for everyone, easiely approachable and a hard nut to crack if you want to go for 150. I base my oppinion on the fact that I want to play a game and not to have a second job thou.

LE Monolith isn’t adding enough and it’s a slow AF experience. I can pump a lot of endgame activities with a better outcome and in more player friendly way in almost every other arpg compared to LE.

At the current state of the game, what is the only state of the game I can talk about, we are in 4/10 won’t reccomend terretory and it’s a shame. Sadly I think all the good LE brought to the table will be dimished by mediocrity and a bad release impression. Then again I’m wrong from time to time :smiley: .


Good thing that over the last 6 years they’ve shown themselves to do a great deal of talking openly and fulfilling a good bit of what they talk about. And when they couldn’t, for the most part they’ve also been open about why and the reasons. I know lots of people are bitter about gaming companies in general but in my, admittedly limited, experience, EHG is not one of these.

You might be on a different road, but mine has been pretty good so far with them.

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I’m fine with what they did so far and what they have up their sleeve. then again the rest of the year has only so little days left. If you look at the state of the game or the quality of the last poatch you can add 1+1.
On top of this some people aren’t that deep into LE, and there is no reason for them why they should be, and for said people LE is just another meh unfinished and buged game that is released ahead of time.
I don’t think EHG is the new EA or that they wan’t to make a fast cashgrab before Unity… I thik they did a good job most of the time and I like more stuff about LE then I dislike but with this hurried release? Nah man as I said I’m and optimist with experience.

Then again whio knows if we play the release candidate or not there might be some suprises. From what I see right now I can only guess we are in for a crashlanding and I reccomend everyone I know to wait untill the game is released for a week untill they buy in. That’s not because of what they did in the past but soley because of the most likely bad release.

What’s they saying again? Hope dies last. Then again a german comedic said: But it dies! :smiley: