What will the endgame be?

Really? And yet, they hate D3, for the exact same bullshit ‘endgame’ – Greater Rifts. Maybe it’s the game in place around the system that attracts players? Try not being so myopic in your vision.

Exactly. The endgame should not be just one thing… nor just one continuous, never-changing, grind mechanism. These are things I would like to see added as alternative activities that take place.


I have a mantra that people who know me groan every time they hear it because I say it so much. :rofl: :crazy_face:

“Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst.”

One shots changed based on the modifiers, they cant be considered static difficulty.

looks at static difficulty bosses in poe yes, this never works out.

PoE’s maps are different in that you can apply a bunch of modifiers to them before you run them, compared to D3’s GRs which have no modifer other than tier/level.

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Yeah, but even then, it’s the same system. Granted, PoE’s is more involved, but even then, mapping isn’t an immersive system. Hell, just watch any streamer, and you’ll see they just mindless plod through them, dumping in the same fragments/scarabs/whathaveyou over and over and over to get the maximum currency drops. Mapping is just the environment they happen to do it in. If it were a single arena, with no paths, it would have the exact same effect, and garner the exact same brain-dead response.

I mean, as simple as LE’s Monoliths are, I find them a little more immersive, in that I’m at least planning out the mod stacks, and saving up “free” (read as: Rare mobs XYZ) mods to dump the ones I don’t want before engaging a boss. But I don’t even think the Monolith system (as it stands) would lure most players for the long haul. The corruption system can be a turn-off, as can having to re-grind basic monoliths on alts to get to empowered. It’s worked for now, because we’re still in Beta, and I think many view it as a stop-gap until the final endgame systems are presented/in-place.

Absolutely, but PoE’s implementation allows for quite a bit more player interaction with it over & above just going in & killing stuff.

True, but in PoE you’d want to avoid any reflect modifiers for the damage type you do if nothing else.

In any event, I agree with you, PoE’s maps aren’t perfect, but IMO they’re quite a bit better (or at least allow for more player interaction) than D3’s Rifts/GRs.

LE’s aren’t perfect either but at least they’re trying to do things a bit different & that’s all I can ask for.

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I guess I’m just hoping for something a little more immersive than sitting in a single room/hub and entering a portal to a single room, clearing it, and then portaling out. There’s nothing involved about that. And if that’s all there is, it might as well just be a single arena, because it’s not like anyone cares about the environment of it after their 10th run anyhow.

As I said, I like that there’s at least a bit of thought and planning that goes into LE’s monoliths – you don’t want to end up on the boss echo with frenzy, haste and dmg mods…for example. PoE, sure, you don’t want certain mods, but that just a matter of clicking on that chaos or sextant until it’s not there anymore. Not much planning involved. And even with that in LE, I still am not a fan of the hub/portal system, but at least LE has me walking along floating islands, and not sitting in one room for the entirety of my character’s lifespan.

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I think ignoring how the maps you do in PoE is a strategy for your endgame, becuase of the atlas and how map drops work, is a massive disservice to the depth of mapping in it. LE hasn’t got anything close to that level of planning and thought, LE is just goldilocks modifiers, it’s more than some games have, but it’s not like it’s remotely deep or interesting.

(goldilocks modifiers because: Some are terrible, some are average, some do effectively nothing)

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I think this actually adds more planning.

For example if your goal is “end game build that can ignore monolith modifiers” you are shoehorned into certain archetypes.

The map mod system adds a perfect risk vs reward in poe vs LE.

LE isnt about planning, its about the objective correct choice being dodge the completely broken modifiers.

In PoE when you boot up a character I have to conisder “what content is this character good at? where should I invest resources” for example its a perfectly valid strategy to run maps with no modifiers because your investing in static content. Essences, boss map chance etc. Adding modifiers adds little value in exchange for much harder maps. Because your maps are so much easier your build can be fine tuned around this experience.

What LE is really lacking in end game is that planning step of “this is what my character is good at, so this is its goals and strengths.”

The game right now fails for me a bit in end game because it feels like there is very clearly “good builds” and “builds that dont quite take advantage of end game farming” The second set of builds are just frankly worse in every way other then the fun aspect.

Which is fine, PoE is like that too, there is very clearly “good” strats vs “less optimal” ones. But you can easily find success in PoE because you have so much ability to plan what kind of content you will run into. So the less optimal strats can still end up with an interesting take on obtaining wealth.

Hopefully as LE’s end game expands this will become better. But tbh I dont know if it will because the community also tends to hold back certain strats because they are cheesy or “unintended”

Like I was farming experimental affixes by finding a tight small layout at a corruption level where I could find the mage quickly, I would just kill the mage and repeat. and people would consider it “unintended, and should probably be patched out” but imo you give up your monolith end crystal rewards as well as generally not killing a lot of monsters. its a target farming strat that sacrifices other resources to gain something else. Since you dont want to really worry about other monsters you can just focus on one shotting mages. it changes how you build/tackle the content.

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Eh, I never cared or really bothered with them – once I determined the negligible difference wasn’t worth the micro-management headache. I’d just chaos until the map didn’t have the 1 (or 2 mods) I didn’t want to deal with, and then toss it in the machine.

Besides, the only real way to farm efficiently in PoE is in a full group anyhow (this is where PoE really falters, imho). Just watch Empyriangaming vs any solo streamer for proof on that.