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What use is Dancing Strikes?

The topic title sounds super negative, but I couldn’t think of a better way to phrase it. I love the look of the skill, but haven’t found any build it slots into very well yet from my limited experience. I had previously tried to go for the arena branch and getting a lot of bleeds and wasn’t super impressed. I was considering trying to go for the shadow spawning & Shadow Daggers, but I’m a bit concerned about mana that route. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thyworm has a guide for a Rogue build that utilizes Dancing Strikes. I’m using this build myself, because I found other play styles that include Shadow Cascade a bit clunky to use or underwhelming in comparison. Dancing Strikes adds buffs (defense as well as offense) and spawns Shadows, Shifting every 2.something seconds (with a little bit of CDR on the helmet) then sets off the Shadow Cascades.

Oh I like this a lot. Thanks!

There are 3 major routes you can use Dancing Strikes:

  1. Support Filler skill to give you buffs while weaving in other skills using the Rhythm Branch, Arena Branch and other temporary buffs Dancing Strikes can grant you(Including very strong multipliers for Lethal Mirage, Synrchonized Strikes or Puncture).
  2. “Main Skill” while using it as a vehicle to trigger other things like Shurikens, Shadow Cascade. This can also be combined with the first way of course
  3. Main Skill as directly doing the main damage with Dancing Strikes itself.

Dancing Strikes is incredibly fun to use and very statisfying IMO, but the top end scaling can get kinda hard.

My most important tip here, however you want to use it, use a Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed Prefix on your helmet, it makes a big difference, how the skill feels.

Dancing Strikes has a lot defensive nodes, that can make you really tanky, while using the skill also makes you mechanically more tanky, since you are moving.


Oh right, that’s the real reason I have CDR on the helmet. Did forget already :open_mouth:

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Dancing Strikes Shadow Daggers may just be the strongest rogue set up rn for high corruption and arena.

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I personally use Dancing Strikes with Gladiator’s Oath and stack crit multiplier
It’ll enable me to do 100% crit while inside the arena, I can then use Shadow Cascade and Lethal Mirage as finishers.
Lethal Mirage feels great to use on rares and bosses with 100% crit chance and 18% execution, while Shadow Cascade clears off the surviving mobs when i’m clearing monoliths.

It might not be as sexy, but look at the passive tree options in the lower right (rhythm and its supporting nodes) and straight down (tenacious vitae); I love those spots, and I feel they make a great DS char’s main attack.

This is a really good way to build it here one of the best build I have played


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