What unique would you have made if you could afford the "Create a unique" (or if it was in stock)?

Just curious to see what items you guys would have designed if you had the chance. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours :stuck_out_tongue: I want to see your dream uniques!

My own would be:

Name: Fleshcrafter’s Seal
Base item: Turquoise Ring (+Minion stats)

+80 Health
+35% Poison Resist

  • You can now also create and add to the Abomination by devouring yourself. While inside it merged with the abomination, you can not gain or lose health. You exit if the Abomination dies.

  • You lose access to your spells inside it, except transplant, instead controlling the Abomination and using its skills. You can exit the Abomination by transplanting out.

  • Abomination has a chance on crit to give birth to up to 3 clones of you - that uses your original skillbar. The clones take much more damage, and deal much less damage than you. The Abomination gives birth to these clones out as cocoons that burst to life when they take damage.

The clones have a 10% chance to weep these voice lines on death: “M-mother… help me”, “Is this life? S-suffering… only…”, “Crying sound”, " Undead flesh to life to death…", “Did I have a soul mother?”, “What if I was the real one?”.

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I would make “beekeepers veil” helm +minion health +chance to summon bees when hit

or “honey jar” relic +minion damage +chance to apply “honey” debuff on hit, this reduces armor and resists plus causes bees to focus that target

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Gear Slot: Boots
Name: “Life’s A Mystery”
Affixes Rolls:

  • 1-25% Chance every 10 seconds to gain haste for 4 Seconds
  • 1-25% Chance every 10 seconds to gain frenzy for 4 Seconds
  • 1-25% Chance every 10 seconds to gain 20% CDR for 4 Seconds
  • 1-25% Chance every 10 seconds to gain 100% Increased Health Regen for 4 seconds
  • 1-25% Chance every 10 seconds to gain 100% Increased Mana Regen for 4 Seconds
  • 1-25% Chance every 10 seconds to gain 100% Increased Health Leech for 4 Seconds
  • 1-25% Chance every 10 seconds to be healed to full health
  • 1-25% Chance every 10 seconds to be healed to full mana
  • 1-25% Chance every 10 seconds to chill all nearby enemies
  • 1-25% Chance every 10 seconds to slow all nearby enemies
  • 1-25% Chance every 10 seconds to shock all nearby enemies

maybe if it could also roll bad things and the individual effects were not that OP

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I’d pitch something like this:


  • Increases maximum Skeletons by 4x.
  • Increases the number of Skeletons summoned per cast by 2x.
  • When a Skeleton is killed by an enemy, it has a 100% chance to split into two new Skeletons. This effect can repeat, but the chance is halved with each subsequent trigger.
  • Skeletons created by a split do not count toward the Skeleton maximum, but die after Z seconds.
  • Reduces the maximum health of Skeletons by X%.
  • Reduces the damage dealt by Skeletons by Y%.

X/Y/Z can be whatever so it’s balanced enough to not feel mandatory while still being fun. Or some other drawback instead. The point would be to HAM down on an overwhelming disposable skeleton army theme.

Its really not that OP. If you look, even a max rolled one that had 25% chance on all affixes would mean that on average 1x every 10 seconds 3 of those powers would activate and only for 4 seconds (40% uptime)

Basically the item just makes it so that for 4 seconds every 10 seconds you have some extra power. It remind me of the elements ring from D3 where things cycled.

But more than that, just wanted to revive the topic as it is interesting to see what some people want to see in unique items :slight_smile:

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Currently the max number of skeletons achievable is 12? maybe 13. 4x that would be 48!! Skeletons lol. I see performance issues!

I would like to see an items stronger than the hollow finger though. Perhaps +2 or +3 Skeles max or +1 skele and +1 skele mage

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I think it would be interesting if you only had 1 effect at any given time, if they stacked I think it’d be a bit excessive.

Before the rework of Warpath I would have said that I’d want an item that would proc some of the non-instant Sentinel skills on melee hit (so you could keep Devouring Orb/Smite/etc up without having to stop Warpathing, or without the need for the Axe Thrower/Smite idol set up be now I’m not sure. Plus I’m quite sad to see the mana on Smite helm prefix change, I liked how it gave mana back but I’d have reduced the effect if the Smite was proc’d rather than manually cast.


Hi !
First, sorry for my poor english, I try my best.

I can’t translate the name I wish for my item. It’s call antisèche in french. It’s like the piece of paper you use to cheat at school.

Relic : level 1

5% increase xp gain
5% increase mouvement speed
5% to all resistance
5% increase health
5% increase mana regeneration

Maybe 3% I don’t whant it to be too strong.

Just an item you can use for leveling. Maybe a reward when you get you’re first level 100.
I whant something to gain time because I whant to try a lot of thing in this game.

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as a relic the movement speed is a unique stat that is hard to find elsewhere, so it would have niche use in rogue builds. The real useful stat is the all resistance, which even if it is 5%, helps before you get better gear. I don’t think it is unbalanced, well… except for 5% health

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Yeah maybe 5% health is strong when you start to have a lot of it.

Mouvement speed it’s just for boots maybe ring ?
And for all resistance I think it’s just a shield affix.

I realy whant it to be best in slot for leveling but not broken are usefull in end game. Just a reward to help you make more caracter. An item you can’t drop.

Avatar of ______ (depends on element)
Unique Belt
(random non-physical resist) is set to 125%, and immune to penetration. (you gain life from that damage type)
All other non-physical resists are set to 0%
Your non-physical base resistances cannot be modified from the values set by this item. (penetration still works)

sounds like a great way to get one shot

I would have designed an unique for summons or pets =)

Would make unique with arrow forrk effect and cast on crit oe cast on death percentage…

1.) Ice Cut
→ Relikt (Runic Tome — plus (1-10) Adaptive Spell Damage)

  • You gain 1 % Base Spell Critical Strike Chance for each enemy hit with cold Spells recently.
  • Your Critical Multiplier is plus (150-250) and cannot be changed any more.
  • Your maximum Mana is halfed.
  • You can’t Freeze any more. Your Freeze Rate becomes Adaptive Cold Spell Damage (Rate: 1/10) [Example: 100 Freeze Rate = 10 Adaptive Cold Spell Damage)
  • plus (1-11) Vitality

2.) Mana Cauldron [looks like a big magic cauldron]
→ Off-Hand Catalyst (plus 100-300 Mana)

  • If Damage is Dealt to your Mana Before Health recently your Mana Regeneration Rate becomes plus (100-300)% for 10 seconds.
  • plus (3-100) Intelligence
    ---------- Mage only ----------

3.) Old Fortress (very old armor plate armor, clearly broken and covered with some visible holes).
→ Body Armour (plus 4000-7000 Armour)

  • All resistances are lowered to 0 and cannot go above 0 but can still go below 0.
  • All damage from all sources is converted to physical damage [plus any damage over time is converted to bleed].
  • Plus (1-2) to Level of Skills
  • Minus (5-15) % Movement Speed
    ---------- Primalist only ----------

Void Battery - Unread Scroll (8_12 Int - +2%_+6% spell critical strike chance)

  • 10-20% increased maximum mana.
  • 15-30% of maximum mana gained as ward per second.
  • Gain ward retention equal to your void resistance.
  • Gain elemental damage equal do your void resistance.
  • Take void damage from mana before ward.
  • You have 1 maximum life.

His body long decayed, all that was left, his boundless mind and unwavering spirit. - Someone, probably.


Maybe something to make “Shield Bash” more playable?

4.) **Scourge belt [A steel thorn belt armed with towards them to the wearer, well known among the most fanatical of the paladins].
→ Plated Belt (plus (50-100) Armor; plus 3 Potion Slots)

  • Mana cost of Shield Bash is doubled and costs Health now instead. [ so no more mana cost here]
  • Plus (1-3) to Level of Shield Bash.
  • All sources of (Added) Melee are trasformed to (Added) Melee Fire Damage.**
  • Minus (50-25) % Mana regeneration.

Should it not also drain a % of max mana per sec (like a mana based Exsanguinous/Last steps of the living)? Otherwise it sounds incredibly powerful. And would the void resist effects be based on capped or (my pref) uncapped?

Combined with an Exsanguinous/Last steps of the living it would give a phenomenal amount of stable ward (8k with achievable amounts of mana/hp/ward retention for a Sorcerer). It might be quite interesting for a ward-based Sentinel though.