What reason is there?

The first weekend I’ve had off for a while now and what a shock the game has basically a soul-sucking bug in monos. So I thought I know I level a new Rogue as I want a Bossing Char. I can’t do the Liath’s tower quest as it’s bugged. Why am I wasting my time in a game that has all the time in the world to add a micro-transaction shop into a game not even finished but has bug after bug that stops my enjoyment?

The game has caused me more issues since they redid the first area than any time before. The game is supposed to be launched at the end of this year, not that I’ll hold my breath on that. I’d expect the game to be more stable now than ever. I’ve supported the game since the start of 2020 but enough is enough. I didn’t want to but I’m going to buy D4 now, at least I know I’ll be able to play the game without it zapping my fun and it will work. This game has defiantly taught me a lesson about supporting early-access games.


You paid to be a beta tester, don’t complain when that beta has bugs. Post those bugs in the bug reporting forum and stop whining about an incomplete product being incomplete.

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Ah, not entirely. I get lag & a few other issues when partied up with my friend (and not when partied, but Legion events & a world boss kill were pretty damned flawlessly smooth). Just don’t go into it thinking its going to be flawlessly performant 'cause its not. It is pretty & looks and feels good for >>95% of the time, but this is Blizzard, they’ve had time time & resources to have it flawless. And it’s not.

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You’re more than welcome to wait for 1.0 if you don’t like that the game isn’t finished.

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All these declarations about “X is broken, NOW I’m going to buy D4.” - Is this is an influence campaign of some kind? I’m becoming more and more suspicious the more of these pop up.

Either way, the rest of us are just as frustrated with some of the bugs that have popped up. But as with the last 3 years, EHG is working to correct them. This is what happens when an independent developer makes a game of this scope and complexity. Do whatever you like, but let the rest of us enjoy the ride without forcing us to see an ad for some other game.

I mean, didn’t they get TenCent as an investor? Can we stop with the “indie dev shop” thing now? It’s not one or 2 guys doing this in their garage at night after, their Burger King shifts are over.


Nobody was happy about that. But the idea that EHG is now a triple-A developer like Microsoft or Sony is simply not the case. I haven’t seen any increase in production / output that would warrant believing the investment was that huge. They didn’t even buy them out of rights to the game, let alone turn them into a monolithic corporation. Any certainty about something like that would only be speculation.

In either case, the point remains: Just because you’re annoyed about something with the game doesn’t mean you should advertise a different one. Especially not the likes of a larger less responsive company that has been out of touch for a very long time. It’s underhanded and distracting, and most of all, unnecessary. Well, and, suspicious beyond belief.

LE forum is at its best when we keep it on the level. We should all get back to that immediately.

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I mean, people who play arpg’s like to play arpg’s, people have been looking at LE as a potential contender for their time for a while, and people have picked upt he game in the past without playing it before. It’s not really surprising that they’d start playing around this patch, especially waiting a bit after the initial buggy launch, and the general arpg hype coming from d4 releasing. And then it’s also not surprising that they’d experience the state the games in atm, and go ‘well what if I just played the new hot thing lots of people are raving about, that’s also from a beloved franchise’.


I never said anything about being surprised. lol

That kind of implies it’s surprising you no?

Not at all. Feel free to read the rest of it over a little if you have an opportunity, I was pretty precise on how I worded my discontent with this. The criticism stands.

So if it doesn’t suprise you that people would play d4 right now, over LE, after trying out LE and giong ‘oh, buggy, i’ll wait for release’. Why is it suspicious to you that people are doing that lol

No; As usual, you’re having some other issue than what the thread / post is supposed to be about. I’m not sure what it is, but it doesn’t concern me.

Hope that helps. Was good speaking with you.

I mean, the thread is about someone saying they might as well go paly d4, so i feel like comments on it being suspicious that someone would say that is fitting with the thread, but you do you.

My criticism remains valid, in any case. What we don’t want to do, intentionally or not, is turn all of our posts here into advertisements for other games. “The game is buggy so I’m going to go play X” doesn’t really add anything to the discussion, except perhaps the implication that other people should do the same. LE forum used to be a little too mature for that sort of thing, and not that long ago.

The timing is suspicious to me, sure, but that’s not even the most important issue. I really wish we could get back to being adults and discussing this game the way we used to. I guess I’m just a wishful thinker that way. Oh well.

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Personally, based on what people who’s opinion i respect when it comes to games have said, i do think people should probably play d4 right now instead of le. The recent hotfix has pretty much broken le for a lot of people based off of recent posts in multiple places. D4 isn’t in beta, and while it has some stuff that needs fixing/improving, it’s in significantly more playable state right now.

We 100% shouldn’t be pretending like LE is in competitive state right now as an arpg, it’s still an early access game, it’s still not something people should be buying, or investing their time into, if their intention is to play something that’s release quality. And that’s fine. That’s the point of early access.

Not that long ago people kind of expected diablo 4 to either not be that good, or it was a bit further ago and we didn’t know when it was releasing lol. Also we didn’t have an influx of new players.

It’s also just a result of how LE has been since 0.9. The big difference for people who have been around since before 0.9, is that previous points in the games life didn’t have such significant downgrades in quality. And D4 coming out just after 0.9 was kinda just perfect timing for it, in terms of how the LE playerbase, small as it is, was gonna view it.


What I’m even less convinced of regarding the OP is that the mentioned game is a valid replacement for LE. Even if the OP is confident that the game functions normally, the fact that it functions normally alone isn’t enough to assume it’s something that is complex or interesting enough to hold their attention in the same way LE does. Which is again to point out, this is isn’t really as substantive statement or criticism of the current state of the game. It’s mostly - if not blatantly - an appeal to abandon LE. This is something that is beneath the usual level of discussion around here.

Well, sorry the posts beneath the level you like stuff to be at, must suck.

I also wonder why the OP didn’t simply submit a bug report instead of taking the time to complain in this way. I can understand being fed up with something but taking the time to go out of your way to try to convince other people you’re upset when you could either submit a bug report or move on as the OP states they now wish to, seems more rational and less effort. The intention of hurting the game’s reputation is implied in the extra effort they’ve taken here.

I don’t think OP is gonna do much to hurt the games reputation, it’s doing a fine job by itself atm based on recent reviews and posts in various places lol

Are you sure you’re not just deflecting that onto OP, with some excuse on ‘its not how it used to be in these forums’? Like, no one should be kidding themselves, the perception of LE atm is dropped, but also everyones pretty aware it’s not 1.0, people are just not really expecting 1.0 to be of a high quality if its pushed out this year.