What Primalist minion build has the best late game potential?

I’ve finished my necromancer build and am looking to make a primalist minion build. Which ones have the best late game pushing power? Right now i’m looking at Druid thorn totem vs Shaman thorn totem vs Beastmaster squirrels

If squirrels are on your list then squirrels are the answer.

Solo bear is also really good if your not that into speed. the bear is unkillable and so is the primalist because bear needs 0 gear to have really high scaling currently.

id say solo bear has the potential to climb the highest, its just also exceptionally slow/boring to most.

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Hey, I don’t mind a slow build, if it’s strong and unkillable. Can you please provide more info? Ideally a planner/guide link.

I think totems can scale the highest, because they deal damage while you stay far from enemies. It’s not super tanky, so you’ll have to learn how to dodge boss mechanics, permanent haste helps with that a lot. Spriggan dies often, but his aura works even when he’s waiting for revival.

Druid vs shaman is a hard choice, I’d wait for shaman revamp before deciding. Here’s a good video comparing different build variants

This build, others have taken it pretty far. its mostly just a concept though you can tweak it, get better ward values etc.

im pretty sure you could get a cleaver solution version to get insane ward.

The core idea is just really the node inside spriggan, which gives %inc phys damage, and %bleed chance per shield, this is double scaling per shield so you scale a ton of cast speed and just get tons of shields on the bear which then gets hit and retaliates spikes all over.

Going to high corruption is all about surviving, and this build is extremely beefy.

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I’m having a great time with a cold vines spriggan form druid! But I’m not pushing high corruption with it.

It’s a pretty “chill” build with 3 minions (crow, wolf, spriggan) and a 2-buttons-spamming gameplay (that creates 12 vines and 9 totems). Everything procs frostbite stacks while i’m running and looting. No movement skill, but a high movement speed. Great armor, decent endurance.

Clearly not the type of gameplay everyone enjoys (relaxed, very few buttons, no traversal…) but maybe it’s in your alley @Sasuge_Uchiha ?

But the real reason why I’m enjoying that much is because of the look of the spriggan form. For real, I love it so much. Who needs skins/cosmetics when you can be a BEAUTIFUL THICC TREE ?

I made a beastmaster for squirrels, but I ended up liking the thorn totem leveling so much i’m gonna reroll a shaman. I’ll probably switch back to the squirrel build once I actually have the unique helm for it.