What is the point of the Gambler now?

So now that we no longer have a change for uniques at the gambler, what is his purpose? His rares are so meh and expensive and usually just trash for shattering. Sad that now we have to wait till monolithes to “farm” uniques when we could attempt to get some for our builds during the leveling process.

I use him to get rares of bases I need that I haven’t found much of before diving into monos. He works great for that in my experience!


I lost most of my money to gambler once because a good exalted drop, but it bricks my resist configuration. Can’t be patient to run mono to get appropriate replacement for my other equip so I went gambling. That was a bad idea.

Anyway, I like being able to roll unique via gambling as well. Sad to see a gold sink disappear.

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Same purpose it always was, gambling at a possible upgrade from a choice base. It was never meant to be about finding uniques/sets. That’s why it got patched out. It’s still incredibly useful for the entire point it exists. I am constantly out of gold.

Actually, if devs want to reduce gambling for unique. Rather than bomb the gold sink out of existence, they can just up the cost for each refresh. 500 gold a refresh is not prohibitive at all. The increased cost for example can only reset after completing a mono.

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doesn’t fix the issue, the issue was that it took a long time and was boring

Agreed, the gold sink was my only purpose for collecting gold other than the rare time I went to move passive points around. Odd move from the Devs since the slight chance for Uniques/set items from gambling was in the game since alpha. They upped the gold 10x once and that was fine since it was a gold sink and still a tiny chance at uniques.

We definitely need more gold sinks, but i like the changes to gambler.

It’s only to fix holes in your gear when starting early/mid endgame and when you replaced a item and need to puzzle defenses around.


The recent patch, where they took that ability out and stated why.

This was what was stated in the patch notes. Which part of it suggest that sets and uniques were never intended to be available through the gambler?


I am in the same boat and don’t understand the use now.

I understand what some are saying in this thread, but why not just get rid of the gambler and double the inventory of the shop or let you pay money to refresh the shop?

Last Epoch (all ARPGs) are about killing stuff and looting. This should still be the best avenue to get gear, not buying it or gambling for it.

Well. To be clear, I do agree that gambler is still useful for gambling for choice base items with desirable mods. I just take issue with the assertion that the devs never intended for gambler to be a source for uniqs and sets.

You either have to spend your gold or your time farming for items. In this particular case I would rather use the resources already on hand and keep clicking the 500 random key until I get a piece I need for a new spec or stat build than go out blind and hope something drops. But that’s just me. I never used him in hopes something rare would drop, that’s just insanity imo.

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