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What else is everyone playing?

What other games have you all been playing lately?

Lately I’ve been playing Valheim and Deep Rock Galactic with my son. I also find the time to get a Hades run in, here and there, as well as some multiplayer Baldurs Gate 3.

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Outriders. Waiting 3 hours more to play with a friend.

thats & also Fortnite.

Nioh 2 has been the only game other than LE that I’ve played recently.

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I’ve been trying Magic: Legends. The tutorial is WAY too long to reach the point where you can start your deck building, but so far I’m pleased with their approach to the arpg genre.

My brother and I played the demo and had a good time, though it didn’t run very well on my hardware. I’ve heard they’re getting rid of the shaky cam cutscenes and improving the performance for release, so fingers crossed!

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Nothing since January, when I purchased Last Epoch.
Before that this year, Wolcen, Diablo 3, Overwatch, Among us.
I’m waiting for Age of Empires 4, hopefully this year.

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Valheim & Outriders in a day or so. I only ever play Last Epoch.


I have everything in your list except the age of empire 4.

It should be released this year.

I’m still playing World of Warcraft for the last 16 years… :grin:

Also, I just bought Fallout 76 for $13.20 directly from Bethesda. It seems worth the little amount of money I paid.

I’m playing outriders now and some strategy games, mostly Crusader Kings 3.
I’m planning to play some of my “pile of shame” games though.

Recently got back into Grim Dawn :smiley:


How are you liking Outriders so far? I’ve been messing around with the different classes and haven’t finished the story yet, but I’m having a lot of fun with it when it isn’t crashing.

Factorio. I don’t play much LE anymore. I play with the build planner more than the actual game right now.

When PoE 2 drops, I will probably play the heck out of that. Probably D4 when that happens.

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And you think you are going to have time to play anything else… :wink:

Factorio rocks but my god its worse than the old SimCity at eating a week away before you realise it… I have completed it twice now and havent even touched the surface of whats possible…

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I don’t even play to the rocket launch. I play it for the design and efficiency. I go way past the rocket launch. I’ve been on that game for 2 or 3 years now.

Its definitely a rabbit hole of note… Absolutely brilliant game IF its your cup of tea… I think next time I play I need to try out Trains or maybe a programmatic production line… ;-)… Even a post on Hackaday about people using it for programming interviews.

Well I played Outriders for a while, and it was fine when it wasn’t crashing. Gonna give them a little while longer to get it working better.

Picked up Vermintide 2 while it was on sale recently ($8!) and that has been a blast.

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until next LE content patch hits, i play some grim dawn and occasionally the x franchis’s space sims to don’t burn out from ARPGs.

Path of Exile until i burned out of the actual season in one week (cleared 24 challenges and everything you could possible do in the game) well occasional rounds in monster hunter rise but im waiting for the mp here to jump in with my group