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What does Critical vulnerability do?

Can anyone tell me what Critical Vulnerability does? Such as granted by the Critical Eye passive in Bladedancer. I can’t find it stated anywhere in game or on the web.

If you hold alt while hovering over the passive it should explain it, if Critical Eye doesn’t, the Marksman’s Wound Maker does.

It’s a debuff that increases your chance to crit the affected target by reducing its Crit Avoidance as well as adding 5% crit chance to any attacks that hit it.

Go to marksman tree, left button search “crit vulnerabilty”, than you get in second row, in the right sport the talent hightlighted.
NOw mouse over it, than press “alt” when mouse is over this talent, than you get tooltip to it.

1 stack of crit vulnerabilty adds +5% crit chance for you, and gives -10% crit defence for enemy. 100% crit defence menas, zero crit possible.

While it has the same effect as giving the player 5% crit chance, that’s not what it does. If it did do that then applying a stack of the debuff to one enemy would increase your crit chance against a different one which is not the case.

It only says it on Marksman tree, its absent from Bladedancer passive tree

Do we know how long one stack lasts?
Edit: Found it on Cinder Strike skilltree. 4 seconds.
@Vysirez thx for bringing it up, i added it into Community Game Guide