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What are the advantages of Last Epoch over Path of Exile


I play POE but interest to POE in on the stage of depletion
I don’t know if I should switch to Last Epoch or not
Help me decide

The question is:
What are the advantages of Last Epoch over Path of Exile


First of:

Comparing PoE in it’s curent stage with LE is kinda unfair. Since PoE is already a game that established itself over a couple of years.
But LE definitely has alot of over (and plenty more to come).
Also some of the things might even change in PoE in the future, so it’s just a capturing of the current state.

I give you a list of some things, some of which might be very subjective and could be even a downside for some people.

  1. Class Identity: LE has very strong Class Identiy. PoE’s Class Identity is pretty much non existant anymore.

  2. Enemies do matter way more, even white “trash” mobs can be dangerous and often time have telegraphed abilities. The mob density is not as high, but i personally prefer this over brainlessly killing thousands of mobs that’s do not matter that much. It keeps you on your toe’s, even when cleaing maps etc.

  3. (Endgame) Boss Fights are way more clear. This comes into play with the 2nd point a bit, since the telegraphing of bosses and generally their mechanical complexity is way better in LE. (PoE only has a handful of bosses that do this as good as LE)

  4. Crafting is very deteministic. This is especially important when playing Solo, but also can lead to less “need to” use the trading system, once it’s implemented. But we don’t know much of trading and economy yet.
    You can very easily make mediocre items to fill gaps in your gear, when you were extremly unlucky with some drops. But crafting perfect gear is still pretty difficult.

  5. Character Progression Curve is THE BEST, i have every experienced in any aRPG. There is always “the next thing” you are very close to unlock and want to keep playing. This keeps me very excited, even when playing the Story for the thousand times.
    New skill level, new passive points that are very meaningful, new skill spec slot, unlocking mastery, unlocking new active skills. There is always something.

  6. LE is (almost) as complex and deep as PoE, while having a waaaaaay better new player experience. It’s just a fraction as daunting as PoE. You have great In-Game ressources, for which you would need to rely on 3rd party website in PoE. It’s still not perfect in LE, but they are on a good way to give the player almost all important informations In-Game.
    I am sure, when LE introduces more systems it iwll become a little bit more daunting, but still the rate at which game systems get’s unlocked and explained is already really good. And i am sure, even if they will add everything that is planned, it will still be one of the better new player experiences in this genre.

  7. The Skill Specialisation System is probably the most “outstanding” feature of LE. It gives a ton of versatility and diversity in creating your own builds. Also the synergy between different active skills is insane. While it’s not mandatory, LE very much supports playing with multiple active skills and not only 1 “main” skill and 1 movement skill.
    You “only” have 5 active skills in LE, and this will presumably not change. But each and every skill you choose to take does matter. Of course even in LE there are 1-Click type of builds, but the average skills you use in LE’s builds is alot higher. It’s makes LE way more active and engaging IMO.

All this being said. PoE does have way more diverse endgame activities currently, this is mainly due to being released for such a long time. LE in it’s current state has mroe to offer than PoE 1.0 (And PoE 1.0 is pretty compareable with LE in it’s current state, form a development time perpective).

There is still alot of fundamental content to come in LE, but it’s definitely worth it already.

If you decide to give LE a shot, you don’t have to drop playing PoE anyway, just check in every now and then and enjoy the game.

If you have mroe specific questions, feel free to ask.


Oh, i also forgot one point.

The pace of combat: LE’s is much slower, but more tactical. You need to be way more mindfull of positiing and all movement skills do have cooldown.

PoE’s ridiculous combat pace is a HUGE downside for PoE IMO.

There are still builds in LE that can be pretty fast, but that’s a buidl decision and not META

I didn’t read everything that Heavy wrote but i can say that it’s much easier for new players to get in, the pace of combat (imo) is better as you won’t be 1 shotting everything as far as eye can see. (unless you play certain rogue builds maybe…) Which is one of the things that made me quit poe for good tbh.

While I cannot compare to PoE (I tried three different times to get into it and just never could) I’m pretty much in full agreement with @Heavy here except for this point. I do agree that initially character progression is great but that’s really only up to about level 65, give or take. After that it really is only one extra passive (and you do unlock two tiers of gear at 74 and 90). Somewhere on here there’s a thread about that.

It’s got a lot of great potentially @Staglaitor. I don’t think you’ll go wrong getting into it but just keep in mind #6. I started support during Alpha and it’s been really cool watching how the game has grown.

Which reminds me, I’d add a #8. The community and developer responses to the community are pretty damn top notch.


Yeah endgame itemisation still needs some work, especially with the base types.

So yeah the last 30-40 levels up to 100 are not as exciting, but we also missing alot of endgame stuff currently. In games like these, there is always room for improvements and as you stated EHG always worked together with their communtiy, to make this game as good as it can be.

So i am sure we will see some overhauls of quiet old systems. (Itemisation and base types are pretty old at this point already). And once we get more endgame activities, we probably will get more layers of progression (Lost Memories and Eternity Caches and Legendaries most notably)

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Maybe it’s a little bit wiggy (sry, if so),…


… but if you’re on the stage of depletion this could be your main argument to try LP at least i think. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tremendous thanks to you for so detailed reply

The excepltional role of POE in game design world is that poe is not a grinding game only - poe - for the most part - is a build maker.

  1. What is the exceptinonal role of LE???
  2. I played poe over 2.5 years and i can say that i can’t dress in new body armour when my characetr is over 80th level. And of course i can’t dress in any new body armour on 85, 90,95th levels
    I calculated with some POE expert this case and we found out that the coolest crafted body armour in poe can be made - in better case for 80th character level. may be it can be 85th level but we can’t dressed in more strong body armour over 85 level.
    That is, the game fades out after level 80 or 85.
    That is, the last 20 levels in POE are not provided with gear. (body armour)
    Together with this POE-expert, I came to the conclusion that We cannot enhance the character by wearing new clothes from the eightieth level Therefore, in order to kill the tough boss, we have to “squeeze out sweat”. This means that I can no longer rely on clothes and I have to strain my strength
    Good gear motivates people to keep playing. From my personal experience, I know that if in the future I can’t put on new cool stuff then I quit playing. What about this in LE??

My interest to POE is on the stage of depletion. Interest!
I don’t say about my body strengths. I feel good! :slight_smile:

I am game addictive and seemingly POE is over for me and i need new great game

Is LE a great game?? or may be you feel that LE will be a great game in the future??

I think you are refering to PoE’s ILvl System.

Such system is not really present in LE. At least not as grave as in PoE.

There are some affixes in LE that only appear on items above level X, but there is no such thing as “ILvl”, only certain base types that only can drop above Level X.

The Ened-Endgame progress, in LE is currently a bit lacking, you cna in theory already obtain THE BEST items with lvl 70-ish, depending on the desired base types. Even items for much lower level could theoretically already have all desired affixes on T5, which would be a pretty good item.

The only real endgame “chase” currently present in LE are the “Exalted Items”, whic have T6 and T7 affixes, which are not craftable, so you need to rely on finding a desired base item + desired affixes. While there is definitely room for improvement, to obtain “the best possible” items in LE you definitely need to play lvl 90+ content(which gives you the chance of finding T7 exlated affixes).

The game is designed in such a way, that those affixes are not mandatory, but they certainly can make your character alot more powerful.

I am not 100% sure yet what THE thing in LE is, that really makes it stand out, there is still alot of systems missing.

But i think the active skills with their skill specialisation trees, are already a very stand out thing.

While the theorycrafting in LE has not reached the level of PoE yet, there is already ALOT of theorycrafting possible.

In my opinion LE is already a great game. And it definitely has enough content already to justify the price.

But LE is still in a stage of it’s development, where alot of stuff can and will change.
If you really want a complete experience you might want to wait just a little more.
But you also could join the LE communtiy already and try to shape the game.

Since the developer/community interaction is so great here, you can really have an impact on how this game shapes.

Played PoE on “pre-release” too.
So… yes, definitely! :+1:

PS: I think you can see all the good and slighly better mechanics (after some compare) on both games like we’re all did before playing.
Some of them - like “the incredible, sometimes unexpected good Skill-Tree-System on LE” or “the near endlessy (felt) Passive-Tree on PoE” - are quite unique and really unsurpassable on it’s own.
Potential wise you should give Last Epoch a shot.

I play PoE and just picked up LE.
Both games are different on so many levels, whether we talk about design, endgame or build customization. As a fan of ARPG’s, in general. I can safely recommend LE to anyone looking for a NEW and FRESH grind. This is coming from a player who played PoE when it was in closed beta. Played lot’s of leagues. And I feel like the current state of PoE is no longer what is capturing my interest when it comes to build or item customization. The content available in LE at the moment is definitely minimal, but enough that it captured my interest and to safely say that this game as the potential to be greater, if not better than PoE.

What LE does best is that it’s unique. Not one skill feels like a copy paste of the other, each skill is viable, as different interactions and can be scaled.
It doesn’t try to copy other games, they stick to their own vision of the game and this is in part why it’s so fresh for me.

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  1. One of the most strong feature in POE is challange that means that if i can’t kill unique boss i can go into my hideout and remake my buiuld and go against the monster again and cycle this process until the victory
    The question: - does LE have monsters that couldn’t be kelled after ~5 approaches???

  2. The main drawback in POE is: - absolute absence of reward after i killed a monster from 5 attempts. If i killl the shaper then i just get crusader gloves that cost just 1 alchimy that according to the standards of POE-currency is nothing whereas i make 10-15 exalted orbs a week just from trading. Moreover I can solve hard puzzle in the Labyrinth and get just 1 alteration orb as a reward - i don’t need such “generous” reward. Half of all quantity of players have left POE because of reward absence. For example - if i kill the shaper during 30 minutes i need to get at minimum 1 exalted or as a compensation or as a reward but it fails
    The question: - if i kill a “unique” monster in LE then do i get reward or i will bу forced to leave LE for the same reason???

Don’t compare LE to POE. LE is still in beta, PoE has been out for 10years, so much development and content has been added to it, and its had alot of long time commercial success which has given them the resources to do that development.

If you really want to compare LE to PoE, compare it to PoE at release, which is a completely different game to what it is now. PoE at release was almost like Diablo 2 at release.

LE at the moment I would say would be a game I would play between PoE leagues. Once LE comes out for the full release, I will most likely move to LE.

They’re different types of games of the same genre, and while PoE can be very complicated because of how much content it has now, there are things LE does well too and can be quite enjoyable, but there isn’t enough to do yet (in my opinion) in the endgame for me to stay glued to it long term yet. Its just something I play on and off and follow regularly in anticipation for their full release.

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Point 1:

We currently have some bosses in LE, that you will most likely not beat on the first try.
But mostly due to mechanical difficulty. You need to learn the fight.

Except the infinite scaling content we currently have no UBER endgame, but as i already said there is ALOT missing, especially in the endgame department.

Point 2:
This will probably go way to off-topic here. But i think i disagree with you on that point.
Rewards in aRPG’s should never be guaranteed, there should be always enough RNG involved, to make “farming” not predictable.

And i am not even sure that most of PoE’s playerbase that is not statisfied would say it’s due to rewards, but much rather due to other game systems they dislike etc.

I think the biggest difference and strength of LE is that any player can pick it up and just have fun. LE hits the perfect spot where you don’t need hours of looking at third party websites to get into the game. The developers did a fantastic job of breaking down a system that has a lot of deep and complexity into digestible tidbit for an average player. I think it’s really a new generation arpg that has taken the best parts of other arpgs, made it better and made it inclusive for new players.

I’ll always really like the potential flexibility that the skill gem system has, regardless of any balance/meta crap.

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Whenever having to reference the game you only have to use 2 letters instead of 3. This is why i started playing.


This is my biggest issue with PoE. Incredible potential, if it were a retail price game and not a farming-centered trading-balanced grindfest. As a die-hard SSF player, I am torn between the great potential of PoE and the horrific grind (two weeks grind to have one shot at a boss, then grind two more weeks to open the portal again, no F! thanks.).

I just want to add that this is not completely correct if i remember it :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t know exactly what the limiter is, but I think its the Instability.
Everytime you craft you add some instability to your item, this instability acts as a form of risk in crafting. The higher the instability the item has (it can drop with some instability on it depending on the affix/suffix tier) the higher the chance is to “damage” the item.

Damage in this case is, that you cannot craft on it anymore. In rare cases even that a suffix or affix tier is removed.

And I think there is a limiter on how much instability you can add depending on your level which acts as a sort of levelgate.
Further, the better tiers you have on the item the higher the level requirement it will have.

I fell like this mechanic is there to reward high level characters with the potential of higher tiers and in return possible perfect rolls with all T5-T7 Attributes.