What are specific cosmetic themes you would buy?

Heh heh… anyone remember chosing the stupid voices for character creation in Baldurs Gate… sometimes I wished there was a “stay silent” option - they were all so cringe even then.

This is genius, it’d be amazing. The skeleton archers would have blunderbusses !

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What I want is an mtx that makes enemies more and more on fire the more burn stacks there are. Or a mtx that makes fire like cyan or black. Same with thing with other dot’s. Like bleed now leave a trail of blood where where the enemies walk or die.
Something that might not be very good for performance but if your rig can handle it and you want it you buy it. I know poe has a lot of effects that they’d never put into the game because they’re too performance heavy for the average pc or when stacked unpredictably.

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Heh, I have lots of ideas:

  • Armored versions of companions and druid transforms.

  • As many said, void versions of… everything.

  • Element-themed weapons with some trails and minor elemental effects: Poison Daggers, Bleeding Swords, Lightning Spears…

  • Lore-friendly themed armors, I love the medieval theme, ninja/samurai, also some any elven approach… from simple outfits to elaborate/ ornate armors…

  • Special appearances to popular skills, maintaining the color scheme changes you may get if you get some damage conversion nodes.

What I don’t like is the out-of-immersion appearances, like how you can wear modern casual clothes, or the animal-themed full suits in lost ark…

I also personally dislike all the boring super-demon or tyrannical demi-god looks with wings and paranormal effect of all kinds of you can buy on PoE. Give me a cape, not stupid demon/archangel wings, man!

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Definitely I will buy a were rabbit version for druids

I’d buy stuff like armour and weapon skins, and different skill effects. And I like capes (sad that there’s no item slot for it).

What I wouldn’t buy is wings kind of stuff and those absolutely exaggerated idle effects that PoE sells.

If it’s done well (also not too exaggerated) I’d also like weapon effects like glowing or burning blades.


I’m the complete opposite. I like high fantasy. So celestial/angelic themes would be my poison. Looking forward to some sick crazy oversized and overpriced wings ^ ^

Necroing here I’m sure, but evil themes are almost an instant buy for me dark or gory.

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A teleport with a fart visual and sound effects


I like element specific full sets, like lightning , fire and so on.

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I’m hoping there are Hello Kitty and Winnie the Pooh armor themes. I’ve been setting aside a small % of each paycheck, in hopes these manifest in LE.

They’ve said they aren’t going to put any “non-game-world-consistent” stuff in LE, especially from other IPs that they’d then have to pay the respective owners a license fee for. So, sadly, no Daleks (as a replacement for a void thing, obviously).

Where can I go to cancel my supporter pack then? :wink:

I don’t know if I can handle a fantasy setting where I can’t slay the undead hordes while in a Tigger costume.


Put me down for one of the minimalist types. In Grim Dawn I was always using gear from the first and second tabs in the cosmetics. Sometimes I’d go a little wild and use flashier weapon effects. But I really like a down-in-the-dirt, grab-you-by-the-short-hairs, gritty ‘realism’ as it were. World of Warcraft, and to some extent Warhammer 40k (yes, call me a heathen or heretic, it’s fine) brought in these outlandish styles that make me laugh when I see them.

I mean, heck, I’ve even commented on the fact that I think LEs main character page makes things look way too cartoonish for me.

But I’m most likely in the minority. So, I’ll add my thoughts, and of course, keep playing LE no matter what the devs decide for cosmetics. I just like the game. :smiley:


Being big into totems, i would love to see a flesh style MTX, to give my Primalist the look of going beyond commanding nature and into the realm of rending the flesh back to the earth.

I would LOVE some Cosmic themes (think Maven’s design and abilities from POE).

I would also really like some Void stuff (glowing purple/swirling dark stuff).

Call me boring but i enjoy having “flamboyant” characters in ARPGs - with large glowing wings, fiery footsteps etc. So anything that makes my character look “cool” (even over the top) is something id potentially be interested in.

Would also be fun to see new skins for pets - not just “blue skeleton, red skeleton etc” but “Skeletons now look like golems” or “Skeletons are now demons instead” etc.

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I’d like to see boss-themed cosmetics too. I must show my devotion to Lagon!


Transmog cosmetics, i.e., being able to grab the look of an item and put it on my character. I tend to prefer that to getting a straight cosmetic from the shop, especially if it means there’s value in chasing down uniques for looks.

But also a lot of later item types just look meh compared to earlier types to me. I don’t want to walk around with a Bident.

Some weapon effects could be cool.

What can I say really, if at anything to say, is that the thing I would not mind buying is things I really truly like, and that is it really. And the things that really do not fancy me, is gonna stay unbought.
That is it really.
What I am way more into buying is Expansions. Small or Big. Doesn´t matter. As long as they add something nice, fun and useful in-game wise, I´m more into paying that.

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