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What are specific cosmetic themes you would buy?

What kind of cosmetic MTX would make you actually part with your money? Don’t worry about practicality so much as what YOU would spend money on; maybe it could serve as an inspirational stepping stone for the devs.

For me:

  • A squire pet whose gear changes with your level. They start with a wooden play sword and tin pot for a helmet, but get decked out in plated mail, animal skins, bones, etc depending on the player’s class.
  • Ocean and pirate-themed gear, especially ghostly stuff. If I could turn my minions into a skeleton crew complete with cutlasses and bandannas, it’d be an instant purchase.
  • Frozen north themed armor for characters other than Primalist. Snow-covered furs and icicles hanging from antlers. A small blizzard sometimes plays around you when you stand still.
  • A sacred grove type portal. Vines growing out of the ground and butterflies circling, with a squirrel or other critters running around at the base.
  • A cape of falling sand that drifts through the air as you move, using some of the effects from Majasa’s desert area.

Void-themed mtx for any/all minions. Ideally a node in Summon Bear that gives it void cannon on its back like the mob.


I’d probably buy MTX to tone down my chars to looking more understated and plain assassin type… I hate overstated bling… I’d buy MTX to hide gear items from view… maybe something to make me look vanta black…

Cosmetic Customizable pets, hideouts, Light and Dark themed armor

I’d buy MTX that turns primalist vines into void tentacles.

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Yes, like the ones the Shade can summon.

I like vanishing MTX.
Things that make it look like you are not wearing anything in that gear slot.
Particularly the helm.

Also, I like alternatives for minions…like zombies into mummies…things like that.


I want a clumsy duck as a pet. I’d also buy one or two portal effects and character effects.

Minions should be a good cosmetics.

I hope we will have transmog to mix, match and hide pieces. If done right this can be an incentive for mtx so that everyone can combine unique outfits instead of walking around with the same armor set.

Also I’d like more transformation appearances, preferably a more humanoid version of swarmblade.

Pay for convenience would be huge turn off.

Edit: I also would like to buy MTX because I support EHG, because the are awesome, and not because they made it the only way to look decent.


As in PoE, I buy packs to support devs only. I never ‘wear’ cosmetics unless its for something like a large visual to follow while in a party.

And in that vein, I prefer to shut almost all the ‘bling’ off. I can’t stand seeing a billion effects flying around on the screen blocking what I need to see to play the game better.

So aside from normal packs of looks just to support, I would 100% buy and use packs that limit the bling garbage – I’d call them ‘Minimalist Packs’.

These “Minimalist Packs” would focus solely on slight and subtle ‘effects’ of the skills/abilities/items, giving them very little ‘Screen Scream’ while still enhancing/changing the look and feel.

Where BigBallsBill wants fireballs to splatter his entire screen with gigantic bursting blotches of blaring boom, PsommSubtleStings wants fireflies to silently strobe a simple circle of slaying.

And I’m willing to bet once some ARPG adopts this minimalist idea as an MTX they will be some of the most popular ones overall, and other ARPGs will follow suit… it’s just too good of an idea and no has been doing it’s about time to incorporate what semi/pro gamers have done since they could potato their QWTF for max performance – it’s addictive and far more enjoyable to many of us.


I like having this option too. Something really subtle like glowing eyes, or even no particle/lighting effects at all is just fine, so long as the armor silhouette or theme is cool. Too many elements at once can get very messy.

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Different types of Werebear skills or maybe even different form itself :blush:

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+50 to void themed cosmetics, especially for minions

I am a huge sucker for anything sylvan themed; anything with trees, leaves, and flowers.

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None. I don’t watch my toon I watch what happens arround my toon. To me and my bad eye sight it’s useless to offer such stuff because I can’t see it all to well anyway.

I read that as Squirrel pet and now I want a humanoid squirrel that gets better armor as you level.


Or like Zombees? I am sure @EHG_Kain would like that :smiling_imp:

But for me it would be:

  • VFX/Recolouring several skills into Necrotic/Teal

  • Necrotic/Teal mist surrounding the character

  • Different VFX for Void Rifts, especially in conjunction with Erasing Strike, filling the screen with some madness when one shotting big mob packs. (While I generally like screen clarity, Erasing Strike actually would be cool with some over the top Void Rift VFX)

  • Ability to replace of your current gear with any 3D Art from a any base or unique/set item (aka transmogrification)

  • Different voice/personality for the different chars (I know this is a lot of work and very unfeasible, but I always disliked if the char that I like the most gameplay wise doesn’t fit with me from a voice/personality perspective)

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Heh heh… anyone remember chosing the stupid voices for character creation in Baldurs Gate… sometimes I wished there was a “stay silent” option - they were all so cringe even then.

This is genius, it’d be amazing. The skeleton archers would have blunderbusses !

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