Welcome to Last Epoch's Multiplayer Beta

To our commmunity:

Thank you for all of your amazing support, feedback, and encouragement over the years that has been instrumental in bringing Last Epoch to this point. As many of you know, the Eleventh Hour Games team started off as passionate members of the ARPG community that banded together to create “The Next Great ARPG”. Since launching Last Epoch’s Kickstater in 2018, with the unwavering support of the same community that we came from, we’ve reached today’s milestone of launching the complex server-authoritative multiplayer systems that will allow Last Epoch to produce content for years into the future that you and your friends will be excited to come back to.

It is our committment to you that the Eleventh Hour Games team will always remain transparent, communicative, engaged, receptive, and excited to continue the development of Last Epoch for all of the incredible people that have supported us along the way. We look forward to bringing you the innovative loot-hunting, build-crafting goodness that we all get so excited about for many years to come.

  • Judd,
    Game Director - Last Epoch

Congratulations developers and players)


Thanks for releasing this right when I have a few months off work. Also good job, seems like the hype is big for this.

Congrats to the whole team!

Thanks for this wonderful game

Thanks Judd and the EHG team!

Very well done!
And I’m very happy with where the game is now.
I like to delete my mocking soon/not yet ™!
Keep doing so much commitment and it can only get better!

Hype! Thx you developer team for your job!
We finally got Multiplayer where players can’t play online! :rofl:

You guys are rock stars. Keep up all the great work!

Loving it.

Well done!

super i downloaded the 0.8.14E !!!
how do i download the real update on that shit stream ???

Thanks for the never-ending enthusiasm and hard work! I’m diving in.

I loved this game back when I first started playing it in 2020 and I’m so glad to be finally playing it with a group now! It’s seriously beautiful and so engaging. Thank you. Really worth the wait.

Hi guys, any chance to see soon other players in the town lurking around etc? Like in poe… just a shared place fir people without ingame friends.

That is the plan, yes. When it will happen, I dont know.

I still cannot access the game. Steam is not offering a 0.9 download to me. I purchased the game quite some time ago. How do I access 0.9?

If you’ve purchased the game through the website your account will need to be migrated to steam. To do that please follow the process as described here: Migration to Steam

Thank you. I have steam and went through the migration process, but the verification was not sent to my email - nor to my spam. I accessed Last Epoch through Steam for the last two multiplayer tests, but it does not offer me 0.9 as a choice.