Weird creation bug

I go to create a new character in window mode and full-screen mode. After I try to enter game, the creation interface is sitting on top of the game interface. The only thing usable is the creation buttons and exit buttons. I can’t play the game, because the creation interface does not leave my screen. I hit enter game after creation and this is what I get in the screenshot.
Windows 10, EVGA 2080 ti Hybrid (latest patches), 10700k, Gigabyte Aorus Ultra

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Sorry about this! Could you please upload your log files, and also include your Saves folder (located next to the log file) as a .zip so we can look into this?


Last (8.4 KB)

Unfortunately it seems like your save data was corrupted (including the stash), which is causing this error. I’m very sorry about that!

If you delete your Saves folder you should be able to create a new character without any trouble. We have measures against save data loss, but we will have to investigate what caused this problem.

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