Weaver's will: Add ways of influencing the upgrades

A suggestion for the new weaver’s will mechanic:

The type of monsters killed could influence the chances of the affixes - or the area, epoch, etc. - anything like that. I really like the basic idea of evolving an item through your adventures but I think it would be better to have some agency in how to evolve the item. :smile:

What do you think? :thinking:

(Had also posted on discord / the announcement thread but thought this separate one might be good so that others can comment as well.)

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Suggestion regarding the ‘weaver’s will’: instead of adding more different item mechanics (Weaver’s Will, Forging Potential, Legendary Potential), I think it’d be better to rather just add ways to make existing items more powerful, because each time you add a new item mechanic like Weaver’s Will or Legendary Potential, it means we can’t enhance our existing gear and we have to farm whole new sets of gear. If we could have combined Weaver’s Will with Forging Potential or Legendary Potential then it would have meant that we wouldn’t have to farm entire new sets of gear, for instance. PoE obviously is a good example of how do item enhancement, but they’ve also added WAY too many different item classes… but still, if you got a good item, then you can increase its quality, and Crucible Forge it, Beastcraft it, reforge it by rerolling, etc. and that way you don’t need to farm a whole new set of items, you just need the different currencies

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But you end up spending hours in your hideout doing crafting. The whole point of FP for exemple is to limit the amount of crafting you can do, to make you want to kill monster to get a better drop.

I’ve created a similar proposal with more design mechanics, I hope it could add its own taste to yours :wink: